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IELTS BNC: 175 COCA: 166

country noun POLITICAL UNIT

A1 [ C ] an area of land that has its own government, army, etc.国家;国土

What is the largest country in Europe?欧洲最大的国家是哪个?
Sri Lanka is my native country, but I've been living in Belgium for the past five years.斯里兰卡是我的祖国,但最近5年我一直住在比利时。
The climate is cooler in the east of the country.该国东部气候比较凉爽。
the country

C2 all the people who live in a country(某)国人;国民

The whole country celebrated the signing of the peace treaty.全国人民庆祝和平条约的签订。

More examples

After ten years of military dictatorship, the country now has a civil government.

French cheeses are exported to many different countries.

The Arab countries include Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Egypt.

Tibet, once an independent country, is now part of China.

The government has done little or nothing to help the poorest people in this country.

country noun NATURAL LAND

A2 [ S or U ] land that is not in towns, cities, or industrial areas and is either used for farming or left in its natural condition乡村,乡下

He lives out in the country somewhere.他住在乡下某个地方。
Would you prefer to live in the country instead of a town?与城里相比,你更愿意住乡下吗?
Country life isn't always as peaceful as city-dwellers think.乡村生活并不总是像城镇居民想象的那样宁静。
It's often quicker to travel across country and avoid the major roads completely.穿越乡村完全避开主干道往往会走得更快。

More examples

We would dearly love to sell our flat and move to the country.

Five soldiers died after their bus was ambushed on a country road.

They have a house in the country and a flat in London.

I found not having a car quite a handicap when I was living in the country.

We spent a luxurious weekend at a hotel in the country.

country noun PARTICULAR AREA

[ U ] an area of land considered in relation to a particular feature地区,地域

Stratford-upon-Avon is the capital of Shakespeare country.埃文河畔斯特拉特福是莎士比亚故乡的首府。
The empty roads make this area good cycling country.空荡荡的公路使这个地区成为骑自行车的好场所。

