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OKexclamationalso okay uk/ˌəʊˈkeɪ/ us/ˌoʊˈkeɪ/

OK exclamation AGREEING

A1 used to show that you agree with something or agree to do something可以的,同意的;能接受的,可行的

"I'll pay you back tomorrow." "OK, no problem."“我明天还你钱。”“行,没问题。”
"Could you pick me up from work?" "OK, what time?"“你能来我上班的地方接我吗?”“好的,几点钟?”
I mean, OK (= I accept that), I wasn't exactly polite to him, but I don't think I was that rude!我的意思是,我承认,我对他确实不礼貌,不过我觉得我并没有那么粗鲁。

OK exclamation UNDERSTAND

A2 used to check that someone understands something or that they agree to something(用于确认某人是否明白或同意某事)明白吗?好吗?

You need to add more vinegar, OK?你需要多加点醋,明白吗?
I'll see you at 6.30, okay?我们6点30分见面,好吗?

OK exclamation ACTION

A2 informal used as a way of showing that you are going to take action or start something new(用于表示打算行动或开始新的活动)行,好吧

Okay, let's go.行,我们走吧。
Okay then, if you're ready we'll start.那好吧,如果你准备好了,我们就开始。

More examples

Okay, let's get going!

OK, is everyone ready?

Okay, today I'm going to tell you a bit about Picasso.

OK, now that everyone's here, we'll sit down.

OK, Stephanie, could you tell us what you've been doing this week?

OK exclamation PAUSE

not standard used in the middle of a sentence as a way of pausing(用于句中起停顿作用)

We saw these guys, okay, so we went up to them and started talking.我们看见了这些人,就走过去和他们交谈起来。
OKadjectivealso okay uk/ˌəʊˈkeɪ/ us/ˌoʊˈkeɪ/ informal

OK adjective AGREED

A2 agreed or acceptable可以的,同意的;能接受的,可行的

Is it okay if I bring a friend to the party?我带一个朋友来参加聚会行吗?
If it's okay by/with you, I'll come over tomorrow instead.如果你同意的话,我等到明天再来。

More examples

"Well okay, perhaps I was a little hard on her, " he conceded.

"Are you sure it's okay for me to use your mother's car?" "Positive."

Don't rock the boat until the negotiations are finished, okay!

"We'll be at your house at round about nine o'clock, okay?"

I'd like to run through a few points with you, if that's okay.


A1 in a satisfactory state or of a satisfactory quality令人满意的;可以的;不错的

How's Paula? Is she okay after her fall yesterday?葆拉怎么样了?她昨天摔了一跤,现在还好吗?
Are you OK? You look very pale.你没事吧?你看上去脸色有些苍白。
"Is everything OK with you?" "Yes, fine."“你一切都好吗?”“是的,我很好。”
I'll just check that the car's okay - that noise from the engine doesn't sound good!我要检查一下汽车有没有问题——发动机的声音听起来不妙!

A2 not bad but certainly not good还可以的,还行的,凑合的

"Did you have a good dinner out last night?" "It was okay - I've definitely had better."“你昨晚吃得怎么样?”“还可以,不过我吃过更好的。”
Her voice is OK, but it's nothing special.她的嗓音还可以,不过没什么特别之处。

More examples

You look ghastly - are you okay?

Don't panic! Everything will be okay.

Would you pop upstairs and see if Grandad is okay?

I ring home once a week to tell my parents I'm okay.

The doctor says that it's touch-and-go whether Mary will be okay.

OKadverbalso okay uk/ˌəʊˈkeɪ/ us/ˌoʊˈkeɪ/ informal

A2 in a satisfactory way很好;还不错;还算满意

Everything was going OK until the printer stopped working.打印机停止工作之前,一切还算顺利。
Did you sleep okay?你睡得还好吗?
I just called to make sure that you got there okay.我打电话来就是确认一下你是否顺利到达。

More examples

We managed to find the house OK.

Did you get the work finished okay?

The document printed out okay.

I just need to check that the payment has come through OK.

The house sale seems to be going through OK.

OKverb [ T ]present tense OK's, present participle OK'ing, past tense and past participle OK'd also okay present tense okays, present participle okaying, past tense and past participle okayed uk/ˌəʊˈkeɪ/ us/ˌoʊˈkeɪ/ informal

to agree to something同意,接受;批准

Have the committee OK'd your proposal?委员会已批准你的建议了吗?


the OK also the okay [ S ]


He got the OK to go ahead with his project.他已获准启动他的方案。


written abbreviation for the US state of Oklahoma: used in addresses(美国)奥克拉荷马州(写地址时Oklahoma的缩写)





( okay) VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION VERBSbe, feel, look, seem, smell, sound, taste沒問題;感覺不錯;看起來不錯;好像可以;聞起來沒問題;聽起來不錯;嚐起來沒問題do進展順利I think I did OK in the exam. (BrE) 我覺得我考得還不錯。I think I did OK on the exam. (NAmE) 我覺得我考得還不錯。go, turn out進展/結果順利I hope the meeting goes OK.我希望會議進展順利。ADVERBperfectly, quite, really, totally (especially NAmE) 十分好;相當好;真的不錯;一點兒問題也沒有I'm perfectly OK now, thanks.我現在相當好,謝謝。PREPOSITIONby sb對某人合適John has suggested meeting at six, and that's OK by me.約翰建議 6 點見面,那個時間對我也合適。with sb/sth對某人來說沒問題;在某件事上沒問題Is it OK with you if I come around six?我 6 點左右來,你看好不好?Are you sure you're OK with the arrangement?你肯定這樣安排你沒問題嗎?
OK verb
OK adj.
fine (Is it OK if…?) safe1 (I'll be OK.) well (Are you feeling OK?)
Satisfactory and good enough: satisfactory, adequate, fine...
Allowed: acceptable, constitutional, eligible...
Suitable or convenient: suitable, convenient, proper...
Not injured, wounded or hurt: unharmed, unhurt, unscathed...
Deserving praise, respect and admiration: sick, respected, praiseworthy...
Not suitable or convenient: unsuitable, inappropriate, inconvenient...
To express or give approval: approve, recommend, consent...

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