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IELTS BNC: 529 COCA: 464

light noun BRIGHTNESS

B1 [ U ] the brightness that comes from the sun, fire, etc. and from electrical devices, and that allows things to be seen光,光亮,光线

a bright light明亮的光线
fluorescent/ultraviolet light荧光/紫外光
a beam/ray of light一道/束光线
Light was streaming in through the open door.光线从敞开的门口倾泻进来。
It's a north-facing room so it doesn't get much light (= brightness from the sun).房间朝北,所以光线有些不足。

A2 [ C ] a piece of equipment that produces light, such as a lamp or a bulb发光体;灯,电灯

Could you switch/turn the light on/off, please?请把灯打开/关上好吗?
She could see the city lights in the distance.她能够看到远处城市的灯光。
As the lights went down, the audience grew quiet.灯熄灭后,观众们开始安静下来。
My front bike light isn't working.我的自行车前灯不亮了。

More examples

The light was so bright that I had to cover my eyes.

The bomb exploded in a flash of yellow light.

The torch sends out a powerful beam of light.

She pulled the duvet over her head to try to shut out the light.

We saw a glimmer of light in the distance.

light noun FLAME

a light

something that will produce a flame and cause burning, such as a match or a cigarette lighter打火机,点火器

Have you got a light, please?请问你有打火机吗?

More examples

He asked me for a light.

She gave me a light.

I didn't have a light.

Can you give me a light?

I needed a light.

set light to sth UK

to cause something to start burning点燃

The lamp caught fire and set light to the curtains.灯起火了,烧着了窗帘。
lightadjectiveuk/laɪt/ us/laɪt/

light adjective NOT HEAVY

A2 not weighing a lot轻的;轻便的

Here, take this bag - it's quite light.给你,拿着这个袋子——很轻的。
He's a few pounds lighter than he used to be.他的体重比以前轻了几磅。
How do you get your cakes so wonderfully light, Amy?艾米,你是怎样把蛋糕做得这么松软的?
He has a very light (= gentle) touch, which is what is required in massage.正如按摩所要求的那样,他的手法很轻。
She's very light on her feet (= she moves gracefully).她走起路来步态轻盈。

A2 Light clothes are made of thin material that allows you to be cool.(服装面料)凉爽的,轻薄的

a light summer dress凉爽的夏季长裙

More examples

Will you be able to carry these bags to the car? There're quite light.

This umbrella is very light and it fits easily into my bag.

I can't carry you around any more - you're not as light as you were, my girl!

My suitcase is fairly light as I didn't have time to pack very much.

The kitten was so light I could hardly feel it sitting on my lap.

light adjective BRIGHT

B1 lit by the natural light of the day亮的,光亮的,明亮的

The big windows make the room feel wonderfully light and airy.大窗户使房间显得特别明亮、通透。
It gets light very early these summer mornings.在这样的夏日里天亮得很早。
Summer is coming and the evenings are getting lighter (= getting dark later).夏天快到了,天黑得越来越晚了。

More examples

The new offices are light and airy.

It doesn't get light until nine.

The hall was bright and decorated in a modern style.

I wanted the summer room to be very light.

Her house is light and airy.

light adjective PALE

A1 (of colours) pale(颜色)淡的,浅的

light blue/green浅蓝色/绿色

More examples

He had spiky light brown hair, shaved at the sides and gelled on top.

A dark carpet won't mark as easily as a light one.

The walls are painted light blue.

I prefer to wear light colours.

They have a light brown carpet.

light adjective NOT SERIOUS

entertaining and easily understood, but not serious and not intended to make you think轻松的,愉快的

I want some light reading for the summer holidays - a romance or something.暑假里我想读点轻松的东西——比如言情小说之类的。
A lively argument between the two main speakers provided some light relief (= something enjoyable or amusing) in an otherwise dull conference.两位主要发言者间活跃的争论是一种愉悦轻松的调剂。否则, 会议实在枯燥乏味。
make light of sth

C2 to behave as if a situation, especially a problem, is not serious or important轻视,忽视(尤指问题)

It is easy to make light of other people's problems.忽视他人的问题很容易。

More examples

I found her novels rather light.

The programmes are intended as light entertainment.

I did a little light reading.

She enjoys light opera.