country noun MUSIC

[ U ] → country and western (美国西部和南部的)乡村音乐

IELTS BNC: 175 COCA: 166


1area of land with its own government國家ADJECTIVE | VERB + COUNTRY | COUNTRY + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbeautiful, fascinating, great美麗的/迷人的/偉大的國家this great country of ours我們偉大的國家hot, tropical炎熱的/熱帶國家cold寒冷的國家landlocked內陸國different, foreign, overseas, strange不同的國家;外國;陌生的國家It's difficult to live in a foreign country when you don't speak the language.在外國生活,如果不會說該國的語言是很困難的。students from overseas countries外國留學生What must it be like, to grow old in a strange country?在一個陌生的國家裏逐漸老去會是什麼樣子?home, native, own祖國adopted移居國Many servicemen gave their lives for their adopted country.許多軍人為他們的移居國奉獻出生命。host東道國The refugees do jobs that workers in the host country refuse to do.難民在接收國做着本國人不願做的工作。neighbouring/neighboring鄰國distant, far, faraway遠方的國家;遙遠的國度independent, sovereign (especially NAmE) 獨立的/主權國家occupied被佔領國free自由的國度'It's a free country!' he shouted. 'I can do what I like!'“這是個自由的國家!”他喊道,“我可以做我喜歡做的事!”enemy, friendly敵國;友國neutral, non-aligned (especially BrE) 中立國;不結盟國war-ravaged, war-torn飽經戰亂的國家African, Arab, etc.非洲、阿拉伯等國家Eastern, Western, etc.東方、西方等國家English-speaking, francophone, etc.講英語、講法語等的國家EU, NATO, etc.歐盟、北約等國家member, non-member成員國;非成員國OECD member countries經濟合作與發展組織成員國developed, industrial, industrialized發達/工業/工業化國家developing, Third-World, underdeveloped發展中/第三世界/不發達國家advanced發達國家economically advanced countries經濟發達國家impoverished, low-income, poor貧困國家;低收入國家middle-income中等收入國家affluent, high-income, rich, wealthy富國;高收入國家densely populated, populous人口密集的/人口眾多的國家capitalist, communist, democratic, socialist資本主義/共產主義/民主/社會主義國家Catholic, Islamic, etc.天主教、伊斯蘭教等國家oil-exporting, oil-producing, oil-rich石油輸出國;產油國;富油國VERB + COUNTRYgovern, rule, run管理/統治/治理國家The country was ruled by a brutal dictatorship.這個國家由殘忍的獨裁政權統治。the politicians who run the country治理這個國家的從政者lead領導國家He accused the government of leading the country to disaster.他譴責政府把國家引向災難。attack, conquer, invade, occupy攻擊/征服/侵略/佔領國家defend, protect保衞國家We must remember those who died defending their country.我們必須記住那些為了保衞自己的國家而獻身的人們。serve為國家服務I'm proud to serve my country.能報效自己的國家我很自豪。liberate, save解放/拯救國家a commander who saved his country from invasion拯救國家免遭侵略的指揮官divide, polarize, split造成國家有分歧;使國家兩極分化;分裂國家The issue of the single currency has divided the country.這個國家在發行單一貨幣問題上意見不一。unite使國家團結destabilize, destroy, devastate, ravage破壞國家穩定;摧毀國家;蹂躪國家Years of civil war had ravaged the country.多年內戰使這個國家備受蹂躪。rebuild重建國家democratize, modernize, pacify, stabilize使國家民主化;使國家現代化;使國家平定下來;穩定國家flee, leave逃離/離開某國The former president has been forced to flee the country.前總統被迫逃離這個國家。enter進入某國new restrictions on goods entering the country對進入該國的商品的新限制love愛國He loved his country deeply.他深愛着他的祖國。betray背叛國家play for, represent代表國家參賽;代表國家She represented her country at the Beijing Olympics.她代表自己的祖國參加北京奧運會。tour, travel, visit在某國旅遊;參觀訪問某國He plans to travel the country by motorcycle.他計劃騎摩托車遊遍這個國家。COUNTRY + VERBborder sth國家與⋯毗鄰countries bordering the Black Sea毗鄰黑海的國家produce sth國家出產⋯export sth, import sth國家出口⋯/進口⋯The country exports around 80% of its output.該國約 80% 的產品都出口到外國。agree sth, ratify sth, sign sth國家同意⋯/批准⋯/簽署⋯The two countries signed a basic treaty of cooperation.兩國簽署了一個基本的合作條約。compete, participate國家競爭/參加Over 30 countries participated in the Games.有 30 多個國家參加了這次運動會。need sth國家需要⋯Our country needs a leader like her.我們的國家需要一位像她那樣的領袖。face sth, struggle (with sth), suffer (from sth)國家面臨⋯;國家(與⋯)抗爭;國家(因⋯)受損害The country is suffering from rising unemployment.該國正蒙受失業率上升之苦。PREPOSITIONacross a/the country穿過國家They drove across the country.他們開車穿越該國。all over a/the country全國各地They are holding special events all over the country.他們正在全國各地舉行特別活動。around a/the country, round a/the country (especially BrE) 在全國各處This is just one of 33 sites around the country.這不過是全國 33 處場地之一。in a/the country在國家裏people who live in this country生活在這個國家的人們throughout a/the country遍及全國New schools are being built throughout the country.全國各地正在興建新學校。PHRASEScountries around the globe, countries around the world世界各國We operate in ten countries around the globe.我們在全球 10 個國家有業務經營。country of (sb's) birth, country of origin(某人的)出生國;本國the country of his birth他出生的國家He cannot be deported to his country of origin.不能把他逐回本國。in this country and abroad國內外The play has been enjoyed by audiences in this country and abroad for many years.這齣戲許多年來一直受到國內外觀眾的喜愛。a part of a country國家的一部份There will be rain in many parts of the country tomorrow.明天全國許多地方有雨。the country as a whole整個國家The rich benefited from the reforms, not the country as a whole.從這些改革受益的是富人,而不是全體國民。


2area of land with particular features有某些特徵的地區ADJECTIVE | ... OF COUNTRY ADJECTIVEdesert, hill, hilly, mountain, mountainous, open沙漠地帶;丘陵地帶;山區;空曠地帶The town is surrounded by miles and miles of open country.小鎮的周圍是連綿數英里的空曠地帶。rough, wild崎嶇/荒涼地帶farming, wine農業區;出產葡萄酒的地區This part of Africa is rich farming country.非洲的這部份是富饒的農業區。hunting, walking (both especially BrE) 狩獵區;徒步旅行區域superb walking country絕佳的徒步旅行區域... OF COUNTRYstretch, tract一片地區a beautiful stretch of country一片美麗的地區Whole tracts of country, once fertile, have become arid.曾經富饒的大片土地現已變得貧瘠。


