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trial noun LEGAL PROCESS

B2 [ C or U ] the hearing of statements and showing of objects, etc. in a law court to judge if a person is guilty of a crime or to decide a case or a legal matter审判,审理

trial proceedings审判程序
Trial by jury is a fundamental right.由陪审团审判是一项基本权利。
It was a very complicated trial that went on for months.该审判非常复杂,历时数月。
She's going on/standing trial for fraud.她将因诈骗而受审。
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More examples

Ten witnesses are expected to testify at the trial today.

The judge reacted angrily to the suggestion that it hadn't been a fair trial.

The terrorists were put on trial six years after the bombing.

After the trial, his family said they had lost all faith in the judicial system.

He is fighting extradition to Hong Kong to face trial on fraud charges.

trial noun TEST

C1 [ C or U ] a test, usually over a limited period of time, to discover how effective or suitable something or someone is试验;试用

They're doing clinical trials on a new drug.他们正在对一种新药进行临床试验。
They've employed her for a six-month trial (period).他们录用了她,试用期为6个月。
You can have the equipment on a trial basis (UK also on trial), and if you don't like it you can give it back.你可以采用试用方式购买设备,如果不喜欢可以退货。

More examples

Clinical trials of the new drug may take five years.

Preliminary results show that the vaccine is effective, but this has to be confirmed by further medical trials.

We've got a lawnmower on trial.

Preliminary trials show that the drug may be effective.

trial noun PROBLEM

[ C ] a person or thing that is annoying and causes a lot of problems惹麻烦的人;令人伤脑筋的事物;考验

She was a real trial to her parents when she was younger.她年轻时真令父母头疼。
The book is all about the trials of growing up.这本书讲的全是成长过程中经历的种种烦恼。

trial noun EXAM

[ C ] Australian English an exam taken at school for practice before a real exam预试,模拟考试

Trials take place in July.预试在七月举行。
trialverb [ T ]uk/traɪəl/ us/traɪəl/ -ll- or -l-

to test something in a formal way to discover how effective or suitable it is试验;试用

We will trial the new drug in several hospitals.我们将在几家医院试用这种新药。


1in a court of law法庭ADJECTIVE | VERB + TRIAL | TRIAL + VERB | TRIAL + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEfair, unfair公正的/不公正的審訊The men claim they did not receive a fair trial.那些人聲稱他們沒有得到公正的審訊。full正式的審訊criminal刑事審訊fraud, impeachment, libel, murder, rape, etc.欺詐罪、彈劾、誹謗罪、謀殺罪、強姦罪等的審訊public opposition to the Clinton impeachment trial in 1999公眾對 1999 年彈劾克林頓審判的反對court, jury法庭的審訊;陪審團的審問Crown Court, High Court (in the UK) (英格蘭和威爾士的)刑事法庭的審訊;高等法院的審訊federal, state (both especially NAmE) 聯邦審訊;州審訊civil民事審判public公審show(為宣傳目的而舉行的)擺樣子的公審a series of show trials of former senior officials對前高官進行的一系列審判秀summary (especially BrE) 即決審訊The rebels were brutally executed after summary trials.即決審訊後反叛者被無情地處決了。controversial, notorious, sensational有爭議的/臭名昭著的/轟動一時的審判VERB + TRIALcome to, face, go on, go to, stand提交法庭審理;出庭受審He never came to trial for the robbery.他從來沒因為那次搶劫而受到審訊。She died before the case came to trial.在案件審判之前她就死了。A man has gone on trial accused of murdering his girlfriend.一男子因被控殺害女友而接受了審訊。bring sb to, commit sb for, put sb on使某人受審判;將某人拘押候審Four people had been arrested and committed for trial.4 人已經被捕候審。await等待審判He is in prison awaiting trial on drugs charges.他因被控毒品交易而在押候審。get得到審判She does not believe she got a fair trial.她認為對自己的審判不公平。attend出席審判As a journalist he attended every murder trial of note.作為記者,每一件重大謀殺案的審判他都出席。order下令審判The judge ordered a new trial on the grounds that evidence had been withheld.法官以隱瞞證據為由下令擇期重審。hold進行審判adjourn (especially BrE) 休庭halt, stop暫停/停止審訊The judge halted the trial when it emerged witnesses had been threatened.因爆出證人受到威脅,法官暫時停止了審訊。tell (BrE) 告知審訊人The trial was told that death threats had been made against him.審訊人被告知有人威脅要殺死他。TRIAL + VERBproceed, take place審判進行begin, open審訊開始continue, go on, resume審訊繼續;審訊重新開始collapse (especially BrE) 審訊失敗The trial collapsed after a key witness admitted lying.一名關鍵證人承認說謊,審訊因此失敗。TRIAL + NOUNattorney, court, judge, jury, lawyer訴訟代理人;初審法院;承審法官;審理陪審團;庭審律師verdict法庭的裁決procedure, proceedings, process審訊的程序;審訊的過程date審訊日期A trial date has been set for May 10.審判日期已定為 5 月 10 日。PREPOSITIONat the trial在審訊中More than a hundred witnesses gave evidence at the trial.一百多名證人在審訊中作了證。during the trial在審訊期間The letters that were shown during his trial turned out to be forgeries.在他受審期間出示的信件結果證明是偽造的。on trial在受審中She is presently on trial at the Old Bailey.她目前正在倫敦中央刑事法庭受審。without trial未經審訊Opposition leaders had been jailed without trial.反對黨領導人沒經過審訊就被投入獄中。trial by由⋯進行的審訊The president faces trial by television tonight when he takes part in a live debate.今晚總統在參加直播辯論時將接受電視“審訊”。trial for就⋯的審訊She faces trial for murder.她因涉嫌謀殺而面臨審訊。trial over關於⋯的審訊Three people are to stand trial over the deaths of a young couple.3 人將因一對年輕夫婦的死亡受審。


