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TOEFL BNC: 852 COCA: 754

C1 [ C ] an amount of money saved, collected, or provided for a particular purpose基金;专款;资金

a pension/trust fund养老/信托基金
The hospital has set up a special fund to buy new equipment.医院专门设立了一项基金以购买新设备。
Contributions are being sought for the disaster fund.正在寻求对救灾基金的捐助。
funds [ plural ]

C1 money needed or available to spend on something资金;钱款

Following the repairs to the roof, church funds are now seriously depleted.在对屋顶进行修缮之后,教堂的资金现在严重吃紧。
The president has agreed to allocate further funds to develop the new submarine.总统已经同意再拨一部分资金开发新潜艇。
informal "Can I borrow £50?" "I'm a little short of/low on funds (= I have little money) at the moment".我也想和你一起去度假,但最近我手头有点拮据。
a fund of sth

a lot of something充满…的;有很多…的

She has a fund of knowledge on the subject.她对这一主题知之甚多。

More examples

The fund provides money to clean up chemically polluted industrial sites.

Her family have contributed £50, 000 to the fund.

To ensure security the investment fund has holdings in many companies.

They've set up a fund for victims of the earthquake.

This national fund pays for welfare benefits such as unemployment and sickness pay.

C1 to provide the money to pay for an event, activity, or organization为…提供资金;资助

The company has agreed to fund my trip to Australia.公司同意资助我的澳大利亚之行。
The new college is being privately funded (= money for it is not being provided from taxes).这所新大学目前是由私人提供资金的。

More examples

We'll need accurate costings before we can agree to fund the scheme.

Chissano said Western governments should stump up the cash to fund land redistribution.

The Channel Tunnel was jointly funded by the French and British.

The project is being held in abeyance until agreement is reached on funding it.

He funds his extravagant lifestyle by developing property.

TOEFL BNC: 852 COCA: 754


1sum of money collected for a particular purpose基金ADJECTIVE | VERB + FUND | FUND + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVElarge巨額基金special特殊基金appeal, charitable, charity, disaster, relief募款/慈善/賑災/救災/救濟基金The newspaper launched an appeal fund for victims of the disaster.這家報紙為受災民眾設立了一個募款基金。international國際基金contingency, emergency, reserve意外損失基金;應急基金;準備金hardship (BrE) 困難(救助)基金benevolent, campaign, compensation, insurance, investment, memorial, prize, social, trust慈善/競選/賠償/保險/投資/紀念/獎勵/社會/信託基金It will be a challenge to raise campaign funds for the election.為競選籌措資金會很困難。a benevolent fund for retired actors為退休演員設立的慈善基金pension, retirement養老/退休基金equity, hedge, managed, mutual股票/對沖/管理/共同基金foreign, offshore國外/海外基金global全球基金central中央基金VERB + FUNDcreate, establish, launch, set up, start創建基金;設立基金They set up an investment fund to provide money for their retirement.他們設立了一個投資基金為退休生活提供資金。administer, manage, run掌管基金;管理基金draw on, raid動用/挪用基金They don't want to draw on the fund unless they have to.除非不得已,否則他們不想動用基金。invest投資基金The fund was invested in a range of state bonds.該基金投資於一系列的國有債券。FUND + NOUNholder, investor, manager, provider, trustee基金持有人/投資人/管理人/提供者/受託人account, management基金賬戶/管理performance基金業績value基金價值PREPOSITIONin a/the fund在基金裏There is currently over $200 000 in the fund.目前這項基金有 20 多萬美元。into a/the fund入到基金裏The money received is paid directly into a pension fund.收到的錢都直接交付到養老基金。 topic at business


2funds money that is available and can be spent資金ADJECTIVE | VERB + FUNDS | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEadequate, sufficient充分的/充足的資金insufficient資金不足limited有限的資金There are only limited funds available.可用的資金有限。unlimited無限的資金substantial可觀的資金surplus剩餘資金additional, extra增加的/額外的資金available可用資金much-needed, vital (both especially BrE) 急需的/至關重要的資金federal, government, private, public, state聯邦政府/政府/私人/公共/國有資金church, school教會/學校資金lottery (especially BrE) 彩票資金VERB + FUNDShave有資金We have insufficient funds to pay for the building work.我們沒有足夠的資金支付建築工程。spend花費資金Most of the funds are spent on software.大部份資金都用在軟件上。be short of, run out of資金短缺/用盡We're short of funds at the moment.我們眼下缺少資金。appeal for, solicit (especially NAmE) 呼籲捐款;索要錢款The school is appealing for funds to invest in new equipment.這所學校正在為購買新設備呼籲捐款。boost, borrow, build, build up, collect, generate, get, obtain, raise, receive, secure增加/借得/積累/累積/籌集/取得/得到/獲得/募集/收到/確保資金allocate, distribute, lend, make available, provide, release劃撥資金;分配資金;放款;準備好資金;提供資金;發放資金Funds will be made available to ensure the provision of hospital services.將提供資金以確保醫院服務正常。withhold扣押資金They voted to withhold funds from any organization which didn't sign the agreement.他們投票贊成扣押未在協議上簽字的所有組織的資金。deposit, withdraw存入/撤回資金Clients can withdraw funds without any notice.客戶無需通知即可撤回資金。channel, direct, use調撥/投入/使用資金The government is to channel more funds into local projects.政府將調撥更多資金用於地方工程。earmark指撥資金The funds are earmarked for the health sector.這些資金是指撥給衞生部門的。invest投資資金transfer轉移資金embezzle, misappropriate, misuse (NAmE) 挪用/濫用/誤用資金PREPOSITIONfund for供⋯的資金a charity event to raise funds for local schools為當地學校籌集資金的慈善活動fund from來自⋯的款項Funds from the event will support the work of the hospice.這次活動募集的款項將用來資助臨終關懷醫院的工作。PHRASESaccess to funds取得款項The current account offers savers instant access to funds.活期賬戶使存款人可以隨時取錢。a flow of funds資金流動the flow of funds between various economic sectors各個經濟部門間的資金流動a lack of funds, a shortage of funds資金短缺The project was hampered by lack of funds.工程因資金短缺而受阻。 topic at business


