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IELTS BNC: 1122 COCA: 666

sport noun GAME

A1 [ C ] a game, competition, or activity needing physical effort and skill that is played or done according to rules, for enjoyment and/or as a job体育运动;体育比赛;体育竞技项目

Football, basketball, and hockey are all team sports.足球、棒球和曲棍球都是团队运动。
I enjoy winter sports like skiing and skating.我喜欢滑雪、滑冰之类的冬季运动。

A1 [ U ] UK all types of physical activity that people do to keep healthy or for enjoyment体育运动,体育锻炼

She used to do/play a lot of sport when she was younger.她年轻时经常参加体育运动。

[ U ] old-fashioned enjoyment in doing things乐趣;娱乐;消遣

More examples

She's not especially interested in sport.

There are risks inherent in almost every sport.

There's so much money in sport these days.

I could never play team sports - I lack the competitive spirit .

She did a lot of sports at college.

sport noun PERSON

[ C ] old-fashioned informal a pleasant, positive, generous person who does not complain about things they are asked to do or about games that they lose乐观大度的人;有风度的人;输得起的人

Oh, Douglas - be a (good) sport and give me a lift to the station.噢,道格拉斯——拿出点风度来,让我搭车去车站吧。
See also

[ C ] Australian English a friendly way of talking to a man or boy老兄,哥们儿

[ as form of address ] Hello sport - how are you?嘿,老兄——你好吗?

to wear or be decorated with something穿戴;装点

Back in the 1960s he sported platform heels and hair down past his shoulders.20世纪60年代,他那时穿喇叭裤、厚底鞋,蓄着披肩长发。
The front of the car sported a German flag.汽车前部都插着一面德国国旗。
IELTS BNC: 1122 COCA: 666


1 (BrE) (NAmE sports) physical activity done for pleasure體育活動ADJECTIVE | VERB + SPORT/SPORTS | SPORTS + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEamateur, pro (informal, especially NAmE) , professional業餘體育運動;職業體育運動organized有組織的體育運動youth青少年體育運動high-school, school (especially BrE) 高中/學校體育運動college, collegiate, intercollegiate (NAmE) 高校/院校/校際間體育運動after-school課外體育運動motor (usually motorsport in BrE, motorsports in NAmE) 賽車運動VERB + SPORT/SPORTSdo, play進行體育運動He does a lot of sport. (BrE) 他參加很多體育運動。We played sports together when we were kids. (especially NAmE) 我們小的時候經常一起參加體育運動。be involved in, get involved in, participate in參加體育運動We encourage the children to get involved in sport / sports.我們鼓勵孩子們參加體育運動。promote促進體育運動a campaign to promote sport / sports among women鼓勵婦女參加體育運動的宣傳活動SPORTS + NOUN (The following nouns all follow sports in BrE, and NAmE.無論英式英語還是美式英語,下列名詞均接在 sports 後。) event體育賽事arena, bar, centre, club, facilities, field, ground, hall, pavilion, stadium, venue體育場;運動酒吧;體育中心;體育俱樂部;運動設施;運動場地;體育館;體育場館the construction of a new $250-million sports arena一座 2.5 億美元新體育場的建設The council has allocated an extra £11 million to a new community sports club. (BrE) 地方議會已經另外下撥了 1,100 萬英鎊新建一個社區體育俱樂部。league (especially NAmE) 體育聯賽day (BrE) 運動會日the school sports day學校的運動會日programme/program (especially NAmE) 運動計劃government funding for sports programmes / programs for girls and women政府對女子體育運動的資助figure, hero, person (usually sportsperson) , personality, star體育人物;體育界名人;體育明星team運動隊enthusiast, fan體育狂;體育迷commentator體育評論員channel, coverage, news, page, section體育頻道;體育報道;體育新聞;體育版;體育專欄Sports coverage in the local newspaper is good.這家地方報紙的體育報道相當不錯。programme/program, show (especially NAmE) 體育節目columnist, correspondent, editor, journalist, photographer, reporter, writer體育專欄撰稿人;體育記者;體育編輯;體育攝影記者injury運動損傷medicine, nutrition運動醫學/營養學nutritionist, psychologist運動營養學專家/心理學家bag運動休閒包equipment運動器械goods (BrE) (sporting goods in NAmE) 體育運動品bra, clothing運動胸罩;運動服drink運動型飲料book, movie體育書籍/電影It is one of the best sports books I have read.那是我看過的最好的體育書籍之一。shop, store體育用品商店betting體育博彩sports betting on the Internet因特網體育博彩marketing體育營銷PREPOSITIONin sport在體育運動中the use of drugs in sport (BrE) 體育運動中的藥物濫用the use of drugs in sports (NAmE) 體育運動中的藥物濫用PHRASESlove for sport, love for sports, love of sport, love of sports, passion for sport, passion for sports (NAmE) 對體育運動的喜愛;對運動的熱情She has a real passion for sport / sports.她特別喜歡體育運動。the world of sport, the world of sports (NAmE) 體育界


