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BNC: 1846 COCA: 2537

impression noun OPINION

B2 [ C ] an idea or opinion of what something or someone is like印象;感想

I didn't get much of an impression of the place because it was dark when we drove through it.我对这地方印象不深,因为我们开车驶过时天已经黑了。
What was your impression of Charlotte's husband?你对夏洛特的丈夫印象如何?
I don't tend to trust first impressions (= the opinion you form when you meet someone or see something for the first time).我不怎么相信第一印象。
[ + that ] When I first met him I got/had the impression that he was a shy sort of person.初次见到他时,我觉得他属于那种害羞的人。
be under the impression

B2 to think that something is true, especially when it is not觉得,有…的想法

I was under the impression (that) you didn't get on too well.我感觉你们相处得不太好。
He was under the mistaken (= false) impression (that) you were married.他误以为你结婚了。

More examples

You'll get a false impression of the town if you only visit the university.

My general impression of the place was good.

His helpfulness today has made me revise my original impression of him.

You don't want to convey the impression that we're not interested.

I was under the erroneous impression that they were married.

impression noun EFFECT

B2 [ S ] the way that something seems, looks, or feels to a particular person印象,感触

It makes/gives/creates a very bad impression if you're late for an interview.面试如果迟到会给人留下很坏的印象。
[ + (that) ] He likes to give the impression (that) he's terribly popular and has lots of friends.他想给人留下这样一种印象:他很受欢迎,而且朋友众多。

More examples

It's important to create a good impression when you meet a new client.

She made a very favourable impression on us.

In his 20 years working for the company, Joe Pearson made an indelible impression on it.

Did any of your teachers make a lasting impression on you?

Paul is Mister Big in our department, so it's important to make a good impression on him.

impression noun COPY

[ C ] an attempt at copying another person's manner and speech, etc., especially in order to make people laugh模仿,(尤指)滑稽模仿

She does a really good impression of the president.她模仿总统真是惟妙惟肖。

impression noun MARK

[ C ] a mark made on the surface of something by pressing an object onto it压印,压痕

There were impressions around her ankles made by the tops of her socks.她的脚踝周围有袜口留下的勒痕。

impression noun BOOKS

[ C usually singular ] UK US printing all the copies of a book that have been printed at the same time without any changes being made印刷;印数;印次

This is the second impression of the encyclopedia.这是这部百科全书的第二次印刷。
BNC: 1846 COCA: 2537


1idea/feeling/opinion about sth想法ADJECTIVE | VERB + IMPRESSION | IMPRESSION + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEdistinct, firm, strong清晰的印象;牢固的看法;強烈的感想main, overriding, overwhelming主要的想法;最重要的感想clear, vivid清晰的/生動的印象fleeting, vague倏忽而逝的感想;模糊的印象accurate確切的印象distorted, erroneous, false, misleading, mistaken, wrong歪曲的印象;謬誤的印象;錯誤的印象;誤導性的印象good良好的感受The model gives a good impression of what the building will look like.模型讓人們對大樓未來的樣子產生了良好印象。favourable/favorable好印象bad壞印象negative, positive負面/正面印象opposite相反的看法early, first, immediate, initial早期的想法;第一印象;直接印象;最初的印象First impressions can be misleading.第一印象有可能誤導人。final最終印象general, overall總體/整體印象widespread普遍的看法There is a widespread impression that schooling needs to be improved.普遍認為學校教育必須加以改進。visual視覺印象public公眾印象personal, subjective個人/主觀印象VERB + IMPRESSIONform, gain, get, have, receive形成印象;覺得;有想法I got the distinct impression that you disliked her.我明顯感覺到你不喜歡她。convey, create, give (sb), leave sb with, provide (sb with)傳達印象;使產生想法;(給某人)留下印象The book leaves you with a distorted impression of politics.這部書會讓你對政治產生歪曲的印象。maintain維持感覺She was trying to maintain the impression that she was in control.她努力維持她還在掌控局面的假象。confirm印證想法heighten, reinforce, strengthen, support加深印象avoid避免想法It was difficult to avoid the impression that he was assisting them for selfish reasons.他是出於私利才幫助他們,這種感覺很難避免。correct糾正看法I must correct a false impression that I gave you just now.我必須糾正我剛才給你留下的錯誤印象。change改變看法Her performance did little to change my impression of her.她的表現基本上無助於改變我對她的印象。record記錄感受She recorded her impressions of the city in her diary.她在日記中記下了自己對這座城市的印象。share分享感受He shared his impressions of a recent visit to Japan.他分享了自己最近訪問日本的感受。IMPRESSION + VERBcount印象很重要When it comes to finding a partner, first impressions do count.說到尋覓伴侶,第一印象確實很重要。PREPOSITIONunder a/the impression以為I was under the impression that you weren't coming until tomorrow.我以為你要到明天才來呢。impression about關於⋯的印象I had the wrong impression about him.我對他的印象是錯誤的。impression as to對⋯的看法mistaken impressions as to the strength of the market對市場勢頭的錯誤看法


2effect that an experience/person has on sb/sth影響ADJECTIVE | VERB + IMPRESSION | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbig, deep, great, huge, powerful, profound, strong, tremendous很大的影響;深刻的影響;重大的影響;巨大的影響;強烈的影響;深遠的影響superficial表面的影響abiding, indelible, lasting持久的效果;難以磨滅的影響excellent, favourable/favorable, good, great卓着的效果;有利影響;良好的效果;極大的影響bad, poor, unfavourable/unfavorable惡劣/不良/不利影響false, misleading, wrong虛假的效果;誤導性的影響;錯誤的效果right合適的效果If you want to create the right impression, I suggest you wear a suit.如果你想要達到得體的效果,我建議你穿西裝。first, immediate最初的影響;即時的效果The new player failed to make an immediate impression on the team.這位新來的球員沒能立即為球隊發揮作用。VERB + IMPRESSIONcreate, leave, make造成影響;起作用PREPOSITIONimpression on, impression upon對⋯的影響The day's events left a lasting impression on them.那天發生的事對他們造成了持久的影響。


3drawing圖畫ADJECTIVE | VERB + IMPRESSION ADJECTIVEartist's畫家的印象畫VERB + IMPRESSIONissue (BrE) 散發印象畫The police have issued an artist's impression of the attacker.警方已經發佈了畫家憑印象繪製的襲擊者的畫像。


4amusing copy of sb滑稽模仿ADJECTIVE | VERB + IMPRESSION ADJECTIVEgood很好的滑稽模仿funny搞笑的模仿VERB + IMPRESSIONdo進行滑稽模仿He does some very good impressions of movie stars.他維妙維肖地模仿一些電影明星。


5mark left on an object印記VERB + IMPRESSIONbear帶有印記The wax bore the impression of a sailing ship.蜂蠟上有帆船印記。
BNC: 1846 COCA: 2537
impression noun
effect (a strong impression) parody (do impressions of celebrities) sense (get an impression of sb) false impression illusion be under the impression think verb
BNC: 1846 COCA: 2537
Opinions and attitudes: opinion, attitude, view...
Types of performance: burlesque, impersonation, impression...
Marks created by pressure: imprint, print, footprint...
Printing and fonts and print layout: bold, bold, CamelCase...

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