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BNC: 1139 COCA: 1533

expression noun SHOWING

B2 [ C or U ] the act of saying what you think or showing how you feel using words or actions表示;表达;表露

He wrote her a poem as an expression of his love.他给她写了一首诗以表达爱慕之情。
We've received a lot of expressions of support for our campaign.我们收到很多来信表示支持我们的运动。
Freedom of expression is a basic human right.言论自由是基本的人权。
It's better to give expression to (= show) your anger, rather than hiding it.最好把愤怒发泄出来,而不是深藏于心。
formal His sadness at the death of his wife found expression (= was shown) in his music.他通过音乐表达了对亡妻的哀悼之情。
She plays the violin with great expression (= feeling).她的小提琴演奏很有表现力。

B2 [ C ] the look on someone's face, showing what they feel or think表情;神色

I could tell from her expression that something serious had happened.一看她的脸色我就知道出了很严重的事情。
Mark always has such a miserable expression on his face.马克脸上总是带着一副苦恼的神情。

More examples

I could tell from his grim expression that the news was not good.

He listened to the music with an expression of pure rapture on his face.

She looked at him with a surprised expression on her face.

Modernism seeks to find new forms of expression and rejects traditional or accepted ideas.

In this role, Durante is able to give full expression to that wonderfully virile voice.

expression noun WORDS

B2 [ C ] a word or group of words used in a particular situation or by particular people词;词语;措词

He uses a lot of unusual expressions.他总是用很多生僻的字眼。
"A can of worms" is an expression that means "a difficult situation".A can of worms这个短语的意思是“棘手的局面”。

More examples

The expression "boy band" was coined in the 90s.

There is no English equivalent for 'bon appetit' so we have adopted the French expression.

expression noun NUMBERS

[ C ] in mathematics, a symbol or group of symbols that represent an amount(数学中的)式,表达式