ADVERB | VERB + FUND ADVERBlargely, mainly, primarily提供大部份資金;提供主要資金entirely, wholly提供所有/全部資金The venture is funded entirely by its board of directors.這家企業的資金全部由董事會提供。partially, partly提供部份資金generously, heavily, lavishly, properly, well慷慨地/大量/過分慷慨地/適當地/很好地提供(所需)資金fully提供充沛的資金fully funded day care for our children資金充足的日間託兒所adequately提供足夠的資金inadequately, poorly資金供給不足centrally, directly中央資助;直接提供資金Infrastructure projects are centrally funded.基礎設施建設工程由中央撥款。The GDPC is not directly funded by the taxpayer.GDPC 的資金不是直接由納稅人提供的。federally, publicly由聯邦政府/由公共資金資助externally, independently, privately外部/獨立/私人資助jointly聯合資助a plan jointly funded by central and local government由中央和地方政府共同出資的計劃solely獨自資助The museum is funded solely from voluntary contributions.這家博物館完全由志願捐款資助。VERB + FUNDbe used to, help (to)用來提供資金給⋯;資助This money will help to fund administration costs.這筆錢將用於行政支出。agree to同意提供資金refuse to拒絕資助
TOEFL BNC: 852 COCA: 754
fund noun
fund (a pension fund) money1 (short of funds)


fund ♦︎ budget ♦︎ account ♦︎ savings ♦︎ reserve ♦︎ pocket ♦︎ purse ♦︎ stashThese are all words for money that has been saved or is available for a particular purpose. 这些词均表示基金、专款、资金。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to pay sth from / out of a fund / a budget / an account / your savings / your reserves / your own pocket / the purseto have sth in a fund / a budget / an account(a) small fund / budget / reserves / stash(a) large fund / budget / reservessb's private fund / budget / account / savings / pursesb's family fund / budget / savings / pursesb's personal budget / account / savings / stasha / the public fund / budget / purseto have a fund / a budget / an account / savings / reserves / a stashto dip into a fund / a budget / your savings / your reserves / your pocket / your purseto build up a fund / savings / reservesto spend a fund / a budget / your savings / your reservesto manage a fund / a budget / an account / your savings / your reserves fund [countable] money that has been saved or has been made available for a particular purpose 基金;专款She made a donation to the local cancer relief fund.她给当地的癌症救助基金会捐了一笔钱。He's been paying into the firm's pension fund for thirty years.他三十年来一直往公司的退休基金里供款。 see also funds money 1 budget [countable, uncountable] the money that is available to an organization, government or person and a plan of how it will be spent over a period of time; an official government statement of this 预算;政府预算案The government is planning to double the education budget.政府计划把教育经费增加一倍。It's one of those big-budget Hollywood movies.这是一部巨额预算的好莱坞大片。We decorated the house on a tight budget (= without much money to spend).我们俭省地装修了房子。Every year the school has a struggle to balance its budget (= not spend more than it has).该校每年都要费好大的劲才能平衡预算。The work was finished on time and within budget (= did not cost more money than was planned).工作按时完成且未超出预算。The company must not go over budget (= spend too much money).公司一定不能预算超支。 see also budget save verb 2 , budgetary economic account [countable] an arrangement with a bank to keep your money there and to allow you to take it out when you need to 账户I don't have a bank account.我没有银行账户。to open / close an account开户;销户 (BrE) I paid the cheque into my current account.我把支票存入我的往来账户。 (NAmE) She deposited the check in her account.她把支票存入她的账户。 savings [plural] money that you have saved, especially in a bank, etc. 储蓄金;存款Your savings will grow if you invest them wisely.如果用存款进行明智的投资,你的钱就会越来越多。He put all his savings into buying a boat.他用全部积蓄买了一条船。 see also save save verb 2 , save save verb 3 reserve [countable, usually plural] (finance 金融) money that is available to be used when it is needed 储备金;准备金The company has substantial reserves of capital to fall back on if necessary.该公司资金储备充裕,必要时可以动用。 pocket [countable] (rather informal) the money that is available to a person to spend (个人的)钱财,财力,资金We have a range of gifts to suit every pocket.我们有各种各样的礼品,丰俭由人。He had no intention of paying for the meal out of his own pocket.他不想自掏腰包付饭钱。 (especially BrE) That one mistake left him thousands of pounds out of pocket (= having lost thousands of pounds).那一次失误让他损失了数千英镑。 see also pocket make verb 3 purse [singular] (rather formal) the money that is available to a person, organization or government to spend (个人、机构或政府的)资金,财源,备用款Should spending on the arts be met out of the public purse (= from government money)?艺术活动的开支应该由政府支付吗?NOTE 辨析 Pocket or purse? Pocket is more informal than purse; it is used more to talk about a person's own money; purse is used more to talk about public money. * pocket没有purse正式,多指个人的钱财。purse多指公款。 stash [countable, usually singular] (informal) an amount of sth that is kept secretly 藏起来的财物Luckily the thieves never found my small stash of ten pound notes.幸好那些贼没发现我藏起来的一小笔10英镑面值的钞票。 see also stash keep verb 1 fund


