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BNC: 1584 COCA: 1740

bottle noun CONTAINER

A2 [ C ] a container for liquids, usually made of glass or plastic, with a narrow neck瓶,瓶子

a milk bottle牛奶瓶
a wine bottle酒瓶
a bottle of beer/whisky一瓶啤酒/威士忌
Plastic bottles are lighter than glass ones.塑料瓶比玻璃瓶轻。

[ C ] a special container with a rubber top for giving milk and other drinks to a baby(婴儿)奶瓶;奶瓶中的牛奶(或其他流质食物)

Give the baby her bottle when she wakes up.婴儿醒来时用奶瓶给她喂奶。
Most medical experts believe that breastfeeding is better than bottle-feeding.大多数医疗专家认为,母乳喂养比喂奶粉好。

More examples

Shall we have a bottle of wine with dinner?

I only bought a 7 ml bottle of perfume.

Don't use all the milk, Dan - that's our last bottle.

There's a new scheme in our town for recycling plastic bottles.

Eleven million bottles of water had to be withdrawn from sale due to a health scare.

bottle noun COURAGE

[ U ] UK slang approving courage or willingness to take risks勇敢;勇气

It took a lot of bottle to do what she did.做她所做的事需要极大的勇气。

to put something into bottles or jars装瓶

The wine is bottled at the vineyard.葡萄酒在葡萄园装瓶。
To bottle fruit you put fresh fruit into special containers.把水果装瓶,就是把新鲜的水果装入特制的容器里。
bottle it

UK informal to not do something because you are frightened; to fail at something because you are frightened 不敢做;放弃,退缩

He should have taken the penalty but he bottled it.他本来应该罚点球的,可是退缩了。
the bottle informal

the habit of regularly drinking a lot of alcohol酗酒

She started to hit the bottle (= drink too much alcohol) after her divorce.她离婚后就开始酗酒了。
BNC: 1584 COCA: 1740


ADJECTIVE | VERB + BOTTLE | BOTTLE + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEfull盛滿東西的瓶子empty空瓶子broken破裂的瓶子recyclable, returnable可回收的瓶子beer, medicine, milk, etc.啤酒瓶、藥瓶、牛奶瓶等glass, plastic玻璃瓶;塑料瓶hot-water熱水瓶feeding奶瓶Thermos (usually just Thermos) (NAmE) 膳魔師暖水瓶VERB + BOTTLEfill灌入瓶子She filled the bottle with water.她給瓶子裏灌了水。empty倒空瓶子open, uncork打開瓶子;拔去瓶塞break open, crack open (both used only about alcoholic drinks均僅用於酒精飲品) 打開/啪的一聲打開酒瓶Let's crack open a bottle of champagne to celebrate.我們開瓶香檳慶祝一下吧!drink, have, wash sth down with喝酒;就着酒大吃⋯We washed the food down with a bottle of cheap red wine.我們就着一瓶便宜的紅酒幹掉了這些吃的。share分着喝酒bring (= to bring a bottle of wine to a party) 帶酒參加聚會throw扔瓶子a crowd of youths throwing bottles and stones一群扔瓶子和石頭的年輕人BOTTLE + NOUNcap, top瓶蓋opener開瓶器bank (BrE) 空瓶回收站feeding用奶瓶餵養PREPOSITIONover a/the bottle邊喝邊⋯We discussed the problem over a bottle of wine.我們一邊喝葡萄酒,一邊討論那個問題。bottle of一瓶⋯PHRASESbe on the bottle (= to be an alcoholic) 酗酒hit the bottle, take to the bottle (especially BrE) (= to start drinking alcohol heavily) 開始酗酒
BNC: 1584 COCA: 1740


