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BNC: 304 COCA: 349

A2 armed fighting between two or more countries or groups, or a particular example of this(国家或群体之间的)战争

nuclear war核战争
a war film/grave/hero/poet战争影片/军人墓/战斗英雄/战争诗人
If this country goes to (= starts to fight in a) war we will have to face the fact that many people will die.如果这个国家参战,我们将不得不面对很多人都要送命的现实。
Britain and France declared war on Germany in 1939 as a result of the invasion of Poland.因为德国入侵波兰,所以英国和法国于1939年对德宣战。
War broke out between the two countries after a border dispute.边界纠纷导致两国之间爆发了战争。
They've been at war for the last five years.过去5年他们一直在交战。
He died in the First World War/the Vietnam war.他在第一次世界大战/越南战争中丧生。
war of attrition

a war that is fought over a long period and only ends when one side has neither the soldiers and equipment nor the determination left to continue fighting消耗战

war of nerves

a situation, often before a competition or battle, in which each opposing side attempts to frighten or discourage the other by making threats or by showing how strong it is神经战,心理战

C2 any situation in which there is strong competition between opposing sides or a great fight against something harmful争夺,竞争

The past few months have witnessed a price war between leading supermarkets.最近几个月几家主要的超市之间爆发了一场价格战。
The president vowed to wage war on/against terrorism.总统发誓要打击恐怖主义。
the war on drugs打击毒品的战斗

More examples

The war has claimed thousands of lives.

The prime minister is to meet his European counterparts to discuss the war against drugs.

America declared war on Japan in 1941.

There is likely to be civil war if the region tries to secede from the south.

The number of casualties was appallingly high in both wars.