The movie was light but fun.

light adjective NOT MUCH

B1 not great in strength or amount弱小的;少量的

A light wind was blowing.外面有微风。
The traffic was quite light so we got through London quickly.路上车不多,所以我们很快就穿过了伦敦。
It's only light rain - you don't need an umbrella.只是下了点儿小雨——你不必拿雨伞。
light eater/drinker/smoker

someone who eats/drinks/smokes only a little饭量/酒量/烟瘾小的人

light sleeper

someone who is easily woken up by noise, etc.易醒的人,睡觉轻的人

More examples

There was a light covering of snow.

This wine has a light, fruity flavour .

The sauce itself was light, fragrant and slightly sweet.

The boat goes fast, even in light winds.

There is only light traffic on the roads tonight.

light adjective MEAL/DRINK

A light meal is small and easy to digest.(食物)少量的,简便的,清淡的

I don't eat much for lunch - just a light snack.我午饭吃得不多——只吃一点儿小吃。

used to describe alcoholic drinks that are not strong in flavour酒精饮料度数低的,低度的

It's described on the label as "light, fruity wine".标签上写着“浓郁醇香的低度葡萄酒”。

light adjective NOT SEVERE

needing only a very small amount of effort轻微的,轻松的,容易的

light exercise, such as walking散步之类轻微的运动
a little light housework一点儿家务活儿

A light sentence in prison is a short one.(量刑)轻的

He got off with a fairly light sentence because it was his first conviction.因为是初犯,他得以轻判。
make light work of sth/doing sth

to do something quickly and easily轻而易举地做某事

Heather made light work of painting the walls.希瑟轻而易举地刷完了墙。
You made light work of that chocolate cake (= you ate it quickly)!你三两下就把巧克力蛋糕吃光了!
lightverbuk/laɪt/ us/laɪt/ lit or lighted, lit or lighted

light verb START FLAMES

B1 [ I or T ] to start to burn or to make something start to burn点燃,点火

to light a fire点火
I can't get the cooker to light.我无法点燃煤气灶。
He lit his fifth cigarette in half an hour.不到半个小时,他已经开始点第5支烟了。

More examples

The room was lit by candles.

A full moon lit up the sky.

A dim torch lit the cave.

Laser beams lit up the night.

A white light lit up the screen.

light verb MAKE BRIGHT

B2 [ T ] to produce light that makes an object or area bright or easy to see照亮,点亮;为…照明

The stage had been lit with candles.蜡烛照亮了舞台。
Fireworks lit up the sky (= made the sky bright).焰火点亮了天空。
IELTS BNC: 529 COCA: 464


1brightness光明ADJECTIVE | ... OF LIGHT | VERB + LIGHT | LIGHT + VERB | LIGHT + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEclear, good明亮的光線bright, brilliant, harsh, intense, strong明亮的光;燦爛的光;刺眼的光;強光blinding炫目的光線full充足的光線In full light, you could see Alison was well over forty.光線充足時,你能看出艾莉森已經四十好幾了。bad, dim, faint, feeble, murky, poor, weak昏暗的光線;微弱的光subdued柔和的光failing越來越暗的光線We could hardly see the ball in the failing light.光線越來越暗,我們幾乎看不見球。gentle, pale, soft, watery柔光;淡淡的光mellow, warm柔和的光;溫暖的光cold, cool冰冷的光線in the cold light of morning在清冷的晨光中early, morning晨光artificial人造光natural自然光infrared, ultraviolet, UV紅外線;紫外線film that is sensitive to ultraviolet light紫外線感光膠片white, yellow, etc.白色光、黃色光等visible可見光candle (usually candlelight) 燭光... OF LIGHTbeam, ray一束光burst, flash, gleam, glimmer一道光線;一道閃光;一線微光There was a flash of light followed by an explosion.一道亮光閃過之後是一聲爆炸。patch, pool一小片光;一團光VERB + LIGHThave有光Do you have enough light for reading?你看書光線夠嗎?generate, produce發光cast, emit, give, give out, provide, shed, shine投射光;發出光light emitted by a star星星發出的光absorb吸收光reflect反射光線block out阻擋光線be bathed in沐浴在光中be sensitive to對光敏感LIGHT + VERBgleam, glow, shine光閃爍;光閃耀;光照耀come, fall, pour, stream光灑下;光傾瀉Light from a tall lamp fell in a pool on the desk.高處的燈在桌面上灑下一片光。fill sth, flood sth光線充滿⋯/充溢⋯reflect光反射The light reflecting off the snow was dazzling.雪的反光很刺眼。grow stronger, increase光線增強fade, fail, thicken光線變暗;光線變模糊blind sb, dazzle sb光線讓某人看不見/令某人目炫We were momentarily blinded by the light of the sun.太陽光很刺眼,我們一時什麼也看不見。catch sth光照到⋯You could see the imperfections in the repair when the light caught it.你能在光的照射下看到一些修補不完善的地方。illuminate sth, light sth, light sth up光線照亮⋯LIGHT + NOUNlevel光度source光源beam光束therapy光療法PREPOSITIONagainst the light背着光線She held up the letter against the light.她把信背着光線拿起來。by the light of借助光They managed to see where the door was by the light of the moon.他們借着月光找到了門。into the light進入亮處Bring it into the light and we'll have a look at it.把它拿到亮處我們看一看。in the light在亮處The place looked calm in the golden evening light.這個地方在金色的斜暉中顯得十分寧靜。light from從⋯發出的光the light from the kitchen window自廚房窗戶透出來的光PHRASES(the) light at the end of the tunnel (figurative) 歷盡艱辛後的一線希望For the first time since the start of his treatment, we can now see light at the end of the tunnel.自從他的治療開始以來,我們現在第一次看到了一線希望。the light of day (figurative) 公開Some of his paintings never even saw the light of day.他的一些畫作甚至從未公開展出。(at) the speed of light(以)光速Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.任何東西的傳播速度都不會超過光速。a point of light, a source of light光點;光源The lamp was the only source of light in the room.房間全靠這一盞燈照明。