2act of testing sb/sth測試ADJECTIVE | VERB + TRIAL | TRIAL + VERB | TRIAL + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEclinical, experimental, field臨牀/實驗性/現場試驗If clinical trials are successful the drug could be on the market early next year.如果臨牀試驗成功,這種藥明年年初就有可能上市。human人體試驗Human trials of the vaccine could begin within two years.疫苗的人體試驗可能在兩年內開始。full-scale, large, large-scale全面的試驗;大範圍的試驗ongoing正在進行的試驗controlled, double-blind, randomized對照/雙盲/隨機試驗free免費試用期There's a 30-day free trial of the software available.本軟件有 30 天的免費試用期。We've got this vacuum cleaner on ten days' free trial.我們獲得了這款真空吸塵器為期 10 天的免費試用機會。speed, time (both sport體育) 速度/時間試驗Olympic奧林匹克選拔賽VERB + TRIALcarry out, conduct, do, hold做實驗;進行試驗complete完成試驗take part in參加試驗have (BrE) 接受試訓He had a trial with Chelsea when he was young.他年輕時參加過切爾西隊的試訓。TRIAL + VERBdemonstrate sth, show sth試驗證明⋯/表明⋯The trial showed a dramatic reduction in side effects.試驗表明副作用大幅度下降。find sth試驗發現⋯involve sb/sth, use sth試驗包括⋯;試驗使用⋯a trial involving hundreds of patients一項涉及數百名病人的試驗TRIAL + NOUNperiod試用期She agreed to employ me for a trial period.她同意試用我一段時間。run試跑They are treating this as a trial run for their marathon later this month.他們把這個看作是本月晚些時候馬拉松賽的一次試跑。data, results試驗數據/結果version試用版You can download a free 30-day trial version of the software.你可以下載該軟件的 30 天免費試用版。project, scheme (BrE) 試驗方案balloon (= sth that you say to find out what people think about it before you do it) (NAmE) 試探性言論The President may simply be floating a trial balloon.總統的舉動可能只是在試探。game (especially BrE) 預賽Gates played his second trial game in midfield.蓋茨在中場第二次上場打預賽。separation嘗試性分居The couple agreed on a trial separation.這對夫妻同意嘗試性分居。PREPOSITIONon trial在試用中We had the machine on trial for a week.該機器我們試用了一個星期。under trial (especially BrE) 在試驗中A new stocktaking system is currently under trial in the store.一種新的清點存貨系統目前正在這家商店試用。PHRASESon a trial basis以試驗的形式The new system will be introduced on a trial basis.這個新系統將被引入試用。trial by fire (figurative, especially NAmE) 艱難的考驗My first day at work was a trial by fire.我上班的第一天猶如經歷了一場烈火考驗。trial and error反複試驗We discovered the ideal mix of paint by trial and error.通過反複嘗試,我們調出了理想的漆色。a trial of strength實力的較量The dispute was regarded as a trial of strength by the unions.這場爭論被工會看作是實力的較量。


3experience/person that causes difficulties造成困難的事或人ADJECTIVE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEreal令人煩惱的人/事She was a real trial to her family at times.她有時令她的家人很煩心。PREPOSITIONtrial to令⋯煩心的人/事PHRASEStrials and tribulations艱難困苦the trials and tribulations of married life婚姻生活的艱難困苦
trial noun
case (trial by jury) interview2 (Olympic trials) test1 (drug trials/a trial period)

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