2particular type of sporting activity某項體育運動ADJECTIVE | VERB + SPORT | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEmainstream, major, popular主流體育運動;重要體育運動;受大眾歡迎的體育運動popular sports such as football諸如足球等群眾喜聞樂見的體育運動minor, minority (BrE) 小規模的/少數人的體育運動competitive, recreational (especially NAmE) 競技/休閒體育運動Olympic奧林匹克體育項目contact, non-contact有身體接觸的/無身體接觸的體育項目In theory, basketball is a non-contact sport.理論上講,籃球是一種無身體接觸的體育項目。active劇烈的運動dangerous, risky危險的運動spectator觀賞性體育運動indoor, outdoor室內/室外運動winter (usually winter sports) 冬季運動individual, team個人/團隊運動項目adventure, extreme (usually adventure sports, extreme sports) 冒險/極限運動the inherent dangers of adventure sports such as mountaineering登山之類冒險運動的固有危險field (BrE) 野外運動country (BrE) 鄉間戶外體育運動water (usually water sports) 水上運動combat搏擊運動Combat sports such as karate and judo carry with them the risk of injury.像空手道和柔道之類的搏擊運動有受傷的危險。racket用球拍的運動equestrian馬術運動blood, cruel (especially BrE) 獵殺鳥獸的運動VERB + SPORTtake up開始運動I need to take up a sport to get fit.我需要開始一項運動以保持身體健康。dominate主導體育運動In the 1960s, the Soviet Union dominated the sport of gymnastics.20 世紀 60 年代,蘇聯在體操運動中獨領風騷。promote促進體育運動a campaign to promote the sport among young people促進青年中此項體育運動的宣傳活動PREPOSITIONsport of⋯運動the sport of boxing拳擊運動PHRASESlove for a sport, love of a sport, passion for a sport對體育項目的喜愛;對運動的熱情She has a real passion for the sport.她對運動十分着迷。
IELTS BNC: 1122 COCA: 666
sport noun
sport (do sport/play sports) game2 (team/winter sports)


sport ♦︎ exercise ♦︎ PE ♦︎ workout ♦︎ aerobicsThese are all words for activity that you do in order to stay healthy or become stronger. 这些词均表示体育运动、锻炼。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to do sport / exercises / PE / a workout / aerobics sport [uncountable] (BrE) (NAmE sports [plural]) activity that you do for pleasure or to keep fit and that needs physical effort and skill, usually done in a special area and according to fixed rules 体育运动I'm not interested in sport.我对体育运动不感兴趣。 (BrE) Do you do a lot of sport?你常参加体育运动吗? (NAmE) We played sports together when we were kids.小时候我们一起参加体育运动。The plural form sports is used in both British and American English when it comes before another noun. * sport用于另一个名词前时要用复数形式,在英式和美式英语中都是如此sports shoes运动鞋a sports club体育运动俱乐部 see also sport game 2 exercise [uncountable, countable] physical or mental activity that you do to stay healthy or become stronger; a set of movements or activities that you do to stay healthy or develop a skill (身体或脑力的)活动,锻炼;一套锻炼动作;练习Swimming is good exercise.游泳是有益的运动。I don't get much exercise sitting in the office all day.我整天坐在办公室里,很少运动。 (BrE) Remember to take regular exercise.记住要经常锻炼身体。The mind needs exercise as well as the body.大脑跟身体一样也需要锻炼。vigorous / gentle exercise剧烈的/温和的运动breathing / relaxation / stretching exercises呼吸/放松/伸展运动Repeat the exercise ten times on each leg.每条腿重复做十次这种动作。 see also exercise train verb 2 , training training PE (BrE) (NAmE P. E.) ˌpiː ˈiː [uncountable] the abbreviation for 'physical education' (sport and exercise that is taught in schools) 体育(课)a PE lesson / class / teacher体育课;体育教师 workout ˈwɜːkaʊt; NAmE ˈwɜːrkaʊt [countable] a period of physical exercise that you do to keep fit 锻炼She does a 20-minute workout every morning.她每天早晨锻炼20分钟。 see also work out train verb 2 aerobics eəˈrəʊbɪks; NAmE eˈroʊbɪks [uncountable] physical exercises intended to strengthen the heart and lungs, often done in classes, with music 有氧运动I go to aerobics (= to an aerobics class) every Monday.我每周一去上有氧运动课。 aerobic


aerobic exercise有氧运动

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