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BNC: 1437 COCA: 1435

A2 making very little noise静的,安静的;轻轻的

She spoke in a quiet voice so as not to wake him.她轻声说话,以免吵醒他。
It's so quiet without the kids here.孩子们不在,这里真安静。
Please be quiet (= stop talking)!请安静!
Could you keep quiet while I'm on the phone, please?我打电话时你能不出声吗?
She was as quiet as a mouse (= very quiet). I didn't even know she'd come in.她安静如鼠,我都没注意到她进门。
  • Do not confuse with quite.

A2 having little activity or excitement and few people平静的,宁静的

a quiet, peaceful little village宁静太平的小村庄
It was a quiet wedding, with just a few friends and relations.那是一个平静的婚礼,只有几位朋友和亲戚在场。
Business is quiet during the holidays.节假日期间生意很清淡。

B1 A quiet person is one who does not talk much寡言的,话不多的

He was a quiet, almost taciturn, young man.他是个文静、几乎不怎么说话的年轻人。
keep (sth) quiet

C2 to try to stop other people from finding out about a fact(对…)守口如瓶;(对…)保密

She managed to keep the operation quiet for a while.她设法使得该行动在一段时间内保密。
Davies kept quiet about the amount of money being spent.戴维斯对所花的钱款数额守口如瓶。

More examples

The party turned out to be a quiet affair.

If you don't have anything constructive to say, I'd rather you kept quiet.

The evening was very pleasant, albeit a little quiet.

She has a quiet dignity about her.

That'll do, Timothy! Please just sit down and keep quiet.

B2 the state of being silent安静,静谧

Let's have some quiet!让我们安静一会吧!
I go camping for some peace and quiet (= absence of activity and excitement).我去野营躲清净。


to (cause someone to) become calmer or less noisy(使)平静;(使)安静

The barking dogs quieted when they recognized me.认出我来后,那些吠叫的狗安静了下来。
BNC: 1437 COCA: 1435


ADJECTIVE | VERB + QUIET | QUIET + VERB | PHRASES ADJECTIVErelative相對寧靜a period of comparative quiet相對寧靜的時期sudden突然的寂靜awful, eerie可怕的/恐怖的安靜VERB + QUIETbreak, pierce, shatter打破寧靜A machine gun shattered the quiet.一陣機關槍聲打破了寧靜。QUIET + VERBfollow接着是寂靜in the sudden quiet that followed the gunshot在槍炮聲過後的突然安靜中PHRASESpeace and quiet寧靜I'm going home now for a bit of peace and quiet!現在我要回家清靜一下!


1with little or no noise; not talking少聲響;無聲響;不說話VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES VERBSbe安靜become, fall, go, grow安靜下來keep, lie, remain, sit, stay保持安靜;不聲不響地躺着;不出聲地坐着;靜靜地待着Just sit quiet for a moment, there's a good boy.安靜地坐一會兒,這才是好孩子。keep sb/sth讓⋯保持安靜Keep that dog quiet, will you!能不能讓那隻狗別叫!ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常安靜all一片安靜Suddenly the room went all quiet.房間突然一片安靜。awfully, remarkably, unusually非常/格外/異常安靜Everyone went awfully quiet.所有的人都變得異常安靜。absolutely, completely, perfectly悄然無聲;鴉雀無聲;萬籟俱寂deathly, eerily死寂;靜得嚇人The house was eerily quiet.房子裏靜得嚇人。dangerously平靜中透出危險His voice was dangerously quiet as he asked the question.他問問題時話音平靜,卻隱含威脅。oddly, strangely, unnaturally靜得出奇;靜得不自然She went back to a strangely quiet house.她回到一所靜得出奇的房子。surprisingly, uncharacteristically令人驚訝地/一反常態地安靜PREPOSITIONabout就⋯保持沉默I knew I had to keep quiet about it.我知道這件事我必須守口如瓶。PHRASESnice (and) quiet寧靜I was looking forward to a nice quiet afternoon.我期望能過一個安寧平靜的下午。