4xy2 is an expression.4xy2是一个表达式。
BNC: 1139 COCA: 1533


1on sb's face臉上ADJECTIVE | VERB + EXPRESSION | EXPRESSION + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEneutral面無表情blank, dazed, glazed, vacant毫無表情;恍惚的神情;呆滯的神情;木然的表情They all just looked at me with blank expressions.他們全都面無表情地看着我。deadpan冷面He cracks jokes with a deadpan expression on his face.他說笑話時緊繃着臉。curious, enigmatic, inscrutable, odd, strange, unreadable奇怪的神色;謎樣的表情;古怪的神情;難以捉摸的表情calm冷靜的神態guarded提防的表情thoughtful深思的神態dreamy, wistful心不在焉的/沉思的神情doubtful, wary懷疑的表情;謹慎的神情anxious, concerned, troubled, worried焦慮的/關切的/擔憂的/不安的神情bleak, grim, serious黯淡的表情;嚴肅的表情annoyed氣惱的表情angry, fierce, furious, stern憤怒的神情;狂怒的表情;嚴厲的表情hangdog, hurt, melancholy, mournful, pained, sad羞愧的/受傷的/憂鬱的/哀傷的/痛苦的/難過的表情He hung around with this pathetic hangdog expression on his face.他帶着一副可憐而羞愧的表情待在一邊。intense, rapt認真的神情;全神貫注的表情horrified, shocked, stunned, surprised驚恐的表情;驚愕的神情;驚奇的表情baffled, bemused, bewildered, confused, puzzled, quizzical困惑的表情;茫然的表情;不解的表情;古怪的表情alert警惕的神情bored厭倦的表情amused, wry覺得好笑的表情; 挪揄的表情benign, sympathetic慈祥的表情;憐憫的神情satisfied, smug滿意的表情;自鳴得意的表情innocent天真的表情fleeting一閃而過的表情facial面部表情The actors's gestures and facial expressions are perfect.演員們的動作和面部表情都很到位。VERB + EXPRESSIONhave, hold, wear有表情;面帶表情She had a very bewildered expression on her face.她面帶極度困惑的表情。The children's faces all wore the same rapt expression.孩子們的臉上都帶着全神貫注的神情。assume, put on裝出表情She carefully put on her most innocent expression.她小心翼翼地裝出毫不知情的樣子。take on呈現表情Rose's face took on the fierce expression of a schoolgirl talking about her most hated teacher.羅絲臉上呈現出女學生在談論最痛恨的老師時那種兇狠的表情。show露出表情His face showed no expression.他面無表情。catch, notice, see捕捉到/注意到/看到表情Catching a fleeting expression on Lucy's face, she persisted with her question.看到露西臉上一閃而過的表情,她繼續追問。examine, observe, watch審視表情;觀察表情gauge, read捉摸表情;解讀表情I looked at her, trying to read the expression on her face.我看着她,試圖讀懂她臉上的表情。change改變表情His face never changed expression.他臉部的表情從來沒有變化。EXPRESSION + VERBalter, change表情改變His expression changed to embarrassment.他的表情變得有些尷尬。grow..., turn...表情變得⋯His expression grew thoughtful.他的表情變得深邃。Her expression suddenly turned serious.她的表情突然變得嚴肅起來。remain sth保持⋯表情relax, soften表情鬆弛下來;表情變柔和His expression softened when he saw her.他看到她時,表情緩和下來。darken, harden表情變陰冷;表情變冷酷Her expression hardened into one of strong dislike.她的表情開始流露出強烈的厭惡。freeze表情僵住betray sth, reveal sth, show sth, suggest sth, tell sb sth表情顯露出⋯/揭示出⋯/表現出⋯/暗示⋯/告訴某人⋯Her expression betrayed nothing of her thoughts.從她的表情一點也看不出她的想法。His grim expression told her it would be useless.他堅定的表情告訴她那將無濟於事。cross sth, flit across sth表情掠過⋯She had been watching the expression that crossed his face.她一直注視着他臉上掠過的表情。appear on sth表情出現在⋯A surprised expression appeared on her face.她的臉上露出驚訝的表情。PREPOSITIONwithout expression無表情'Go on,' she said, without expression.她面無表情地說:“繼續。”expression of⋯的表情He wore an expression of anxiety on his face.他面帶焦慮。PHRASESthe expression in sb's eyes, the expression on sb's face某人眼中/某人面部流露的神情He looked at her with a very strange expression in his eyes.他用非常奇怪的目光看着她。


2showing feelings/ideas表達情感或思想ADJECTIVE | VERB + EXPRESSION | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEclear清晰的表達Her statement was a clear expression of her views on this subject.她的陳述清晰表達了她關於這一問題的觀點。concrete, material, practical, tangible具體的表露;有形的表示;實際的表達The report gave concrete expression to the fears of many immigrants.這份報告切實表達了許多移民的恐懼心理。direct直接的表達Just because there is no direct expression of prejudice, that does not mean the prejudice does not exist.偏見沒有被直接表述出來並非表示偏見不存在。full充分表達The new concept of form reached its fullest expression in the work of Picasso.形式的新概念在畢加索的作品中得到了最充分的表達。highest, perfect, ultimate最高的表現;完美的表達;最終的表達His highest expression of praise was 'Not bad!'他最高的讚賞是 " 還不錯 !"the highest expression of human creativity人類創造力的最高表現effective, powerful有效的表達;有力的表達simple簡單的表達natural自然的表達He wanted to write a verse drama in which the verse would seem a natural expression of modern life.他想寫一部韻文戲劇,其中的韻文應該是對現代生活的自然表達。spontaneous自然而然的流露free自由的表達the right of free expression自由表達的權利open, overt, public公開的表達the open expression of emotion情感的公開表達outward外在的表達the outward expression of inner emotional feelings內心情感的外在表露formal正式的表達characteristic, classic典型的表達;經典的表達Modernism was the characteristic expression of the experience of modernity.現代主義是現代經驗的典型表現。unique獨特的表達collective集體的表達The harvest festival was the occasion for the collective expression of a community's religious values.收穫節是一個團體宗教價值觀集體表達的時刻。individual, personal個人的表達to allow scope for individual expression允許有個人表現的空間visible, visual看得見的表達emotional, physical, sexual感情的表達;身體的表達;性的表達oral, verbal, written口頭/言語/書面表達the verbal expression of one's feelings感情的言語表達A constitution is the written expression of the people's will.憲法是人民意志的書面表達。artistic, creative, cultural, linguistic, literary, musical, poetic, political, religious藝術的/創造性的/文化的/語言的/文學的/音樂的/詩歌的/政治的/宗教的表現human人的表達VERB + EXPRESSIONachieve, find, reach, receive實現表達;得到表達an anger and frustration that finds expression in (= is shown in) violence通過暴力表現出來的氣憤與挫敗感give sth給予⋯表達Only in his dreams does he give expression to his fears.他只有在夢裏才表達出恐懼之情。PREPOSITIONbeyond expression無法表達She suddenly felt happy beyond expression (= so happy that she could not express it).她突然感到難以言喻的幸福。PHRASESfreedom of expression言論自由Freedom of expression (= freedom to say what you think) is a basic human right.言論自由是基本的人權。a means of expression表達的方式Words, as a means of expression, can be limiting.言語作為一種表達方式有時是有限的。


