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IELTS BNC: 3093 COCA: 3229

ease verb MAKE LESS

[ I or T ] to make or become less severe, difficult, unpleasant, painful, etc.减轻;减低;缓解

To ease the problem of overcrowding, new prisons will be built.为了缓解监狱里人满为患的情况,将修建新的监狱。
These pills should ease the pain.这些药丸能缓解疼痛。
After the arrival of the United Nations soldiers, tension in the area began to ease.联合国维和士兵到达后,这个地区的紧张局势开始得到缓解。

More examples

New measures have been introduced to ease traffic congestion in the city.

After the Second World War lots of prefabs were put up to ease the housing crisis.

A decisive win would certainly help to ease the pressure on the team's captain.

This latest incident will do nothing to ease tensions between the two countries.

The new laws are intended to ease the burden of social welfare costs.

ease verb MOVE

[ T + adv/prep ] to move or to make something move slowly and carefully in a particular direction or into a particular position(使)小心缓慢地移动;(使)缓缓移动

She eased the key into the lock, anxious not to wake anyone.她小心翼翼地把钥匙插入锁孔,生怕惊醒任何人。
I eased myself out of the chair.我慢慢地从椅子上站起身。

Phrasal verb(s)

B2 the state of experiencing no difficulty, effort, pain, etc.容易,不费力;舒适,安逸,自在

She won the 400 metre race with ease.她轻松赢得了400米赛跑的冠军。
The doors are extra-wide for ease of access (= so that people can get in without difficulty).门都是加宽的,出入方便。
at (your) ease

B2 relaxed不拘束的;放松的

He felt completely at ease.他感到全身放松。
She soon put/set me at ease (= made me relaxed) .她很快消除了我的紧张情绪。
at ease also standing at ease

If someone, especially a soldier, is at ease, they are standing with their feet apart and their hands behind their back.…稍息(姿势)

More examples

She performed the task with her accustomed ease.

After three months of training she was running ten miles with ease.

They reached their targets with ease.

She won the gold with ease.

Nuclear rockets can destroy airfields with ease.

IELTS BNC: 3093 COCA: 3229


ADJECTIVE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEconsummate, great極為輕鬆;不費吹灰之力astonishing, incredible, remarkable, surprising極為輕鬆;容易得出奇alarming (especially BrE) 極為輕鬆I obtained the drugs with alarming ease.我輕而易舉地弄到了這些毒品。comparative, equal, relative相對容易;同樣容易All questions were handled with equal ease and mastery.所有的問題都被輕易且巧妙地解決了。apparent, seeming明顯不費力I was surprised at the apparent ease with which he got into the building.他顯然不費力地就進了大樓,這使我吃驚。contemptuous (especially BrE) 令人不屑的輕鬆She returned her opponent's serve with contemptuous ease.她不把對手放在眼裏,輕而易舉地回擊了對手的發球。practised/practiced因熟練而變得容易PREPOSITIONfor ease in為了⋯不費力The back of the garment is split for ease in walking.衣服後面的開衩是為了行走方便。for ease of為了便於⋯The whole machine is designed for ease of use.這整台機器的設計是為了使用方便。with ease輕鬆地They passed the exam with ease.他們輕鬆地通過了考試。ease of⋯的方便The car brings ease of access to the countryside.汽車方便了人們去鄉間。


1make sth less painful/serious/difficult紓緩ADVERB | VERB + EASE ADVERBconsiderably, greatly大大緩和The situation would be considerably eased if more money were made available.如果有更多的資金,情況會大為緩和。slightly, somewhat略微緩解gradually逐漸減輕away逐漸消失The pain in my leg gradually eased away.我腿部的疼痛逐漸消失了。VERB + EASEhelp (to)有助於緩和The new road should help ease traffic problems.新修的這條路應該會有助於改善交通狀況。begin to開始緩和Tensions between the two countries are beginning to ease.兩國間的緊張關係開始緩和。try to努力紓緩


2move carefully小心移動ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBcarefully, gently小心/緩緩移動slowly慢慢移動I eased myself slowly out of bed.我慢慢地挪下牀來。away, back, down, forward, etc.小心移走、向後移、向下移、向前移等Jean eased back on the pillows and relaxed.瓊輕輕仰靠到枕頭上讓自己放鬆。PREPOSITIONaway from從⋯小心移開into小心移進⋯He eased himself into the driving seat.他小心翼翼地挪到駕駛座上。out of從⋯小心移出She carefully eased the car out of the garage她小心地把車從車庫裏開出來。
IELTS BNC: 3093 COCA: 3229
ease verb
ease (ease the pain) help2 (ease access for the disabled)
ease noun


