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IELTS BNC: 481 COCA: 524

support verb [ T ] ENCOURAGE

B2 to agree with and give encouragement to someone or something because you want him, her, or it to succeed支持;赞成;拥护;鼓励

My father supported the LabourDemocratic Party all his life.我父亲毕生都拥护工党/民主党。
The majority of people in the town strongly support the plans to build a new school.镇上的大部分人都强烈支持修建新学校的计划。
I think it's important to support local businesses by buying locally.我认为购买本地商品来支持本地企业这一点很重要。
[ + obj + to infinitive ] We will always do our best to support our students to succeed.

B1 mainly UK US usually root for If you support a sports team or a sports player, you want them to win, and might show it by going to watch them play.支持(某个运动队或运动员)

Which team do you support?你支持哪个队?

More examples

I don't support the death penalty, but if people are to be executed, it should be done humanely.

The mass of the people support the government's reforms.

All those who support this proposal say "Aye".

Although I support the project in public, my private opinion is that it will fail.

Her speech failed to sway her colleagues into supporting the plan.

support verb [ T ] HELP

B1 to help someone emotionally or in a practical way(在情感或实际方面)支持,帮助

Alcoholics Anonymous is a group which supports people who are trying to stop drinking too much alcohol.匿名戒酒会是一个帮助人们停止酗酒的机构。
My family has always supported me in whatever I've wanted to do.无论我想做什么,我家人都一贯地支持我。

More examples

Judging by what he said, I think it's very unlikely that he'll be able to support your application.

I thought he wasn't going to support me, but I misjudged him.

Many Americans felt it was their patriotic duty to buy bonds to support the war effort.

I felt a sense of betrayal when my friends refused to support me.

The organization has peddled the myth that they are supporting the local population.

support verb [ T ] PROVIDE

B1 to give a person the money they need in order to buy food and clothes and pay for somewhere to live养活,抚养;供养,赡养

He has a wife and four children to support.他得养活妻子和4个孩子。

B2 If you support an activity or a habit, you provide the money needed to pay for it.资助,为…提供资金;出钱维持,支付…的花费

The drug company is supporting cancer research.这家制药公司在出钱资助癌症研究工作。
I don't know how they manage to support their expensive lifestyle.我不知道他们是怎么设法维持自己奢侈的生活方式的。
Some drug addicts turn to crime in order to support their habit.有些瘾君子为了维持自己的吸毒恶习而走向犯罪。

to provide the right conditions, such as enough food and water, for life维持…的生命

The land is so poor here that it cannot support any crops.这片土地太贫瘠,种不了任何作物。

More examples

The great and the good are calling on the government to support the arts.

She needs a pretty high income to support her lifestyle.

My starting salary as a newly qualified teacher wasn't enough to support a family.

Charities depend on people supporting their activities.

This play is supported by a grant from the local arts council.

support verb [ T ] STOP FROM FALLING

C2 to hold something firmly or carry its weight, especially from below to stop it from falling支撑,撑起,承受

The church dome is supported by/on marble pillars.这个教堂的穹顶是由大理石柱子支撑的。
When babies first learn to stand, they hold on to something to support themselves (= to stop themselves from falling).小孩刚开始学习站立的时候,会紧紧抓住某样东西来支撑自己。
My ankle is weak, so I always put a bandage on it to support it when I play tennis.我的脚踝很脆弱,所以打网球的时候我总是缠上绷带保护它。
figurative The Bank of England has taken measures to support the pound (= to stop it from being reduced in value).英格兰银行已经采取措施力挺英镑。

More examples

The frame needs to be strong enough to support the engine assembly .

Use bamboo canes to support tomato plants.

The stakes are pushed or hammered into the ground and can be used for marking an area, supporting a plant or forming part of a fence.

Carefully tighten the clamp until it firmly supports the pipette in a vertical position.