3words詞語ADJECTIVE | VERB + EXPRESSION | EXPRESSION + VERB ADJECTIVEcommon日常用語colloquial, slang, vernacular口語/俚語/方言的表達vulgar粗俗的表達strange, unusual奇怪的表達;不尋常的措辭favourite/favorite喜愛的言辭figurative, idiomatic, metaphorical比喻的/習慣用語的/隱喻的表達方式American, English, etc.美語、英語等中的表達方式geographical地理用語Until the mid-nineteenth century, 'Italy' was just a geographical expression.19 世紀中葉以前,“意大利”只是個地理名詞。VERB + EXPRESSIONuse使用言辭He tends to use strange expressions like 'It's enough to make a cat laugh'.他往往用一些奇怪的表達,像“足以把貓逗笑”。hear聽到表達I've not heard that expression before.我之前沒有聽到過這種表達方法。EXPRESSION + VERBmean sth言辭意思是⋯
BNC: 1139 COCA: 1533
expression noun
expression1 (expressions of sympathy) expression2 (a worried expression on her face) word (a slang expression)


expressions of sympathy 表示同情a worried expression on her face 她脸上担心的神情expression ♦︎ display ♦︎ show ♦︎ demonstration ♦︎ exhibitionThese are all words for actions that show feelings or qualities or express opinions or ideas. 这些词均表示表露、表达。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配an expression / a display / a show / a demonstration of support / affectionan expression / a display / a show of concern / emotionan expression / a display of sympathyan expression / a show of gratitudea display / show / demonstration of strengtha display / show of unity / forcea display / demonstration of skilla public expression / display / show / demonstration of sthan open expression / display of sthan impressive display / show / demonstration of stha great display / show of sth expression [countable, uncountable] (rather formal) things that people say, write or do in order to show their feelings, opinions and ideas 表露;表示;表达The riots are the most serious expression of anti-government feeling yet.这几起暴乱事件是目前为止最严重的反政府情绪的表露。Freedom of expression (= freedom to say what you think) is a basic human right.言论自由是基本的人权。 (formal) Only in his dreams does he give expression to his fears.只有在梦里他的恐惧才能得以表露。The poet's anger finds expression in (= is shown in) the last verse of the poem.诗人的愤怒在这首诗的最后一节表达出来。 see also express say 2 display [countable] an act of showing a feeling, quality or skill (感情、特质或技能的)显示,表露My family has never gone in for open displays of affection.我的家人从不喜欢大方展露关爱之情。an ostentatious display of wealth大肆炫富a magnificent display of goalkeeping出色的守门技术展示 see also display show verb 3 show [countable] an act of showing a feeling, quality or skill (感情、特质或技能的)显示,表露He was completely unmoved by her little show of temper.她有点发脾气了,他却无动于衷。She made a great show of wanting to leave, but I knew she didn't mean it.她表现出很想离开的样子,但我知道她并非真打算走。 see also show show verb 3 demonstration [countable] (rather formal) an act of showing a feeling, quality or skill (感情、特质或技能的)显示,表露She was given to quite embarrassing public demonstrations of emotion.她经常令人尴尬地公开表露感情。The performance was a remarkable demonstration of his abilities.这场演出很好地展示了他的能力。 see also demonstrate show verb 3 NOTE 辨析 Display, show or demonstration?A display or show may be insincere, exaggerated, intended to impress, or not really intended at all ( a display/show of temper). A demonstration is usually more sincere. * display或show可以指不真诚或夸张的展示,目的是为了引起注意,或并非出自本意。demonstration通常为较真诚的表露。 exhibition ˌeksɪˈbɪʃn [countable] (especially BrE, rather formal) an act of showing a skill or kind of behaviour (技能或某种行为的)表现,显示We were treated to an exhibition of the footballer's speed and skill.足球运动员表现出的速度和技术,真让我们大饱眼福。It was an appalling exhibition of bad manners.这真是无理行为极其恶劣的表现。expression2