2sth that produces light發光體ADJECTIVE | VERB + LIGHT | LIGHT + VERB | LIGHT + NOUN ADJECTIVEbright明亮的燈the bright lights of the city城市裏明亮的燈blinking, flashing, flickering, twinkling閃爍的燈electric, fluorescent, gas, halogen, low-energy, neon, strip, strobe電燈;熒光燈;煤氣燈;滷素燈;節能燈;霓虹燈;條形燈;頻閃閃光燈bedside, ceiling, outside, overhead, wall牀頭燈;頂燈;室外燈;壁燈bathroom, porch, etc.浴室燈、門廳燈等street街燈security, warning安全燈;警示燈A warning light goes on when the battery is running low.電池電量不足時警示燈會亮。brake, fog, hazard, tail剎車燈;霧燈;危險警示燈;尾燈The car was stopped at the side of the road with its hazard lights flashing.汽車被迫停在路邊,車上的危險信號燈在閃。landing着陸燈The pilot could just make out the runway landing lights.飛行員只能勉強辨認出跑道上的着陸燈。disco迪斯科燈VERB + LIGHTflick on, flip on, put on, switch on, turn on開燈have on亮着燈Some cars already had their lights on.有些車已經把燈打開了。keep on, leave on讓燈亮着extinguish, flick off, flip off, put off, put out, shut off, switch off, turn off, turn out滅燈;關燈turn up把燈調亮dim, turn down把燈調暗shine用燈照射Someone shone a light in my face.有人用燈往我臉上照。flash使燈閃光He flashed his lights to warn the oncoming cars.他讓燈閃着以警示迎面駛來的車輛。LIGHT + VERBbe off, be on燈關着;燈開着come on, go on燈亮起The warning light came on.警示燈亮了起來。go off, go out燈熄滅dim燈暗下來fuse燈的保險絲熔斷gleam, glimmer, glow, shine燈發光flash燈光閃爍The blue light was flashing.藍燈閃爍着。blink, flicker燈光搖曳The light flickered a couple of times then went out.燈光閃了幾下就熄滅了。blind sb, dazzle sb燈光使某人看不見/目炫LIGHT + NOUNswitch燈的開關fitting, fixture (NAmE) 燈具配件 (see also light bulb)  see also traffic light


1make sth begin to burn點燃VERB + LIGHTattempt to, try to試圖點燃pause to, stop to停下來點燃She paused to light another cigarette.她停下來又點燃一支煙。