A row of reinforced concrete pillars supports the bridge.

support verb [ T ] PROVE

C1 to help to show something to be true证明,证实

These figures support my argument.这些数字证实了我的论点。
You can't make a statement like that without any supporting documentation.在没有任何证明文件的情况下,你不能那样妄作论断。

support verb [ T ] ACCEPT

UK formal to accept something and allow it to happen忍受,容忍

The headteacher told the boys that he would not support that kind of behaviour.校长告诉那些男孩子,他不会容忍那样的行为。

support noun ENCOURAGEMENT

B2 [ U ] agreement with and encouragement for an idea, group, or person支持;赞成;拥护;鼓励

Environmental groups are fast gaining support among young people.环境保护组织正迅速赢得年轻人的支持。
We've succeeded in drumming up a lot of local support for our attempt to stop the superstore being built.我们试图阻止兴建那座大型超市的行动已成功赢得了当地人的广泛支持。
I signed a petition in support of the campaign to end the marketing of baby formula in developing countries.我在请愿书上签名,支持停止在发展中国家营销婴儿奶粉的运动。

More examples

The Labour Party has lost a lot of support among the working class.

In the recent elections, the National Party was given a lot of support from the coloured population.

The postal workers have come out in support of their pay claim.

The government's concentration on tax reduction has won them a lot of support.

There is a growing current of support for green issues among voters.

support noun HELP

B1 [ C or U ] emotional or practical help(在情感或实际方面)支持,帮助

Liz gave me a lot of support when I lost my job.我失业后莉兹给了我很多帮助。
You've been a great support to my mum in this difficult time.您在这个困难时期给了我妈妈巨大的精神支持。

More examples

Our success is contingent upon your support.

The president's support is critical (to this project).

Can I bank on your support?

There was a quaver in her voice as she thanked her staff for all their support.

I'm reckoning on your continued support.

support noun MONEY

B2 [ U ] the money someone needs in order to buy food and clothes and pay for somewhere to live养活,抚养;供养,赡养

He is dependent on his father for support .他依靠父亲过活。

More examples

The annual cost of income support to unmarried mothers amounted to £700 million in that year.

Farmers are eligible for government support if they let a certain amount of land lie fallow.

Will financial support for the theatre project be forthcoming?

Is there any hope of getting financial support for the project?

They are young inexperienced parents and need support.

support noun HOLDING

[ C or U ] something that holds something firmly or carries its weight, especially from below to stop it from falling支撑物,支架,支柱

The floor is held up by wooden supports.地板是由木支架撑起来的。
I've hurt my wrist, so I've bandaged it to give it some support.我的手腕受伤了,所以绑上了绷带进行保护。

[ C ] a device worn to hold part of the body, especially a weak part, firmly in position(尤指身体脆弱部位的)支撑物,托

Jim always wears a knee support when he goes running.吉姆跑步时总是戴着护膝。

More examples

Because of an unusually strong current, the bridge's central support gave way, tipping a coach into the river.

When restoring the building, the first priority was to underpin the exterior walls by adding wooden supports along the foundations.

The mattress has hundreds of small springs to provide extra support for the back.

Always provide support for the baby's head.

The shelf was held in place by two brick supports.

support noun PROOF

[ U ] something that shows that a fact is true证明,证实

This new evidence lends support to the theory that she was murdered.这一新证据证明了她是被谋杀的说法。
We had to send a doctor's report in support of our claim to the insurance company.我们得把医生的报告寄给保险公司,为我们的索赔提供证明。
IELTS BNC: 481 COCA: 524


