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BNC: 708 COCA: 810

arrive verb [ I ] REACH

A2 to reach a place, especially at the end of a journey到达,抵达(尤指到达旅途的终点);到来;来临

What time will your train arrive?你坐的火车什么时候到?
It was dark by the time we arrived at the station.我们到站时,天都已经黑了。
We arrived in Prague later that day.我们在那天晚些时候到达布拉格。
I arrived back to find that my room had been burgled.我回到家时,发现家里被盗了。
What time does the mail usually arrive (= is it delivered)?邮件一般什么时候到?
I ordered some CDs over a month ago, but they still haven't arrived (= I have not received them).我在1个多月前订购了几张CD,但是现在还没有送来。

More examples

We didn't arrive at our hotel until after midnight.

An excited crowd waited for the singer to arrive.

Try and get some sleep on the plane, then you'll arrive feeling fresh.

What time does the flight from Amsterdam arrive?

She's not a very organized person and she always arrives late at meetings.

arrive verb [ I ] BEGIN

to happen or start to exist开始;开始出现

The leaves starting to turn brown is a sign that autumn has arrived.树叶开始变黄,标志着秋天到了。

If a baby arrives, it is born.婴儿出生

Their baby Olivia arrived on the date she was expected.他们的宝宝奥利维亚在预产期准时出生。

Phrasal verb(s)

BNC: 708 COCA: 810


ADVERB | VERB + ARRIVE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBearly, late早到;遲到shortly, soon馬上到;不久就到We should be arriving shortly.我們馬上就到。eventually, finally最終/終於到達We finally arrived at our destination late that evening.我們終於在那天夜裏晚些時候到達了目的地。on time, promptly, punctually準時到達safe and sound, safely平安/安全到達unannounced, unexpectedly沒有預先通知而來到;出乎意料地到達My uncle arrived unannounced yesterday evening.昨天晚上我叔叔沒打招呼就來了。VERB + ARRIVEbe due to預定到達We are due to arrive in Sydney at ten o'clock.我們預定 10 點鐘到達悉尼。fail to沒有到達The package failed to arrive.包裹沒有寄到。PREPOSITIONat到達某處We arrived at the hotel late.我們很晚才到旅館。in抵達某處I should arrive in Boston tomorrow morning.我明天早晨應該到達波士頓。PHRASESthe first to arrive, the last to arrive第一個/最後一個到達
BNC: 708 COCA: 810
arrive verb
arrive (arrive home safely) come2 (The day finally arrived.) succeed (He knew he had arrived.)


 See also the entry for get 4 另见get条第4义arrive ♦︎ come ♦︎ get here/there ♦︎ turn up ♦︎ get in/into ♦︎ come in ♦︎ land ♦︎ show up ♦︎ appear ♦︎ roll in ♦︎ showThese words all mean to get to a place. 这些词均表示到达、抵达。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to arrive / turn up / land / show up / appear at / in / on a placeto arrive / come for sbto arrive / come / turn up / land / show up / appear / show here / thereto have just arrived / come / got here / turned up / got in / come in / landed / appearedto be the first / last to arrive / come / get here / turn up / get in / come in / land / show up / roll in / appearto arrive / come / get here / turn up / get in / come in / appear lateto arrive / come / get here / turn up / get in / come in earlyto arrive / get here / turn up / get in / come in / land on timeto arrive / come / get here / turn up / show up / appear soonto arrive / get here / land safelyto finally arrive / come / get here / turn up / get in / come in / show up / appear / showto eventually arrive / get here / get in / come in / show up / appear / roll in arrive [intransitive](of people) to get to a place, especially at the end of a journey; (of things) to be brought or sent to sb (人)到达,抵达;(物)送达,寄到What time did they arrive?他们什么时候到的?We were the first to arrive.我们是最早到的。She'll arrive in New York at around noon.她大约会在正午到达纽约。We didn't arrive back at the hotel till very late.我们很晚才回到旅馆。Ambulances quickly arrived at the scene.救护车迅速抵达现场。A package arrived for you this morning.今天上午来了一个寄给你的包裹。Your application should arrive by 29 June.申请信要在6月29日前寄到。OPP leave , depart leave 1 come (come, come) [intransitive] to arrive at or reach a place; to arrive somewhere in order to do or get sth 抵达(某地);来做;来取They continued until they came to a river.他们继续往前一直来到河边。Your breakfast is coming soon!你的早餐马上就到!Have any letters come for me?有我的信吗?Help came at last.救援终于到了。I've come for my book.我来拿我的书。I've come to get my book.我来拿我的书。I've come about my book.我来拿我的书。He came looking for me.他来找我。 ˈget here ˈget there