2(often be lit) give light to sth照亮ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBwell照明很好a well-lit room燈光明亮的房間badly, barely, dimly, faintly, poorly光照很糟;幾乎沒有光照;燈光昏暗;光照微弱a dimly lit street昏暗的街道brightly, brilliantly光照明亮softly光照柔和briefly短暫地照亮A gleam of pleasure briefly lit his face. (figurative) 他的臉上很快閃過一絲喜悅。immediately, instantly立即照亮Stacey's face immediately lit up.斯泰西立刻面露喜色。suddenly突然點亮up照亮There was an explosion and the whole sky lit up.一聲爆炸,整片天空都照亮了。PREPOSITIONby被⋯點亮The room was dark now, lit only by a single candle.房間裏現在黑了下來,只靠一支蠟燭照明。with (figurative) 因為⋯而流露喜悅Her face lit up with pleasure.她滿臉喜氣。


1not dark不暗VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe明亮become, get, grow, turn變亮It was starting to get light.天開始亮了。As soon as it grew light, we got up and dressed.天一亮我們就起牀穿衣。The sky turned light once more.天空又一次亮了。remain, stay依然/一直亮着It stays light for so long on these summer evenings.這些夏日的晚上天亮的時間真長。appear顯得明亮Remember that paint shades appear lighter in full sunlight.要記住,油漆的色彩在充足的陽光下會顯得更加明亮。ADVERBvery很亮All our galleries are very light.我們所有的畫廊都很亮。almost幾乎亮了It was almost light outside.外邊天幾乎亮了。barely還不太亮It was barely light yet.天還沒怎麼亮呢。fairly相當亮enough光線充足It was not light enough to see things clearly.天還不夠亮,看不清東西。still仍然亮着


2not weighing much不重VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe, feel, seem輕;感覺輕;好像輕become, get變輕ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常輕reasonably, relatively還算輕;比較輕enough足夠輕The tent is light enough for backpacking and touring.這頂帳篷很輕,可以背着去旅行。amazingly, remarkably, surprisingly特別輕;輕得不可思議strangely, unusually出奇地輕;異乎尋常地輕The bottle felt strangely light between my fingers.這個瓶子拿在我的手上感覺出奇地輕。


3not great in amount/degree不多VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe少量remain依然少Trading volume remains light.貿易量依然不大。ADVERBvery非常少remarkably出奇地少The punishment can be remarkably light.處罰有可能輕得令人咋舌。comparatively, fairly, quite, relatively比較少;十分少;相對少The traffic is usually fairly light in the afternoons.下午的車輛通常比較少。deliciously清淡美味a deliciously light alternative to cake美味清淡的蛋糕替代品
IELTS BNC: 529 COCA: 464
light adj.
gentle (light winds/exercise) minor (light reading) pale2 (light blue eyes) make light of sth understate verb
light noun
light1 (a beam of light) light2 (Turn on the lights.) shed/cast/throw light on sth explain verb1 bring sth to light reveal verb come to light turn out phrasal verb
light verb
light1 (light a fire) light2 (well lit streets)


He blinked in the bright light. 明亮的光使他直眨眼睛。Turn on the light. 把灯打开。light ♦︎ lighting ♦︎ brightnessThese are all words for the energy that allows us to see, or a particular type of this energy. 这些词均表示光线、光亮。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配light / brightness from sthin the light / brightnessgood / bright / strong / poor / electric light / lightingto give light / brightness to sthto provide light / lighting light [uncountable, singular] the energy from the sun, a lamp or other source that makes it possible to see things; a particular type of light with its own colour and qualities; light colours in a picture, which contrast with darker ones 光;光线;光亮;(图画中与暗色对比的)亮色,浅色She could just see by the light of the candle.她就着烛光勉强能看见。a beam / ray of light一束/一缕光线Bring it into the light so I can see it.把它拿到明亮的地方,好让我看见。We could only just make out the path in the dim light.光线昏暗,我们只能看到脚下的小路。A cold grey light crept under the curtains.一缕幽暗阴冷的光从窗帘下面透进来。Examine the artist's use of light and shade.研究一下画家如何运用明暗对比手法。OPP darkness , the dark , shade darkness see also daylight , natural light , sunlight sun light


We'll leave in the morning as soon as it's light.早晨天一亮我们就出发。It gets light at about 5 o'clock.大约5点钟天就亮了。It was a light spacious apartment at the top of the building.那是大楼顶层的一套宽敞明亮的房子。 OPP dark dark 1
lighting [uncountable] the arrangement or type of light in a place 照明;灯光;布光Good lighting is essential in the window displays.良好的照明是橱窗展示的关键。The play had excellent sound and lighting effects.这出戏剧的音响和灯光效果极佳。 brightness [uncountable, singular] the quality of being full of light or shining strongly 明亮;光亮;亮度He turned on the lights and blinked at the sudden brightness.他打开灯,突然的亮光让他眨了眨眼睛。Turn down the brightness on the screen.把屏幕的亮度调暗一些。There was colour in her cheeks and a brightness in her eyes.她的脸颊泛着红晕,眼睛闪着光亮。 OPP gloom darkness