2without much activity少活動VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe, look, seem安靜;看上去安靜;顯得安靜become安靜下來lie, remain, sit靜靜地躺着;保持安靜;靜靜地坐着Lie quiet for an hour and you'll feel better.靜靜地躺上一個小時,你就會感覺好點兒。keep sb/sth使⋯平靜Keep the patient as quiet as possible.盡可能讓病人靜養。ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常安靜reasonably, relatively還算/比較平靜enough足夠平靜Things seemed quiet enough, but it was an uneasy calm.局勢似乎足夠平靜了,但那是一種讓人不安的平靜。
BNC: 1437 COCA: 1435
quiet noun
quiet verb
quiet adj.
quiet1 (a quiet place/life) quiet2 (a quiet voice) quiet3 (quiet and shy)


a quiet place/life 僻静的地方;平静的生活a quiet voice 轻柔的声音quiet and shy 文静而腼腆quiet ♦︎ peaceful ♦︎ silent ♦︎ tranquil ♦︎ calm ♦︎ sleepyThese words all describe a place or period of time without much noise or activity. 这些词均表示平静的、安静的、清静的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a quiet / peaceful / silent / tranquil / sleepy place / village / towna quiet / peaceful / tranquil / calm day / night / morning / afternoon / eveninga quiet / peaceful / tranquil / calm / sleepy atmospherea quiet / peaceful / tranquil life / settingquiet / peaceful / tranquil countryside / surroundings quiet without many people or much noise or activity; not disturbed by anyone 僻静的;寂静的;清静的;平静的The house was quiet except for the sound of the television.房子里很安静,只有电视的声音。They had a quiet wedding.他们举行了低调的婚礼。Business is usually quieter at this time of year.每年这个时节,生意往往比较清淡。I was looking forward to a quiet evening at home.我盼着在家过个清静的夜晚。OPP busy busy 2 , noisy loud peaceful not worried or disturbed in any way; quiet and calm 平静的;安静的I fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.我酣然入睡。It's so peaceful out here in the country.郊外这里一切都是那么宁静。 see also peace silence noun peacefully


He died peacefully in her arms.他在她的怀抱里安详地死去。
silent where there is little or no sound; making little or no sound 无声的;安静的;不喧闹的The streets were silent and deserted.大街小巷寂无一人。As darkness began to fall, the cannon fell silent.夜幕降临后,炮声归于沉寂。 see also silence silence noun silently


She crept silently out of the room.她悄悄溜出房间。
tranquil ˈtræŋkwɪl (rather formal, written) quiet and peaceful in a way that makes you feel relaxed 恬静的;平静的;静谧的It is a tranquil place of quiet beauty.这是个有着清幽美景的地方。 see also tranquillity silence noun calm (of the sea) without large waves; (of the weather) without wind; (of the atmosphere in a place) without noise or violent feeling (海洋)风平浪静的;(天气)无风的;(气氛)平静的a calm, cloudless day晴朗无风的一天The city is calm again (= free from trouble and fighting) after yesterday's riots.昨天的骚乱过后,城里又恢复了平静。OPP rough rough 2 The opposite, rough, only describes the sea and the weather, not times or places. * calm的反义词rough只可描述海洋和天气,不能描述时期和地方。 see also calm peace noun , calm silence noun sleepy (especially of a town or village) quiet and where nothing much happens (尤指小镇或村庄)安静的,冷清的,不热闹的It was a sleepy little town before it became popular with tourists.那本是个安静的小城,后来才受到游客的青睐。


a quiet place/life 僻静的地方;平静的生活a quiet voice 轻柔的声音quiet and shy 文静而腼腆quiet ♦︎ soft ♦︎ faint ♦︎ inaudible ♦︎ silent ♦︎ hushed ♦︎ dull ♦︎ muffledThese words all describe sounds or voices that are not easy to hear because they make little or no noise. 这些词均表示声音放轻的、悄声的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a quiet / a soft / a faint / an inaudible / a hushed / a muffled voicequiet / soft / hushed tonesa quiet / hushed / muffled conversationquiet / soft / silent / muffled laughtera quiet / a soft / a faint / an inaudible / a hushed whispera soft / faint / silent / muffled crya quiet / soft / faint / dull / muffled sounda quiet / soft / faint / dull clicka soft / faint / dull / muffled noise / thud / thump quiet making very little noise 轻声的;轻柔的;安静的We could hear quiet footsteps in the corridor.我们听见走廊里轻轻的脚步声。How would you like a quieter, more efficient engine?您想要一台声音更小、功效更高的发动机吗?Could you keep the kids quiet while I'm on the phone?我在打电话,你让孩子们安静点好吗?'Be quiet,' said the teacher.“安静点。”老师说道。He went very quiet (= did not say much) so I knew he was upset.他的话变少了,所以我知道他很烦恼。OPP loud loud see also quiet , quieten silence verb quietly