expressions of sympathy 表示同情a worried expression on her face 她脸上担心的神情expression ♦︎ look ♦︎ faceThese are all words for the way your thoughts and feelings show in your face. 这些词均表示表情、神色。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配an expression / a look of amazement / disbelief / horror, etc.an expression / a look on sb's facean expression / a look in sb's eyesa / an happy / sad / worried / anxious / troubled / angry / furious / stern / grim / serious expression / look / facea / an curious / odd / thoughtful / doubtful / pained / vacant / smug expression / look expression [countable] the way your thoughts and feelings show in your face 表情;神色There was a worried expression on her face.她脸上流露出担心的神情。His expression changed from surprise to one of amusement.他的神情由惊变喜。facial expressions面部表情 look [countable] an expression in your eyes or face 眼神;表情;神色He didn't like the look in her eyes.他不喜欢她的眼神。We got a number of curious looks from passers-by.路人向我们投来几瞥好奇的目光。NOTE 辨析 Expression or look?Your expression is usually a reflection of what you happen to be thinking or feeling at any particular moment; if you deliberately put on an expression, this is usually an attempt to hide your true thoughts or feelings. * expression通常反映某刻的想法或感受,put on an expression通常指为隐藏真正的想法或感受而故意装样子She carefully put on her most innocent expression (= she was not actually as innocent as she pretended).她精心作出最无辜的表情。A look can be the expression that happens to be in your eyes, or it can be a way of deliberately communicating a thought or feeling to a particular person: you can give or throw sb a look or exchange looks with sb. * look指眼里流露出的神情,也可指传递的眼神,可用于give/throw sb a look或exchange looks等短语中She threw him a dirty look.她厌恶地瞪了他一眼。They exchanged meaningful looks.他们相互交换了眼色,心照不宣。 face [countable] the expression on sb's face 面部表情The news for the company isn't good, judging from the long faces (= sad / worried faces) in the boardroom.从众董事那一张张拉长的脸看来,这对公司来说并不是个好消息。Her face lit up (= showed happiness) when she spoke of the past.她讲到往事时就面露喜色。His face fell (= showed disappointment, sadness, etc.) when he read the headlines.他刚读了大标题,脸色就沉了下来。She pulled a face and gave a snorting kind of laugh.她板着脸,冷笑了一声。In this meaning face is used especially in particular collocations, to show that sb is happy ( sb's face lights up) or sad or disappointed long faces; sb's face falls; sb pulls a face. 表达此义时,face尤用于固定搭配中,如sb's face lights up意为高兴,long faces、sb's face falls或sb pulls a face意为不悦或失望。

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