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BNC: 1286 COCA: 2219

B1 to answer回答;回复;答复

[ + speech ] "Where are you going?" I asked. "Home," he replied.“你去哪儿?”我问。“回家,”他答道。
[ + that ] I replied that it was twelve o'clock.我回答说12点了。
I try to reply to letters the day I receive them.我尽量在收到信的当天就回信。

to react to an action by someone else作出反应;回应

She replied to the threats by going to the police.她受到威胁后便去报了警。
France took an early lead before Spain replied with three goals in 14 minutes.开球不久法国队便率先进球,之后西班牙队大举反攻,14分钟内先后3次破门。

More examples

Since they refuse to reply, I think we've won the argument by default.

He was angry but managed, with great self-restraint, to reply calmly.

Do you think it's significant that he hasn't replied to my letter yet?

Six people have confirmed that they will be attending and ten haven't replied yet.

The bank was expeditious in replying to my letter.

B1 an answer回答;回复;答复

I asked why, but he made/gave no reply.我问为什么,但是他没有回答。
There were very few replies to our advertisement.我们的广告没有得到什么回应。
In reply to their questions, she just shrugged.面对他们的问题,她只是耸了耸肩,没作任何回答。

More examples

I was a little disconcerted by his reply.

His reply to my question was somewhat ambiguous.

His reply dashed our hopes.

I'm afraid the reply was definitely in the negative.

He was shocked at the sheer venom of her reply.

BNC: 1286 COCA: 2219


ADJECTIVE | VERB + REPLY | REPLY + VERB | REPLY + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbrief, monosyllabic (especially BrE) 簡短的答覆;單音節詞的回答blunt, curt, short, terse率直的/唐突無禮的/簡短的/扼要的答覆His reply was short and to the point.他的回答簡要而中肯。sarcastic, scathing諷刺的/刻薄的答覆only唯一的回答A non-committal grunt was his only reply.他只是不置可否地咕噥了一聲,算作回答。simple簡單的回答Her reply was simple: 'No.'她的回答是一個簡單的“不”字。standard, usual標準的/通常的答覆'No comment' is his standard reply to most questions.“無可奉告”是他對多數問題的標準回答。straight直截了當的答覆She refused to give a straight reply, deciding rather to defer the question.她不願直截了當地回答,決定把這個問題先拖着。evasive, non-committal模稜兩可的/不置可否的回答proper, satisfactory (especially BrE) 適當的答覆;令人滿意的回答suitable適宜的回答correct正確的回答affirmative, positive肯定的回答negative否定的回答early, immediate, prompt, quick及早的答覆;立即回答;迅速回答formal正式答覆individual, personal個別/親自答覆written書面答覆polite禮貌的答覆thoughtful經縝密思考的答覆Many thanks for your thoughtful reply, we greatly appreciate it.非常感謝你縝密思考後的答覆,對此我們很感激。witty機智的答覆muffled壓低了聲音的答覆'I'm in here!' came the muffled reply.“我在這裏!” 一個壓低了的聲音回答道。VERB + REPLYget, have, receive得到答覆;有答覆;收到答覆Have you had a reply to your letter yet?你收到回信了嗎?give sb, make, offer給某人答覆;作答He made no reply, but simply walked away.他沒答話,而是逕直走開了。Grace could offer no reply.格雷絲回答不上來。post, send, send back, type, write貼回覆;寄答覆;寄回答覆;打出回覆;寫回覆I'll post the replies later on my web page.稍後我會把回覆貼在我的網頁上。I must write my letter in time for them to send back a reply.我必須及時寫信,以便他們能來得及答覆。elicit, produce探出答覆;引出回答The report elicited a formal reply from the department.這一報告使該部門作出了正式回覆。The questionnaire produced 9 000 replies.調查問卷收到了 9,000 份答卷。grunt (sth in), mumble (sth in), mutter (sth in)咕噥着回答;含糊地回答'Mmm!' she grunted in reply.“唔!”她嗯了一聲作為回答。wait for等待答覆await, expect (in letters書信中使用) (both formal) 敬候賜覆;盼覆I await your reply with interest.敬候賜覆並心嚮往之。hear, read聽見回答;讀到回覆She heard no reply.她沒有聽見任何回答。REPLY + VERBcome, come back答覆到來'No!' came the reply.回答說“不!”A reply came back the next day.第二天答覆來了。be forthcoming答覆即將作出No reply seemed to be forthcoming.似乎一切杳無音信。REPLY + NOUNcard, envelope, form, slip (BrE) 回執卡;回執信封;回執表格;回執Please complete the reply card and return it to us as soon as possible.請填好回執卡並儘快寄還我們。button (= in email) 回覆鍵It's easy to just hit the reply button.只需點擊回覆鍵就行,很簡單。PREPOSITIONin reply (to sth)答覆(⋯)What did they say in reply?他們是怎麼回答的?I am writing in reply to your request for information on hotels in Italy.現回覆您關於意大利旅館情況的問詢。reply from來自⋯的答覆a reply from the minister部長的答覆reply to對⋯的答覆my reply to your query對您質詢的答覆PHRASESa/the right of reply (especially BrE) 回應機會I am grateful to you for having given me a right of reply (= the opportunity to respond) to the article in your magazine about my company.感謝您給予我機會回應貴刊登載的有關我公司的文章。


