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TOEFL BNC: 1741 COCA: 2018


B1 [ I ] If you succeed, you achieve something that you have been aiming for, and if a plan or piece of work succeeds, it has the results that you wanted.成功;实现目标;达到目的

She's been trying to pass her driving test for six years and she's finally succeeded.六年来,她一直努力想通过驾照考试,终于得偿所愿。
You need to be pretty tough to succeed in the property world.要想在房地产界出人头地,你必须要坚忍不拔。
The campaign has certainly succeeded in raising public awareness of the issue.毫无疑问,这项活动成功地唤起了公众对这一问题的关注。
humorous Richard succeeded in offending (= managed unintentionally to offend) just about everybody in the room!理查德成功地把房间里所有的人都得罪了!

More examples

He has a desperate desire to succeed.

She has the drive to succeed.

There is no reason why we shouldn't succeed.

Most couples would agree that for a marriage to succeed, both parties have to work at it.

He is unlikely to succeed in getting his bill through Congress, however worthy it is.

succeed verb FOLLOW

[ I or T ] to take an official job or position after someone else接替,继任;继承

He succeeded his father as editor of the paper.他接替父亲成为了报纸的主编。
When the Queen dies, her eldest son will succeed to the throne.女王去世后,将由其长子继承王位。

to come after another person or thing in time随后出现;接着发生

In the weeks that succeeded, five more patients showed similar symptoms.接下来的几周里,又有5名患者出现了类似的症状。
Almost from its beginnings, New York has produced succeeding generations of intellectuals.几乎是从其存在之日开始,纽约就孕育了一代又一代的知识分子。
TOEFL BNC: 1741 COCA: 2018


1manage to achieve what you want; do well達到預期目標ADVERB | VERB + SUCCEED | PREPOSITION ADVERBadmirably, beautifully, brilliantly, marvellously/marvelously, well, wildly, wonderfully極為成功;獲得輝煌成功;很成功The book succeeds beautifully in presenting the problem before us.這本書極為成功地向我們展現了這一問題。The plan succeeded pretty well.計劃完成得非常成功。not quite不太成功nearly幾乎成功They very nearly succeeded in blowing up the building.他們差一點兒炸毀了那座大樓。completely, fully, truly完全成功;徹底成功largely, mostly基本/大體成功We feel that we have largely succeeded in our aims.我們覺得已經基本上實現了目標。partially, partly部份成功rarely很少成功This option has rarely succeeded in recent years.近年來這種期權很少盈利。eventually, finally, ultimately最後/終於/最終成功apparently看樣子成功academically學習上成功the pressure on children to succeed academically孩子們學業取得成功的壓力VERB + SUCCEEDbe likely to, be unlikely to可能/不太可能成功The appeal is unlikely to succeed.上訴不大可能贏。be determined to, hope to, want to決心要/希望/想要成功No company can hope to succeed at everything.沒有一家公司可以指望事事成功。attempt to, try to試圖/努力成功manage to設法成功PREPOSITIONagainst戰勝⋯to succeed against serious opposition戰勝了不可小覷的反對勢力at幹好⋯She can teach you how to succeed at tennis.她可以教你如何打好網球。in在⋯上取得成功We succeeded in repairing the engine.我們修好了發動機。with做好⋯hints on how to succeed with interior design關於如何做好室內設計的提示


2have a job/position after sb else接替;繼任VERB + SUCCEED | PREPOSITION VERB + SUCCEEDappoint sb to, elect sb to (especially BrE) 任命/選舉某人接任He was appointed to succeed Solti as head of the orchestra.他接替索爾蒂擔任管弦樂隊隊長。be tipped to (especially BrE) 被認為最有可能接任be expected to預計接任He was expected to succeed Jack Smith as CEO when he retired.預計他會在傑克・史密斯退休後接任首席執行官的職位。PREPOSITIONas繼任⋯He was widely tipped to succeed her as leader of the party.人們普遍認為他將接替她擔任該黨的領袖。to繼承⋯Elizabeth succeeded to the throne in 1558.伊麗莎白 1558 年繼承王位。
TOEFL BNC: 1741 COCA: 2018
succeed verb
succeed (succeed in business) achieve (a plan succeeds) inherit (succeed to the throne)


succeed ♦︎ make it ♦︎ make your/a mark ♦︎ achieve ♦︎ arrive ♦︎ make a name for yourself ♦︎ conquer ♦︎ get onThese words all mean to be or become successful, especially in your career or in a particular area of activity. 这些词均表示成功、成名,尤指在事业上或某领域中。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to succeed / make it / make your mark / make a name for yourself / get on in sthto succeed / make it / make your mark / arrive / make a name for yourself as sthto make your mark / make a name for yourself by doing sth succeed [intransitive] to be successful in your career, earning money, power and/or respect 成功;有成就;有作为You will have to work hard if you are to succeed.你要想有所作为就必须苦干。She doesn't have the ruthlessness to succeed in business.她没有在生意场上成功所需的决绝。OPP fail fail 2 see also succeed achieve ˈmake it


(made, made) (rather informal) to be successful in your career (事业上)获得成功You can make it if you believe in yourself.你只要相信自己,就能成功。He never really made it as an actor.他从来就不是个成功的演员。
ˌmake your ˈmark ˌmake a ˈmark


(made, made) (rather informal) to become famous and successful in a particular area (在某领域)取得成功,成名She has already made her mark on the music industry.她在音乐界已经很有名气了。
achieve [intransitive] to be successful in a particular area, especially in your studies 成功;(尤指)学业有成Their background gives them little chance of achieving at school.他们的家庭背景使他们很难有机会在学校学有所成。 see also achieve achieve arrive [intransitive] (usually used in the phrase sb has/had arrived 通常用于短语sb has/had arrived) (informal) to become successful in a particular area (在某领域)取得成功He knew he had arrived when he was shortlisted for the Booker Prize.被列入布克小说作品奖决选名单后,他知道自己成功了。 make a name for yourself


(made, made) (rather informal) to become famous and gain a reputation 成名;出名She's made quite a name for herself.她已经相当有名气了。 see also name reputation
conquer ˈkɒŋkə(r); NAmE ˈkɑːŋkər [transitive] (rather informal) to become very popular or successful in a particular place 在(某地)很受欢迎,成功The band is now setting out to conquer the world.这支乐队现在要去征服世界。This is a British film which could conquer the US market.这是一部能够征服美国市场的英国电影。 ˌget ˈon

phrasal verb

(getting, got, got) (BrE, rather informal) to be successful in your career 事业有成Parents are always anxious for their children to get on.父母总是渴望孩子事业有成。I don't know how he's going to get on in life.我不知道他将来怎样出人头地。NOTE 辨析 Make it or get on? Make it often suggests that there is one critical moment or achievement in sb's career, at which point you can tell whether they have been successful or not; it also suggests that success depends on talent and self-belief. Get on suggests a more gradual process of becoming successful through hard work. * make it常意味着某人的职业生涯中有一个决定其成功与否的关键时刻或成就,而成功依赖于天赋和自信;get on意味着通过艰苦努力逐渐取得成功。

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