He blinked in the bright light. 明亮的光使他直眨眼睛。Turn on the light. 把灯打开。light ♦︎ lamp ♦︎ candle ♦︎ torch ♦︎ flashlight ♦︎ lanternThese are all words for things which produce energy and allow us to see. 这些词均表示灯、发光体或光源。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a lighted candle / torchan electric light / lamp / torcha gas light / lamp / lanternan oil lamp / lanternto switch on / off a light / a lamp / a torch / a flashlightto light a lamp / candle / torch / lanternto shine a light / torch / flashlight / lantern on sthto blow out a lamp / candle / lanternto carry a lamp / candle / torch / flashlight / lanterna light / a lamp / a torch / a lantern shinesa light / lamp / candle / torch / lantern burnsa lamp / candle / torch / lantern lights stha light / lamp / candle / torch flickersa light / lamp / candle / torch goes out light [countable] a thing that produces light, especially an electric light 发光体;光源;(尤指)电灯Turn on the lights!把灯打开!Suddenly all the lights went out.突然间所有的灯都灭了。The lights dimmed and the curtain rose.灯光暗了,幕布升了起来。Check your car before you drive to make sure that your lights are working.开车前要检查一下,确保车灯运作正常。Keep going-the lights (= traffic lights) are green.不用停车,前面是绿灯。It was getting dark and the street lights had come on.天色渐暗,路灯已经亮了。 lamp [countable] a device that uses electricity, oil or gas to produce light; an electrical device that produces rays of heat and that is used for medical or scientific purposes 灯;(理疗用的)发热灯;(科学上用的)射线照射器He got into bed and switched off the bedside lamp.他躺到床上,关掉了床头灯。The specimen was viewed under an ultraviolet lamp.那标本是在紫外线灯光下观看的。 candle [countable] a round stick of wax with a piece of string through the middle (= a wick) which is lit to give light as it burns 蜡烛The room was lit by candles.那个房间用蜡烛照明。Aren't you going to blow out the candles (= on a birthday cake)?你不想把生日蛋糕上的蜡烛吹灭吗? torch [countable] (BrE) a small electric lamp that uses batteries and that you can hold in your hand 手电筒Shine the torch on the lock while I try to get the key in.我插钥匙时,你用手电筒照着锁头。In American English this is called a flashlight. In both British and American English a torch is also a long piece of wood that has material at one end that is set on fire and that people carry to give light. 在美式英语中,手电筒称作flashlight。在英式和美式英语中,torch也可指火炬、火把Supporters carried flaming torches to welcome him.支持者们手擎点燃的火炬来欢迎他。The Olympic torch will arrive next month.奥运火炬将于下月到达。 flashlight ˈflæʃlaɪt [countable] (especially NAmE) an electric torch 手电筒He shone a flashlight in the boy's face.他用手电筒照着男孩的脸。 lantern ˈlæntən; NAmE ˈlæntərna lamp in a container, often a metal case with glass sides, that has a handle, so that you can carry it outside 灯笼;提灯Coloured lanterns hung in the trees around the lawn.草坪周围的树上挂了一些彩色灯笼。light1


light a fire 点火well lit streets 灯火通明的街道light ♦︎ set fire to sth/set sth on fire ♦︎ ignite ♦︎ torchThese words all mean to make sth start to burn. 这些词均表示点燃、着火。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to light / ignite a fire / flameto set fire to / torch a car / buildingto set a car / building on fireto set fire to / torch sb / yourselfto set sb / yourself on fireto light / ignite the gasa spark lights sth / sets fire to sth / sets sth on fire / ignites sth light (lit, lit) [transitive] to make sth start to burn 点燃;点着Come in, I'll light a fire and you can get warmed up.进来吧。我来生火,你可以暖暖身子。to light a match / cigarette / candle划着火柴;点着香烟/蜡烛 ˌset ˈfire to sth ˌset sth on ˈfire