 See also the entry for packet 另见packet条bottle ♦︎ pot ♦︎ jug ♦︎ pitcher ♦︎ flask ♦︎ vial ♦︎ decanterThese words all mean a container for holding or serving liquids and drinks. 这些词均指液体容器。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a bottle / a pot / a jug / a pitcher / a flask / a vial / a decanter of sthin a bottle / a pot / a jug / a pitcher / a flask / a vial / a decantera four-pint / two-litre, etc. bottle / pot / jug / pitcher / flask / decantera glass bottle / pot / jug / pitcher / vial / decantera wine bottle / jug / pitcher / flask / decantera water bottle / jug / pitcher / flaska milk bottle / jug / pitcherto fill a bottle / pot / jug / pitcher / flask / vial / decanter bottle [countable] a glass or plastic container, usually round with straight sides and a narrow neck, used especially for storing liquids (细颈)瓶子a wine / beer / milk bottle葡萄酒瓶;啤酒瓶;奶瓶Put the top back on the bottle.把瓶盖盖上。We drank a whole bottle of wine.我们喝了一整瓶葡萄酒。 pot [countable] (especially in compounds 尤用于构成复合词) a container of various kinds, made for a particular purpose; a bowl or other round object that is made by a potter (= a person who makes clay pots by hand) (某种用途的)容器;陶盆;陶罐;碗a teapot茶壶a coffee pot咖啡壶a flower pot (= a round container for growing plants in) 花盆Is there any more tea in the pot?茶壶里还有茶吗?She made a pot of strong coffee.她煮了一壶浓咖啡。The newly made pots are glazed when they are completely dry.刚做好的陶罐在干透后上釉。Pot has a very wide range and can describe many different kinds of container. Pots are usually round, and many kinds of pot are made of clay. * pot的使用范围很广,可指各式各样的容器,通常是圆的,很多是陶制的。 jug [countable] (especially BrE) a container for holding and serving liquids which has a handle and a lip (= a shaped opening on the side at the top) for pouring (有柄有嘴的)壶,罐Pour the milk into a measuring jug.把牛奶倒入量壶。She spilled a jug of water.她把一罐水弄洒了。The usual American English word for jug in this meaning is pitcher. In American English a jug is also a large plastic bottle used to hold milk or fruit juice; in British English this is a plastic milk bottle/container. A smaller container for milk or juice made of cardboard is called a carton in both British and American English. 美式英语中表达此义的常用词是pitcher。美式英语中,jug还指用来装牛奶或果汁的大塑料瓶,这种瓶子在英式英语中叫做plastic milk bottle/container。较小的装牛奶或果汁的包装硬纸盒在英式和美式英语中都叫carton。 see also carton packet pitcher ˈpɪtʃə(r) [countable] (NAmE) a jug (有柄有嘴的)壶,罐Pour the ingredients into a pitcher, add ice and stir.把材料倒进罐子,加冰搅拌。 flask [countable] a bottle with a narrow top, used in scientific work for mixing or storing chemicals; a small flat bottle, usually made of metal, that fits in your pocket and is used for carrying alcohol 烧瓶;小扁酒瓶(通常用金属制成,随身携带)Heat the solution gently in a conical flask.把溶液装在圆锥形烧瓶里略微加热。He reached into a pocket of his greatcoat and brought out a flat silver flask.他把手伸进厚长大衣的口袋,拿出了一只银质小扁酒瓶。 vial ˈvaɪəl (BrE also phial ˈfaɪəl ) [countable] a small glass container, especially one that is used for chemicals, medicine or perfume (尤指盛化学品、药或香水的)小玻璃瓶,管形瓶a vial of pills / perfume / toilet water一小瓶药丸/香水/花露水 decanter dɪˈkæntə(r) [countable] a glass bottle, often decorated, that wine and other alcoholic drinks are poured into from an ordinary bottle before serving 雕花玻璃酒瓶a crystal port decanter雕花水晶波尔图葡萄酒瓶 see also decant pour
BNC: 1584 COCA: 1740
Containers for carrying or storing liquid: aerosol, ampoule, atomiser...
Amounts of liquid in a container: barrel, bath, bottle...
Feelings of confidence and pride: confidence, pride, assurance...
Preserve food: bottle, can, cure...

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