3land away from towns/cities鄉村COUNTRY + NOUN | PREPOSITION COUNTRY + NOUNlife鄉村生活air鄉村的空氣lane, road鄉間小路/大路area, district (both especially BrE) 鄉村地區/區域town, village (especially BrE) 鄉鎮;鄉村cottage, estate, home, house, manor, mansion, residence, retreat, seat (BrE) 鄉間小屋/莊園/住所/房屋/宅第/別墅/住宅/隱居處/宅第inn, pub (BrE) 鄉村客棧/酒館park (BrE) 鄉間公園fair鄉村集市walk (especially BrE) 鄉間人行道boy, girl鄉下男孩/女孩gentleman, squire (especially BrE) 鄉紳bumpkin, dweller, folk, people鄉巴佬;鄉間居住者;鄉民PREPOSITIONacross country穿越田野They rode across country.他們騎馬穿過田野。in the country在鄉下She lives in the country.她住在鄉下。
IELTS BNC: 175 COCA: 166
country noun
country1 (a foreign country) country2 (country life) community (The issue has divided the country.)


a foreign country 外国country life 乡村生活country ♦︎ nation ♦︎ state ♦︎ land ♦︎ superpower ♦︎ powerThese are all words for an area of land that has its own government and laws. 这些词均表示国家、国度。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a foreign country / nation / state / land / powera / an great / major / leading / industrial / colonial country / nation / state / powera / an independent / free / powerful / Third World / Communist / democratic country / nation / statean allied / enemy country / nation / powera sovereign nation / state / powerto rule a country / nation / state / landto govern a country / nation / stateto lead a country / nationto serve your country / nation country [countable] an area of land that has or used to have its own government and laws 国;国家They are holding special events all over the country.他们正在全国各地举办特别活动。This is just one of 30 sites around the country.这仅是全国30处场地中的一个。It's good to meet people from different parts of the country.能结识来自这个国家不同地区的人真好。'It's a free country!' he shouted. 'I can do what I like.'“这是一个自由的国家!”他喊道,“我可以做我喜欢的事情。”Sugar is only produced in tropical countries.糖仅在热带国家出产。She represented her country at the Olympics.她代表她的国家参加奥运会了。 nation [countable] a country considered as a group of people with the same language, culture and history, who live in a particular area under one government 国家;民族This is an important moment in our nation's history.这是我们民族历史上的重要时刻。They are a nation of food lovers.他们是热爱美食的民族。Leaders of the G8 leading industrial nations backed the plan.主要工业化国家的八国集团领导人支持这一计划。 see also national national , national cultural state ( State) [countable] a country considered as an organized political community controlled by one government 国家It has not yet been recognized as an independent sovereign state.它尚未被承认为独立的主权国家。The action was opposed by several UN member states.这一行动遭到几个联合国成员国反对。Many Third World countries are one-party states of one type or another.许多第三世界国家是某种类型的一党制国家。After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many new nation states were created.苏联解体后,许多新的民族国家建立起来了。 see also state public NOTE 辨析 Country, nation or state?To refer to a country as a political unit or to its government, you can use country, nation or state. 表示政治意义上的国家或其政府,用country、nation、state均可relations between the two countries / nations / states两国关系a newly independent country / nation / state新近独立的国家 Country and nation can also refer to an area where people live, its economy, culture, etc. * country和nation亦可指人们居住的区域,及其经济、文化等a rich / wealthy country / nation富裕的国家an oil-producing country / nation产油国 Country is the only word which can be used to refer to a country as a geographical area. 只有country可用来指作为一个地理区域的国家a hot / cold / tropical country炎热的/寒冷的/热带国家 land [countable] (literary) used to refer to a country or region in an emotional or imaginative way (带有感情或想象色彩的)国度,地区She longed to return to her native land.她渴望回到她的祖国。America was seen as the land of freedom and opportunity.美国曾被认为是一个自由与充满机遇的国度。 superpower ˈsuːpəpaʊə(r), ˈsjuːpəpaʊə(r); NAmE ˈsuːpərpaʊər [countable] one of the countries in the world with very great military or economic power and a lot of influence 超级大国The United States was left as the only global superpower.美国是当时仅存的超级大国。Japan's status as an economic superpower日本作为经济强国的地位 power [countable] a country with a lot of influence in world affairs, or the affairs of a region, or with great military strength 有影响力的大国;军事强国Major European powers, such as France and Germany, are against the plan.法德等主要欧洲强国反对这个计划。He transformed a backward country into a world power.他把一个落后国家改造成世界强国。country2