(setting, set, set)to make sth start to burn, especially sth big like a building 点燃;纵火焚烧(尤指建筑物等大型物体)Several youths had set fire to the police car.几个年轻人纵火焚烧了那辆警车。A candle had set the curtains on fire.一根蜡烛把窗帘给点着了。 see also be on fire burn 1
ignite ɪgˈnaɪt [transitive] (rather formal) to make sth start to burn 点燃;点火Flames melted a lead pipe and ignited leaking gas.火焰熔化了一段铅管,引燃了泄漏出来的煤气。NOTE 辨析 Light, set fire to sth or ignite? Light is used especially when a person makes sth burn deliberately, often when it causes just one flame. It is used about sth that is supposed to burn, such as a match, a cigarette or a fire. * light指点燃本该点燃的东西,如match、cigarette或fire,尤指有意为之,产生的常常是一缕火苗He lit a candle.他点燃了一根蜡烛。He lit the curtains. Set fire to sth/set sth on fire is used when lighting sth causes a big fire and not just one flame. It is used especially about sth that is not supposed to burn. * set fire to sth或set sth on fire尤指点燃不该点燃的东西,造成大火而不只是一缕火苗She set fire to the curtains.她放火点着了窗帘。She set fire to a candle. Sth is usually ignited not by a person but by a spark or flame. * ignite的主语通常是spark或flame,而不是某个人He was badly injured when a spark ignited the gas.一个火星引燃了煤气,使他严重灼伤。He ignited the gas. torch [transitive] (rather informal) to set fire to a building or vehicle deliberately in order to destroy it; to set fire to sb/yourself in order to kill them/yourself 纵火焚烧(建筑物或车辆);放火烧死(某人或自己)Rioters threw bottles at police and torched a number of cars.暴徒向警察投掷瓶子,并纵火焚烧了几辆汽车。light2


light a fire 点火well lit streets 灯火通明的街道light ♦︎ light (sth) up ♦︎ illuminate ♦︎ flood ♦︎ brightenThese words all mean to provide light to sth or to a place. 这些词均表示照亮、使明亮。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to be lit / lit up / illuminated / flooded with sthto light / illuminate / flood / brighten a roomto light / illuminate the streetsthe sky lights up / brightensthe sun lights / lights up / illuminates / floods sthsunlight illuminates / floods sthto suddenly / briefly light / light up / illuminate (sth)to be well / brightly / dimly / softly lighted / illuminated light (lit, lit) [transitive, usually passive] to give light to sth or to a place 照亮;使照明The stage was lit by bright spotlights.舞台上有明亮的聚光灯照明。Make sure you always park your car in busy, well lit streets.务必总把车停在繁忙且灯光明亮的街道上。In literary English light can also mean to guide sb with a light. 在文学语言中,light还表示用光指引Our way was lit by a full moon.一轮圆月照亮了我们的路。 lighted


scenes glimpsed through other people's lighted windows透过别人亮着灯的窗户瞥见的一些场面 OPP unlit dark 1
ˌlight ˈup ˌlight sth ˈup

phrasal verb

(lit, lit)to become bright with light or colour; to make sth bright with light or colour 放光彩;使光亮There was an explosion and the whole sky lit up.一声爆炸照亮了整个天空。The night sky was lit up with fireworks.烟花照亮了夜空。
illuminate ɪˈluːmɪneɪt [transitive] (rather formal) to shine light on sth 照明;照亮;照射Floodlights illuminated the stadium.泛光灯把体育场照得通亮。The earth is illuminated by the sun.太阳给地球带来光明。 illuminated


There is a large garden with an illuminated pond.有个大花园,里面的池塘带灯光照明。The doctor examined his X-ray on an illuminated screen.医生在发光屏上查看了他的X光片。
flood [intransitive, transitive](of light or bright colours) to spread suddenly into sth (光或颜色)照进,覆盖She drew the curtains and the sunlight flooded in.她拉开窗帘,阳光倾泻而入。She looked away as the colour flooded her cheeks.她双颊泛起了红晕,赶紧把视线转向别处。The room was flooded with evening light.房间里一片暮色。 brighten [intransitive, transitive] to become or make sth lighter or brighter in colour (使)更明亮,色彩鲜艳The sky was beginning to brighten.天空开始泛白。This shampoo will brighten and condition your hair.这种洗发剂会亮发、护发。
IELTS BNC: 529 COCA: 464
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