BNC: 304 COCA: 349


ADJECTIVE | VERB + WAR | WAR + VERB | WAR + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVElong, short長期/短期戰爭impending, ongoing即將爆發的/持續的戰爭bloody血腥的戰爭all-out, full-scale, total全面戰爭;總體戰Six years of total war had left no citizen untouched.6 年的全面戰爭讓所有的公民都受到了影響。limited有限戰爭pre-emptive, preventative (NAmE) 先發制人的/預防性戰爭holy, just, religious聖戰;正義之戰;宗教戰爭dirty骯髒的戰爭civil, global, world內戰;全球戰爭;世界大戰air, guerrilla空戰;游擊戰atomic, nuclear核戰爭conventional常規戰爭cold冷戰economic, trade經濟戰;貿易戰drug (especially NAmE) 毒品戰爭bidding, price投標戰;價格戰class, culture (especially NAmE) 階級鬥爭;文化戰爭turf(幫派)地盤爭奪戰phoney (BrE) 戰爭狀態VERB + WARbe in, fight in參戰;參加戰鬥My grandfather fought in the Korean War.我爺爺參加過朝鮮戰爭。fight, make, wage打仗;進行戰爭;發動戰爭The two countries fought a short but bloody war.兩個國家進行了一場短暫而血腥的戰爭。The Spartans were persuaded to make war on Athens.斯巴達人被說服對雅典人發動了戰爭。The terrorists were charged with waging war against the state.恐怖分子被指控發動反對國家的戰爭。win贏得戰爭lose輸掉戰爭declare宣戰enter參戰The United States entered the war in 1917.美國於 1917 年參戰。launch, start發動戰爭They launched a trade war against France.他們對法國發動了貿易戰。spark引發戰爭He fears the violence could spark a civil war.他害怕該暴力事件會引發內戰。go to開戰The country went to war in 1939.這個國家在 1939 年陷入戰爭中。end結束戰爭avert, prevent避免/防止戰爭be devastated by, be ravaged by遭受戰爭重創be killed in死於戰爭WAR + VERBapproach, loom, threaten戰爭逼近/迫在眉睫/威脅begin, break out, come, erupt, start戰爭開始;戰爭爆發;戰爭來臨escalate, spread戰爭升級/擴大talks to prevent the war from escalating阻止戰爭升級的會談continue, drag on, go on, last, progress, rage, rage on戰爭繼續;戰事拖延;戰爭持續;戰爭激烈進行The war raged for nearly two years.激烈的戰爭持續了將近兩年。come to an end, end戰爭結束WAR + NOUNyears戰爭年代the shortage of food during the war years戰爭年代的食物短缺hero, veteran戰鬥英雄;退伍軍人chief, leader戰爭首腦/領導人casualties, victims戰爭傷亡人員/受害者damage戰爭破壞correspondent戰地記者the war correspondent of a daily newspaper一家日報的戰地記者coverage戰爭報道critiques of the mainstream media's war coverage對主流媒體有關戰爭報道的評論artist, poet (both especially BrE) 戰爭題材藝術家/詩人zone戰區effort戰備Every available resource went towards / toward the war effort.一切可用的資源都投入到戰備中去了。record參戰經歷Both candidates have distinguished war records.兩位候選人都曾在戰爭中有過出色表現。wound戰爭創傷crime, criminal戰爭罪行;戰犯cemetery, graves, memorial陣亡將士墓地;戰爭紀念碑plan戰爭計劃aims戰爭目標game戰爭遊戲chest戰爭基金;專用資金The government has a $20-billion war chest to fight terrorism.政府有 200 億美元的反恐專用資金。reparations戰爭賠款bride, widow戰時新娘;戰爭遺孀booty戰利品cry, dance作戰時的吶喊;戰舞machine戰爭機器the Soviet war machine蘇聯戰爭機器PREPOSITIONat war處於交戰狀態a country at war交戰國between the wars (= between the First and Second World Wars) , in (a/the) war在兩次世界大戰之間;在戰爭中killed in war陣亡He took part in the Vietnam War.他參加過越南戰爭。war against, war with針對⋯的戰爭the war against the French反法戰爭a war against drug abuse反毒品戰爭war between⋯之間的戰爭war between Iran and Iraq兩伊戰爭war for為了⋯的戰爭the Greek war for independence希臘獨立戰爭war of⋯的戰爭a war of liberation解放戰爭war on對⋯的戰爭The US declared war on Japan.美國對日宣戰。war with與⋯的戰爭a trade war with the United States與美國的貿易戰PHRASESthe aftermath of the war戰爭的後果Unexploded mines were a big danger to civilians in the aftermath of the war.戰後,沒爆炸的地雷對平民構成了重大威脅。the brink of war戰爭的邊緣The crisis took Europe to the brink of war.這場危機把歐洲推到了戰爭邊緣。the course of a/the war戰爭期間He was wounded twice during the course of the war.他在戰爭期間受過兩次傷。a declaration of war戰爭宣言Congress has made a formal declaration of war.國會已經正式宣戰。the horrors of war戰爭的恐怖The country had just emerged from the horrors of civil war.這個國家剛剛擺脫內戰的恐怖。in a state of war處於交戰狀態The country was now in a state of war.該國正處在交戰狀態。in time of war, in times of war在戰時In times of war, troops were billeted in the mill.戰時,部隊駐紮在磨坊裏。on a war footing按戰備狀態The army had been placed on a war footing.部隊是按戰備狀態部署的。the outbreak of war戰爭爆發At the outbreak of war, most children were evacuated to the countryside.戰爭爆發的時候,大部份孩子被疏散到了鄉下。the outcome of a/the war戰爭的結果The outcome of the war was far from certain.戰爭的勝負還遠未確定。a prisoner of war戰俘He was held as a prisoner of war.他被作為戰俘關押起來了。a theatre/theater of war戰區The country has long been a theatre / theater of war.這個國家長期以來一直在打仗。a war of attrition消耗戰
BNC: 304 COCA: 349
war noun
war (countries at war) campaign (the war on drugs) debate (a trade war)