ADVERB | VERB + REPLY | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBmerely, simply僅僅/只是回答He simply replied that he hadn't the faintest idea.他只是回答說他一點兒都不知道。directly直接回答She did not reply directly to the allegations.她沒有對這些指控作直接回應。personally親自答覆Well, you weren't expecting him to reply personally, were you?喲,你不會是期待他親自答覆你吧 ?at once, immediately馬上/立即回答hastily, hurriedly, promptly, quickly匆忙/倉促/迅速/快速回答slowly慢慢地回答at length詳細回答She replied at length, but not to the point.她回答得很詳細,但卻不得要領。briefly, briskly, curtly, gruffly, shortly簡短地/輕快地/簡要地/冷淡地/簡單敷衍地回答abruptly, sharply唐突地/尖銳地回答bluntly, flatly直率地/斷然回答'No, you're not!' Graham replied bluntly.“不,你不是 ! ”格雷厄姆直率地答道。firmly堅定地回答gently, politely, soothingly溫柔地回答;禮貌地回答;撫慰地答覆lightly輕率地回答seriously嚴肅地回答quietly, softly輕聲地回答angrily, bitterly, crossly, indignantly, sourly生氣地回答;譏諷地回答;氣憤地回答;沒好氣地答覆'It was your fault!' she replied angrily.“那是你的錯!”她生氣地回答道。coldly, coolly, icily冷淡地回應;冷漠地回答;冷冰冰地回答cautiously, defensively, guardedly, hesitantly, nervously謹慎地回應;警惕地回答;有保留地回答;遲疑地回答;緊張地應答calmly, evenly, mildly鎮靜地回答;平和地回應;溫和地回答meekly溫順地回答haughtily, smugly傲慢地/自鳴得意地回答sternly, stiffly嚴厲地/生硬地回答brightly, cheerfully, happily高興地回答;快活地回答innocently若無其事地回答grimly, sadly陰沉地/傷心地回答drily, sarcastically, sardonically, sweetly (ironic) , tartly暗含幽默地回答;諷刺地答覆;嘲諷地答覆;甜蜜地回答;刻薄地回答absently, distractedly, vaguely心不在焉地/心煩意亂地/含糊地回答casually, nonchalantly隨意地答覆;漠然地回答'I really don't care!' he replied nonchalantly.“我真的不在乎!”他漠然地答道。matter-of-factly不動感情地回答'I know!' she replied matter-of-factly.“我知道!”她毫無表情地答道。honestly, truthfully誠實地回答confidently自信地回答evasively閃爍其詞地回答sheepishly膽怯地回答shyly害羞地回答tiredly, wearily厭倦地/疲憊地回答in kind以同樣方式回應Calvin was insulted and replied in kind (= by insulting them back).卡爾文受到了羞辱,於是反唇相譏。VERB + REPLYnot bother to懶得回答She didn't even bother to reply.她甚至懶得回答。PREPOSITIONto答覆⋯He did not reply to my letter.他沒給我回信。with以⋯回答She replied with a smile.她以微笑作答。PHRASESa chance to reply回應的機會She quickly left the room before he had a chance to reply.他還沒機會回答她就快速地離開了房間。
BNC: 1286 COCA: 2219
reply verb
reply noun
BNC: 1286 COCA: 2219
To reply or to answer: reply, answer, respond...
To react to something: react, stand up, respond...
Answers: answer, reply, response...
Reactions and ways of responding: reaction, response, reply...

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