I can't hear you-you're speaking too quietly.我听不见-你说话的声音太轻了。
soft (of a voice or sound) not loud, and usually pleasant and gentle (嗓音或声音)轻的,轻柔的,柔和悦耳的He chose some soft background music and lit the candles.他选了轻柔的背景音乐,点燃了蜡烛。OPP loud loud , sharp high 3 softly


She closed the door softly behind her.她随手轻轻关上了门。
faint (of sounds) that you cannot hear clearly, especially because they come from things or people in the distance (声音)微弱的,不清楚的(尤指因为距离远)We could hear their voices growing fainter as they walked down the road.他们沿路走远时,我们听见他们的说话声逐渐模糊。 faintly


'Does it matter?' she said faintly.“要紧吗?”她微声问道。
inaudible ɪnˈɔːdəbl (of sounds) that you cannot hear (声音)听不见的She spoke in an almost inaudible whisper.她低声说话的声音几不可闻。The whistle was inaudible to the human ear.这种哨声人耳听不到。 OPP audible A sound that is audible can be heard, although it may not be very loud. * audible指听得见的,但声音未必很大Her voice was barely audible above the noise.一片嘈杂,她的声音只能勉强听得见。The alarm must be clearly audible in all bedrooms (= in fire safety regulations).在所有卧室里都必须能清楚地听到警报声。 silent [only before noun] not expressed with words or sound 不用言语表达的;无声的She closed her eyes to say a silent prayer.她闭上眼睛默祷。They nodded in silent agreement.他们点头默许。 see also silence silence verb silently


She prayed silently.她默默地祷告。
hushed [usually before noun](of voices) speaking very quietly (嗓音)低的,轻声的They spoke in hushed tones.他们窃窃私语。They were deep in hushed conversation.他们全神贯注地低声交谈。A hushed conversation is often one which the speakers do not want other people to hear. * hushed常意味着谈话人不希望别人听到。 dull [only before noun] (written) (of sounds) not clear or loud (声音)不清晰的,隐约的,低沉的The gates shut behind him with a dull thud.他出去后,门砰的一声闷响关上了。 dully


The gates clanged dully behind him.门在他身后发出咣的一声闷响。
muffled ˈmʌfld (of sounds) not heard clearly because sth is in the way that stops the sound from travelling easily (声音)沉闷的,压抑的,模糊不清的Muffled voices could be heard coming from the next room.听得见从隔壁房间传来模糊不清的说话声。 see also muffle silence verb


a quiet place/life 僻静的地方;平静的生活a quiet voice 轻柔的声音quiet and shy 文静而腼腆 See also the entries for shy and solitary 另见shy条和solitary条quiet ♦︎ reserved ♦︎ reticent ♦︎ taciturn ♦︎ silentThese words all describe people not talking very much. 这些词均形容人寡言少语。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a quiet / reserved / reticent / silent person / manHe's the quiet / silent type.very quiet / reserved / reticent / silentstrangely quiet / reticent / silent quiet (of a person) tending not to talk very much (人)寡言少语的,文静的She was quiet and shy, and never spoke up in class.她文静而腼腆,从不在班上发言。 quietly


She sat quietly in the corner.她安静地坐在角落里。
reserved slow or unwilling to show feelings or express opinions 内向的;寡言少语的;矜持的Neighbours described him as a reserved man who didn't mix much.邻居称他是个内向的人,不怎么与人交往。I think in her day people were more reserved.我认为在她那个年代人们更为内敛。 reticent ˈretɪsnt (formal) unwilling to tell people about things 寡言少语的;不愿与人交谈的;有保留的He was extremely reticent about his personal life.他对自己的个人生活讳莫如深。OPP forthcoming talkative taciturn ˈtæsɪtɜːn; NAmE ˈtæsɪtɜːrn (formal) tending not to say very much, in a way that seems unfriendly 不苟言笑的;沉默寡言的;冷漠不语的He was a taciturn and serious young man.他是个不苟言笑、一本正经的年轻人。 silent [only before noun](especially of a man) not talking very much (尤指男人)不爱说话的,寡言少语的He's the strong, silent type.他是那种强悍而沉默寡言的人。NOTE 辨析 A quiet man or a silent man?A quiet man is seen as being rather gentle, and perhaps not very confident. A silent man does not speak very much either, but his silence is considered to be a sign of strength and an unwillingness to waste time saying unnecessary things. 形容男子沉默寡言时,quiet指看起来很沉静,但可能不太自信。silent也指沉默寡言,但这种沉默被视为有魄力,不愿浪费口舌。
BNC: 1437 COCA: 1435
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