(getting, got, got; NAmE spoken getting, got, gotten) (rather informal, especially spoken) to arrive somewhere 到达,抵达(某地)Email me when you get there.到了那儿给我发电邮吧。Why did it take you so long to get here?为什么你那么久才到这儿?By the time I got there, I was very cold and hungry.到那儿的时候,我又冷又饿。
ˌturn ˈup

phrasal verb

(rather informal, especially spoken) to arrive at a place or event, especially when you are not expected (尤指意外地)到达,露面She was surprised when they turned up on her doorstep.他们出现在门口时,她很意外。After two days the child turned up safe and well.两天后,那孩子平平安安地回来了。She hadn't turned up for work that morning.那天早上她没来上班。
ˌget ˈin ˌget ˈinto sth

phrasal verb

(getting, got, got; NAmE spoken getting, got, gotten) (rather informal, especially spoken) to arrive at a place, especially your home, work or the place where a journey ends 到达,抵达(家、工作单位或行程终点)What time did you get in (= arrive home) last night?你昨晚什么时候到家的?I got in (= at work) late that morning.那天早上我上班迟到了。I'll ask him as soon as he gets in.他一到我就问他。His train gets into Glasgow at 12.22.他乘坐的火车12点22分抵达格拉斯哥。
ˌcome ˈin

phrasal verb

(come, come)to arrive at a place where a journey ends; to be received 到达(行程终点);被收到A few minutes later our train came in.几分钟后我们乘坐的火车进站了。Come in (= enter) and make yourself at home.进来,不必拘礼。News is coming in of a serious accident.刚刚收到消息,发生了一起重大事故。
land [intransitive] (usually used with an adverb or preposition 通常与副词或介词连用) (of people) to arrive somewhere in a plane or boat; (of things) to arrive somewhere and cause difficulties that have to be dealt with (乘飞机或船)着陆,登陆;(事物)降临(带来麻烦)Troops landed on the island.部队在岛上登陆了。We were due to land at Gatwick.我们预定在盖特威克机场降落。Who were the first men to land on the moon?谁是首批登上月球的人?Why do complaints always land on my desk (= why do I always have to deal with them)?为什么投诉总得要我来处理? ˌshow ˈup

phrasal verb

(showed, shown) (informal) to arrive at a place, especially when you are expected (尤指如约)到来,出现When she failed to show up by eight we got worried.她8点还没露面,我们开始担心。
appear [intransitive] (usually used with an adverb or preposition 通常与副词或介词连用) to arrive at a place and be seen there 来到;出现By ten o'clock Lee still hadn't appeared.到10点钟李仍然没有露面。A man appeared at the door and asked to see her.一名男子出现在门口要求见她。The file appeared on my desk yesterday.那份文件昨天出现在我的桌子上。 ˌroll ˈin

phrasal verb

(informal) to arrive somewhere without worrying about the time 慢条斯理地来到Steve eventually rolled in around lunchtime.到午饭时分,史蒂夫才慢吞吞地来了。
show (showed, shown) [intransitive] (often used in negative sentences 常用于否定句) (informal) to arrive somewhere, especially at a place where sb is waiting for you (尤指别人等待的情况下)到来,出现I waited till ten o'clock but she didn't show.我等到10点钟,可她一直没露面。What if nobody shows?如果没有人来该怎么办?

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