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TOEFL BNC: 1573 COCA: 1557

B2 to move your head down and then up, sometimes several times, especially to show agreement, approval, or greeting, or to show something by doing this点头;(尤指)点头赞同,点头致意,点头示意

Many people in the audience nodded in agreement.许多听众点头表示赞同。
When I suggested a walk, Elena nodded enthusiastically.当我提议去散步时,埃琳娜使劲地点头。
She looked up and nodded for me to come in.她抬起头,点头示意让我进来。

More examples

He nodded his head in greeting.

She nodded her assent to the proposal.

He nodded his head sagely.

She signified her agreement by nodding her head.

She listened sympathetically, nodding her head now and again.

Phrasal verb(s)

a movement up and down with the head点头

Chen gave her a nod of recognition across the crowded room.陈从挤满人的房间的另一头向她点头致意。
TOEFL BNC: 1573 COCA: 1557


ADJECTIVE | VERB + NOD | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbrief, little, quick, slight, small微微點頭;快速點頭;稍稍點頭curt, perfunctory, terse草草點頭;敷衍的點頭;生硬的點頭He dismissed them with a curt nod.他只隨便點了一下頭就把他們打發走了。approving, satisfied表示讚許的/滿意的點頭She inspected my work and gave a satisfied nod.她檢查了我的工作後滿意地點了點頭。reassuring讓人安心的點頭knowing會意的點頭passing (figurative) 一帶而過的認可;略微類似The house is white, in a passing nod to Greek tradition.房子是白色的,略似希臘傳統風格。He gave a passing nod (= a brief acknowledgement) to the show that had launched his career.他對那次開始他生涯的表演一帶而過。VERB + NODgive (sb)(向某人)點頭My teacher gave me a nod of reassurance and I began.老師向我點頭表示鼓勵,我就開始了。get, receive得到許可He's ready to play and just waiting to get the nod from (= be approved by) the coach.他已做好準備上場,只等教練點頭。exchange互相點頭wait for等待同意PREPOSITIONat a nod, with a nod點頭nod from來自⋯的允許At a nod from Lawton, he gently turned the handle.得到勞頓的允許後,他輕輕轉動把手。nod in the direction of, nod of朝⋯方向點頭;⋯的點頭a nod of approval表示贊同的點頭nod to, nod towards/toward朝⋯點頭;向⋯點頭'I couldn't have done this alone,' he said with a nod towards / toward his partner.“這件事我一個人是不可能獨自完成的。”說着他朝同伴點了點頭。PHRASESa nod of sb's/the head點頭She answered with a slight nod of the head.她稍稍點了一下頭作答。


ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBjust, merely, only, simply只是點點頭;僅僅點頭;只不過點頭Ashamed, I could only nod.羞愧的我只能點點頭。emphatically, furiously, vigorously重重地/猛烈地/使勁地點頭'That's exactly it,' she said, nodding vigorously.“對,就是這樣。”她邊說邊拚命點頭。gently輕輕點頭She nodded gently to herself.她對自己輕輕點了點頭。almost imperceptibly, slightly幾乎察覺不到地/略微點了點頭slowly慢慢點頭quickly快速點頭briefly, briskly, curtly, stiffly簡單地/爽快地/匆忙/拘謹地點了一下頭He nodded curtly and walked away.他匆匆點了一下頭就走了。dumbly, mutely, silently, wordlessly無言地/無聲地/默默地/一言不發地點頭She could not speak but just nodded mutely.她一句話也說不出,只是默默地點頭。absently, absent-mindedly, vaguely心不在焉地點頭;含糊地點頭He nodded absently, his mind obviously on other things.他心不在焉地點了點頭,心思顯然在其他事情上。politely, respectfully禮貌地/恭敬地點頭eagerly, happily急切地/開心地點頭knowingly, sympathetically, understandingly會意地/同情地/理解地點頭appreciatively, approvingly, encouragingly, enthusiastically, gratefully讚賞地/滿意地/表示鼓勵地/熱情地/感激地點頭hesitantly, reluctantly猶豫地/勉強點頭meekly, weakly溫順地/虛弱地點頭grimly嚴肅地點頭glumly, miserably, sadly憂鬱地/痛苦地/難過地點頭gravely, sagely, seriously, solemnly, thoughtfully嚴肅地/睿智地/莊嚴地/莊重地/若有所思地點頭She nodded sagely as she listened.她一邊聽一邊點着頭,顯露出智慧。PREPOSITIONat朝⋯點頭They nodded at us, so we nodded back.他們朝我們點頭致意,我們也點頭回應。in因⋯點頭She nodded in agreement.她贊同地點了點頭。to對⋯點頭She nodded to Duncan as she left.她離開時向鄧肯點了點頭。towards/toward朝⋯點頭'Let's go!' he said, nodding towards / toward the door.“我們走吧!”他朝門口點了一下頭說道。with⋯地點頭He nodded with satisfaction.他滿意地點了點頭。
TOEFL BNC: 1573 COCA: 1557