war ♦︎ battle ♦︎ action ♦︎ conflict ♦︎ fighting ♦︎ combat ♦︎ warfare ♦︎ campaign ♦︎ hostilities ♦︎ skirmishThese are all words for a situation in which two or more countries or groups of people fight against each other. 这些词均表示战争、战斗。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a war / a battle / action / a conflict / fighting / combat / warfare / a campaign / hostilities / a skirmish with / against / between sb / sthin war / battle / action / conflict / fighting / combat / warfare / hostilitiesin a war / battle / conflict / campaign / skirmish(a) civil / nuclear war / conflict / warfare(a) fierce / bloody action / conflict / fighting / combat / warfare(a) decisive war / battle / action / conflict / campaign(a) military battle / action / conflict / combat / campaignto win / lose a war / battle / conflict / campaign / skirmishto fight a war / battle / campaigna war / a battle / action / a conflict / fighting / combat / a campaign / a skirmish takes placewar / conflict / fighting / hostilities breaks out / break outa war / a battle / action / a conflict / fighting / combat / a campaign / hostilities begins / begina war / a battle / a conflict / fighting / combat / a campaign / hostilities ends / enda war / a battle / action / a conflict / fighting / combat / warfare / a campaign continuesa war / a battle / a conflict / fighting / combat / warfare / a campaign goes onthe outbreak of war / conflict / fighting / combat / hostilities war [uncountable, countable] a situation in which two or more countries or groups of people fight against each other over a period of time 战争;战争状态The two countries were at war for eight years.两国之间的战争打了八年。The USA declared war on Germany in 1917.美国于1917年向德国宣战。The terrorists were charged with waging war against the state.恐怖分子被指控向那个国家发动战争。My grandfather fought in two world wars.我的祖父参加了两次世界大战。The country went to war in 1914.该国1914年卷入战争。OPP peace peace battle [countable, uncountable] a time when two or more armies meet and fight, especially during a war; a violent fight between two groups of people 战役;战斗;搏斗Napoleon was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo.拿破仑在滑铁卢战役中战败。His father had been killed in battle.他的父亲已经阵亡。Many young men were sent into battle without proper training.许多年轻人没有受到应有的训练就被送上了战场。Scores of people have been hurt in running battles with police.很多人在与警察的持久战中受了伤。 action [uncountable] (especially journalism 尤用于新闻) fighting in a battle or war 战斗;作战He was killed during enemy action.他在一次敌军行动中阵亡。He was reported missing in action.据报告他在战斗中失踪。I never saw action during the war.战争时期,我从未参加过战斗。 conflict [countable, uncountable] a violent situation or period of fighting between two countries (两国之间的)军事冲突,战斗Peace talks have failed to end the 6-year-old conflict.和平谈判未能终止六年的军事冲突。Conflict between the two groups has left more than 8 000 dead.两派间的冲突已导致超过8 000人死亡。 fighting [uncountable] the violent activity that takes place when two or more countries or groups of people fight against each other 军事冲突;战斗Heavy fighting broke out in the east of the country.该国东部爆发了激烈的军事冲突。There were outbreaks of street fighting in three districts of the city last night.昨夜这个城市有三个区发生了巷战。 see also fight fight verb 1 combat ˈkɒmbæt; NAmE ˈkɑːmbæt [uncountable] fighting, especially during a time of war 搏斗;打仗;战斗The soldiers are in combat with rebel forces.士兵与叛乱武装对抗。The troops were locked in hand-to-hand combat.部队陷入了肉搏战。 warfare ˈwɔːfeə(r); NAmE ˈwɔːrfer [uncountable] the activity of fighting a war, especially using particular weapons or methods (尤指用某种武器或方式的)战,作战,战争He denied his country has developed the capability for chemical warfare.他否认他的国家已经有能力打化学战。The fighting quickly turned into full-scale guerrilla warfare.这场战斗很快演变成一场全面的游击战争。 campaign [countable] a series of attacks or battles that are intended to achieve a particular military aim during a war 战役The Russian campaign ended with the German defeat at Stalingrad.俄罗斯战役以德国在斯大林格勒战败宣告结束。The terrorists responded with a bombing campaign directed at business and commerce.恐怖分子的反应是针对企业和商业发动爆炸袭击。 hostilities hɒˈstɪlətiz; NAmE hɑːˈstɪlətiz [plural] (rather formal, especially journalism 尤用于新闻) acts of fighting in a war 战争行为Hostilities between the two countries ended in a ceasefire.两国最终达成停火协议,结束了敌对行动。Hostilities is used especially to talk about when fighting begins, ends, stops for a short time or starts again. Collocating verbs include begin, break out, cease, end, suspend and resume. Phrases include the outbreak/cessation/suspension/resumption of hostilities. 表示战争的开始、结束、暂时中断或重新爆发时尤用hostilities,与之搭配的动词有begin、break out、cease、end、suspend和resume,构成的短语有the outbreak/cessation/suspension/resumption of hostilities(战争的爆发/停止/暂停/再次爆发)。 skirmish ˈskɜːmɪʃ; NAmE ˈskɜːrmɪʃ [countable] a short fight between small groups of soldiers, etc., especially one that is not planned (尤指突发的)小规模战斗,小冲突Minor skirmishes broke out all along the border.边界多处爆发了小规模战斗。 see also skirmish fight verb 1
BNC: 304 COCA: 349
Wars, battles and military manoeuvres: drawdown, overwatch, war...
General words for competitions: arms race, competition, contest...
Arguments: argument, disagreement, conflict...

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