a foreign country 外国country life 乡村生活country ♦︎ landscape ♦︎ countryside ♦︎ terrain ♦︎ land ♦︎ scenery ♦︎ topographyThese are all words for areas away from towns and cities, with fields, woods and farms. 这些词均表示乡村地区。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配the surrounding country / landscape / countryside / terrain / land / scenerymountain / mountainous / wild / rugged country / landscape / countryside / terrain / scenerybeautiful / glorious / stunning / dramatic / magnificent / spectacular country / landscape / countryside / sceneryopen country / landscape / countryside / terrain / landrolling country / landscape / countrysideto protect the landscape / countryside / land country [uncountable] (often the country 常作the country) an area that is away from towns and cities, especially one with particular natural features (尤指具有某种自然特征的)乡下,乡村She lives in the country.她住在乡下。We came to an area of wooded country.我们来到一片树木繁茂的乡村地带。a little country town一个小乡镇I don't really enjoy country life.我不怎么喜欢乡村生活。There have often been disagreements between town and country.城乡之间经常存在差异。 landscape [countable, usually singular] everything that you can see when you look across a large area of land, especially in the country (尤指乡村的)风景,景色This pattern of woods and fields is typical of the English landscape.这种林地与田野的格局是典型的英格兰乡村景色。The mountains dominate the landscape.重峦叠嶂是那里主要的景色。The power station is a blot on the landscape (= completely spoils the landscape).那个发电厂把景致都破坏了。 countryside [uncountable] land outside towns and cities, with fields, woods and farms 乡村;农村a little village in the French countryside法国乡间的小村庄You can walk through miles and miles of unspoilt countryside.连走数英里都是原生态的乡村景致。Countryside is usually used when you are talking about the beauty or peacefulness of a country area. * countryside通常用来强调乡村地区的美丽或宁静。 see also nature nature 2 terrain təˈreɪn [uncountable, countable] (written) land 地形;地势;地带Make sure you have equipment that is suitable for the terrain.确保你有适合那种地形的装备。There were several miles of difficult terrain to be covered.要穿越几英里不好走的地带。Terrain is used when you are describing the natural features of an area, for example if it is rough, flat, etc. * terrain用于描述某地区的自然特征,比如地势崎岖或平坦等。 land [uncountable] (usually the land 通常作the land) the countryside; the way people live in the country as opposed to in towns and cities (与城镇相对的)农村,农村生活方式Many younger people are leaving the land to find work in the cities.许多较年轻的人陆续离开农村到城里找工作。Almost a third of the population live off the land (= grew or produced their own food).几乎三分之一的人口靠种地为生。Her family had farmed the land for generations.她家世代耕种。 see also land land noun 1 scenery [uncountable] the natural features of an area, such as mountains, valleys, rivers and forests, especially when these are attractive to look at 自然风景;景色;风光Alpine scenery阿尔卑斯山的风景We stopped on the mountain pass to admire the scenery.我们在山口停下来欣赏风景。 (especially NAmE) They went abroad for a change of scenery (= to see and experience new surroundings).他们出国去换换环境。In British English it is more usual to say a change of scene. 在英式英语中更常说a change of scene。 see also scene view 2 , nature nature 2 topography təˈpɒgrəfi; NAmE təˈpɑːgrəfi [uncountable] (technical 术语) the natural features of an area, especially the positions of its rivers, mountains, etc.; the study of these features 地形;地貌;地势;地形学a map showing the topography of the island这个岛的地形图

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