nod ♦︎ gesture ♦︎ wave ♦︎ signal ♦︎ beckon ♦︎ gesticulateThese words all mean to make a sign to sb by moving a part of your body, especially your head, hand or arm. 这些词均表示用动作示意,尤指点头、挥手、做手势。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to nod / gesture / wave / signal / beckon / gesticulate to sbto nod / gesture / wave / beckon towards sb / sthto nod / gesture / wave / gesticulate at sb / sthto nod / gesture / wave in the direction of sb / sthto gesture / wave / signal for sthto gesture / wave / signal / beckon sb forward / over / to (a place)to gesture / beckon with your head / hand, etcto nod at sb / gesture / wave / signal / beckon sb to do sthto nod / gesture / signal for sb to do sthto gesture / signal that... sb should do sth / it is time to do sth, etc.to gesture / wave / signal / gesticulate wildly nod (-dd-) [intransitive, transitive] to move your head up and down as a way of saying 'yes', to show understanding, approval or enthusiasm, to greet sb or as a sign to sb 点头;点头致意;点头示意'Is this the right way?' she asked. The man nodded.“这条路对吗?”她问道。那名男子点了点头。Her head nodded in agreement.她点头表示同意。He nodded his head sympathetically.他同情地点点头。She nodded her approval.她点头表示赞同。The president nodded to the crowd as he passed.总统经过时向人群点头致意。She nodded at him to begin speaking.她点头示意他开始讲话。Maria nodded towards the open door.玛丽亚朝开着的门点了点头。Michael nodded a greeting to the other visitors.迈克尔向其他来访者点头问候。 nod


[countable] He gave a quick nod of recognition.他很快点了点头,表示认可。
gesture ˈdʒestʃə(r) [intransitive] (usually used with an adverb or preposition 通常与副词或介词连用) (written) to make a movement, especially with your hand, as a way of telling sb what you mean or what you want 做手势;用手势表示;用动作示意'I see you read a lot,' he said, gesturing towards the wall of books.“看来你读了很多书。”他指着那一墙的书说道。She gestured for them to follow her.她示意他们跟她走。 see also gesture movement noun wave [intransitive, transitive] (always used with an adverb or preposition 总是与副词或介词连用) to show where sth is or show sb where to go by moving your hand in a particular direction 挥手指引,挥手示意(方向)She waved vaguely in the direction of the house.她含糊地朝房子的方向挥了挥手。'He's over there,' said Ali, waving a hand towards some trees.“他在那儿。”阿里说着朝几棵树挥了挥手。I showed my pass to the security guard and he waved me through.我向保安人员出示了通行证,他挥手让我通过。 see also wave movement noun signal (-ll-, NAmE -l-) [intransitive, transitive] to make a movement or sound as a way of giving sb a message, order or instruction 发信号;发暗号;示意Don't fire until I signal.等我发出信号后再开枪。He signalled to the waiter for the bill.他示意服务员结账。The referee seemed to be signalling a foul.裁判似乎在示意犯规。Signal has a wider range of meaning than the other words in this group. You can signal to sb not only by making a hand or arm movement, but also by using a light, waving sth in the air, or making a sound. * signal比本组中其他词的含义更广,不仅可指用手或臂的动作示意,亦可指靠使用灯光、在空中挥舞东西或发出声音来示意。 see also signal signal noun beckon [intransitive, transitive] to give sb a signal using your finger, hand or head, especially to tell sb to come towards you or follow you (用手指、手或头的动作)示意,召唤I saw someone beckoning from a doorway.我看见有人正从门口招手示意。Richard beckoned the man over.理查德招手让那男人过去。 gesticulate dʒeˈstɪkjuleɪt [intransitive] (rather formal) to move your hands and arms around quickly, usually in an excited way, in order to attract attention or to make sb understand what you are saying (通常激动地)做手势,用手势表达,用动作示意(以引起注意或令对方听懂)She gesticulated wildly at the clock.她使劲指着钟打手势。Both men were shouting and gesticulating.两个男人都边叫嚷边打手势。

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