fund ♦︎ support ♦︎ finance ♦︎ sponsor ♦︎ guarantee ♦︎ subsidize ♦︎ underwrite ♦︎ endow ♦︎ bankrollThese words all mean to provide money for sb/sth in order to help them function or be successful. 这些词均表示资助、赞助、提供资金。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to fund / support / finance / sponsor / subsidize / underwrite / bankroll a project / programmeto fund / support / finance / sponsor / underwrite / bankroll a campaignto fund / support / finance / sponsor / subsidize researchsth is fully / properly funded / financed / guaranteed / underwrittensth is generously funded / supported / sponsored / endowedsth is poorly funded / supported / financed / endowedsth is privately funded / financed / sponsored / endowedsth is publicly funded / financed / sponsored / subsidized fund [transitive] to provide money for sth, often sth official that continues over a long period 为⋯提供资金;拨款给There is an annual dance festival funded by the Arts Council.有一个由艺术委员会资助的一年一度的舞蹈节。She used the stolen money to fund her extravagant lifestyle.她大肆挥霍偷来的钱。 see also funding investment , funds money 1 support [transitive] to provide money for sth in order to help it to be successful 资助;赞助Several major companies are supporting the project.几家大公司在资助这个项目。 support


[uncountable] Local businesses have provided financial support.当地企业提供了财政资助。
finance [transitive] to provide money for sth 为⋯提供资金The building project will be financed by the government and by public donations.这个建筑项目将由政府和公众捐款提供资金。He took a job to finance his stay in Germany.他找了一份工作以支付在德国的生活费。 see also finance money 1 NOTE 辨析 Fund or finance?These two words are very similar, but fund is used more than finance for programmes or projects that continue or are repeated year after year. 这两个词意义非常相近,但指资助年复一年持续或重复的项目时,fund较finance用得多。 sponsor ˈspɒnsə(r); NAmE ˈspɑːnsər [transitive](of a company, etc.) to pay the costs of a particular event or programme as a way of advertising; to support sb by paying for their training or education (公司等为了宣传)赞助(活动或节目);资助(某人的培训或教育)Many sports events on TV used to be sponsored by the tobacco industry.过去许多电视上播放的体育赛事常常由烟草商赞助。She found a company to sponsor her through college.她找到一家愿意资助她读完大学的公司。 see also sponsor sponsor noun , sponsorship investment guarantee ˌgærənˈtiː [transitive] (finance 金融) to agree to be legally responsible for repaying an amount of money if the person who owes it fails to repay it 承诺为⋯作保His father agreed to guarantee the bank loan.他父亲同意为那笔银行贷款作保。 subsidize (BrE also subsidise) [transitive] to give part of the money that a person or organization needs in order to reduce their costs or prices 资助;补助;津贴The housing projects are subsidized by the government.这些住房工程得到了政府的补贴。She's not prepared to subsidize his gambling any longer.她再也不愿拿钱供他去赌博了。 see also subsidy investment underwrite ˌʌndəˈraɪt; NAmE ˌʌndərˈraɪt(underwrote, underwritten) [transitive] (finance 金融) to accept financial responsibility for a project or event so that you will pay for special costs or for losses it may make 承担经济责任(包括支付特别费用或损失)The British government ended up underwriting the entire project.结果整个项目的费用都由英国政府承担。The record company may underwrite the costs of a band's first tour.唱片公司可以承担乐队首次巡回演出的费用。 endow ɪnˈdaʊ [transitive] to give a large amount of money to a school, college or other institution to provide it with an income, often to be used for a particular purpose (向学校、大学或其他机构)捐钱,捐赠,资助(常作特定用途)In her will, she endowed a scholarship in the physics department.她在遗嘱里给物理学系捐赠了一笔奖学金。 see also endowment investment bankroll ˈbæŋkrəʊl; NAmE ˈbæŋkroʊl [transitive] (especially NAmE, rather informal) to support sb/sth financially 资助;为⋯提供资金They claimed his campaign had been bankrolled with drug money.他们声称他的竞选活动是由贩毒资金支持的。

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