ease ♦︎ relieve ♦︎ alleviate ♦︎ soften ♦︎ allay ♦︎ cushion ♦︎ soothe ♦︎ lightenThese words all mean to become or make sth less unpleasant or severe. 这些词均表示缓解、舒缓、减轻。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to ease / relieve / alleviate / soothe the painto ease / relieve / alleviate / allay / soothe sb's fear / anxietyto ease / relieve / alleviate sb's problems / sufferingto ease / relieve / alleviate / soften / allay / soothe / lighten a feelingto ease / relieve / alleviate pressure / stress / povertyto ease / relieve / alleviate / lighten the burdento ease / relieve / lighten the loadto ease / alleviate / soften / cushion the impact of sthto do little / nothing to ease / relieve / alleviate / soften / allay / soothe / lighten sth ease [transitive, intransitive] to make sth less painful, severe or strong; to become less painful, severe or strong (使)缓解,减轻The plan should ease traffic congestion in the town.这项计划应该能缓解城里的交通拥堵状况。It would ease my mind (= make me less worried) to know that she was happy.知道她幸福会使我安心些。The pain gradually eased a little.疼痛慢慢减轻了些。The snow was easing up and people were leaving their houses.雪小了,人们开始外出。 relieve rɪˈliːv [transitive] to remove or reduce an unpleasant feeling or pain; to make a problem less serious 解除,减轻,缓和(不快或痛苦);降低⋯的严重性Take painkillers and hot drinks to relieve the symptoms.服用止痛药、喝热饮以缓解症状。Don't resort to alcohol to relieve stress.不要靠饮酒来缓解压力。Being able to tell the truth at last seemed to relieve her.最终能够讲出真相似乎让她好受了些。Aid workers called for further effort from governments to relieve the famine.救援人员呼吁各方政府进一步努力赈济饥荒。 see also relief relief , relief aid alleviate əˈliːvieɪt [transitive] (rather formal) to make a feeling or problem less severe or strong 减轻;缓和;缓解Her words did little to alleviate his fears.她的话一点儿也未能减轻他的恐惧。A number of measures were taken to alleviate the problem.采取了一些措施缓解这个问题。OPP aggravate , exacerbate weaken soften ˈsɒfn; NAmE ˈsɔːfn [transitive] to reduce the force or the unpleasant effects of sth 减轻(力度);缓解,缓和(负面影响)Airbags are designed to soften the impact of a car crash.气囊用来减轻汽车碰撞时的冲击力。The government may try to soften the blow (= make things seem less unpleasant and easier to accept) with a cut in interest rates.政府可能会降息来缓和形势。 allay əˈleɪ [transitive] (formal) to make an unpleasant feeling less strong 减轻(负面情绪)The government is keen to allay the public's fears.政府亟盼减轻公众的恐惧。The inquiry has done little to allay suspicion.这次调查丝毫未能减少人们的怀疑。 cushion ˈkʊʃn [transitive] to protect sb/sth from harm or the unpleasant effects of sth 减轻(伤害);缓和(打击)The south of the country has been cushioned from the worst effects of the recession.该国南部受到保护,没有遭受经济衰退造成的最恶劣的影响。He broke the news of my brother's death to me, making no effort to cushion the blow (= make the news less shocking).他把我弟弟的死讯直接告诉了我,而不是努力说得委婉。NOTE 辨析 Soften or cushion?In many cases you can use either word. However, when cushion is used in the passive, the focus is on who or what benefits from the situation, rather than what has been reduced or eased. 在许多情况下这两个词可以通用,但是当cushion用于被动语态时,表达的重点在于谁是这种情况下的受益者,而不是哪一方面得到了缓解Homeowners will be cushioned from any tax rises.房产业主将免受税费提高的影响。All grief is softened with time.所有的悲伤都会随着时间流逝而变淡。 soothe suːð [transitive] to reduce an unpleasant feeling or pain 减轻,缓解,缓和(不快或痛苦)Only when Maisie came to hold him and soothe his fears did he feel safe.梅茜走过来抱住他,减轻了他的恐惧,他才觉得安全了。Take a warm bath to soothe tense, tired muscles.洗个热水澡,让紧张疲劳的肌肉放松一下。NOTE 辨析 Relieve or soothe?You can relieve or soothe pain or painful feelings; you can soothe, but not relieve a painful part of the body. 表示缓解痛苦或痛苦的感受用relieve或soothe均可,但减轻身体部位的疼痛则用soothe,不用relieveTake a warm bath to relieve tense, tired muscles. You can relieve, but not soothe the cause of the pain or feelings. 解除造成痛苦的原因要用relieve,不用sootheDon't resort to alcohol to soothe stress. lighten [transitive] to reduce the amount of work, debt, worry or other problem that sb has 减轻,减少(工作量、债务、担忧等)This equipment is designed to lighten the load of domestic work.这一设备是为减轻家务负担而设计的。The measures will lighten the tax burden on small businesses.这些措施将减轻小型企业的税务负担。In this meaning lighten is nearly always followed by the nouns load or burden. 表达此义时,lighten几乎总是后接名词load或burden。
IELTS BNC: 3093 COCA: 3229
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