1help and encouragement幫助;鼓勵ADJECTIVE | VERB + SUPPORT | SUPPORT + VERB | SUPPORT + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcomplete, full, total完全的/充分的/全面的支持firm, solid, strong堅定的/可靠的/強有力的支持The candidate enjoys the firm support of local industry.候選人受到當地產業界的堅決支持。The plan received strong support from farmers.這個計劃獲得了農民的大力支持。considerable, generous, substantial相當大的/慷慨的/大力的支持the company's generous financial support of the arts公司對藝術慷慨的財力支持good, great, tremendous有力的支持;極大的支持active, enthusiastic積極的/熱情的支持loyal忠實的支持unconditional, unqualified, wholehearted無條件的支持;全心全意的支持massive, overwhelming, unanimous巨大的支持;一致的支持The poll revealed massive support for the proposal.民意測驗顯示了人們對這個提案的大力支持。unflagging, unstinting, unswerving, unwavering不懈的/全力的/始終不渝的/堅定不移的支持We would like to thank Ana for her unwavering support over the years.我們要感謝安娜多年來始終不渝的支持。growing, increased, increasing越來越多的支持;甚於以往的支持continued, continuing, ongoing不斷的支持;持續的支持broad, general廣泛的/普遍的支持grass-roots, popular, public草根階層的/民眾的/大眾的支持majority, mass, wide, widespread大多數人的支持;群眾的支持;廣泛的支持The government has lost majority support in the Assembly.政府失去了議會多數人的支持。community社會的支持main主要的支持limited, lukewarm, qualified, weak有限的/不冷不熱的/有保留的/無力的支持My idea only received lukewarm support from my colleagues.我的想法只得到了同事們不冷不熱的支持。adequate, sufficient足夠的/充分的支持direct, indirect直接的/間接的支持long-term長期幫助people who need long-term support at home在家長期需要幫助的人personal個人的支持The proposal has the personal support of the president.該提案得到了總統本人的支持。mutual相互的支持The parents of the sufferers get together for mutual support.受害者的父母聚在一起,相互支持。international國際援助Democratic, Labour, Liberal, Republican, etc.民主黨、工黨、自由黨、共和黨等的支持all-party, bipartisan, cross-party (BrE) 所有黨派的/兩黨的/跨黨派的支持parental父母的支持emotional, moral感情上的/道義上的支持She took her sister with her to the interview for moral support.她帶着妹妹去面試是為了有精神上的支持。administrative, economic, electoral, financial, political, practical, technical, etc.行政、經濟、選舉、金融、政治、實踐、技術等支持federal, government, official, state聯邦/政府/官方/國家支持air, intelligence, logistical, logistics, military, naval空中支援;情報支持;後勤支援;軍事支援;海軍支援customer, tech (= company departments) 客戶服務(部);技術支持(部)life生命維持(設備)He's on life support at the moment.目前他正靠醫療設備維持着生命。They turned off her life-support machine.他們關掉了維持她生命的呼吸機。VERB + SUPPORTenjoy, have享有/擁有支持The policy has the support of the community.該項政策得到了公眾的支持。derive, draw, get, receive獲得支持;得到支持;受到支持Which groups does the party draw most of its support from?該黨派的大部份支持來自哪些群體?enlist, find, gain, mobilize, secure, win獲得支持;找到支持;爭取支持;穩獲支持;贏得支持Campaigners have enlisted the support of the local people.運動領導者已爭取到當地人的支持。attract, generate吸引/獲得支持drum up, garner, muster, rally, recruit, seek, solicit, whip up竭力爭取支持;尋求支持;懇求給予支持give sb/sth, lend (sb/sth), offer (sb/sth), provide (sb/sth with)給予⋯支持;(向⋯)施以援手;(向⋯)提供支持organizations that provide support and advice to small businesses為小型企業提供幫助和建議的機構lose失去支持cut, cut off, withdraw中斷支持;撤回援助need, require需要支持She will need a lot of emotional support at this difficult time.在這種艱難時刻,她需要大量的情感支持。count on, rely on指望/依靠支持Can I count on your support?我能指望你的支持嗎?deserve應該受到支持announce, confirm, express, pledge, reaffirm, voice宣佈/證實/表達/承諾/重申/聲稱支持Many TV celebrities have already pledged their support to the appeal.許多電視名流已承諾支持這一呼籲。come out in, demonstrate, show公開表達/表明/表示支持one of the first scientists to come out in support of 'The Origin of Species'首批公開表示支持《物種起源》的科學家之一acknowledge感謝支持I wish to acknowledge the support of my family during the writing of this book.我想感謝家人在我寫這本書期間給予我的支持。appreciate感激支持bolster, broaden, build, build up, increase, strengthen增進支持;擴大支持;加強支持The government is trying to build popular support for an unwinnable war.政府正在試圖促使大眾支持一場不可能獲勝的戰爭。erode, weaken削弱支持SUPPORT + VERBcome from sth支持來自⋯Support came from all sections of the community.支持來自社會各界。grow, rise支持率上升/提高Support for the party has risen to 33%.該黨的支持率提高到了 33%。fall支持率下降SUPPORT + NOUNbase, network支持基礎;關係網He had no support base within the party.他在黨內沒有支持基礎。group互助小組a local support group for single parents當地的單親父母互助小組services, system(地方政府對貧困兒童及其家庭提供的)支持服務;互助體系personnel, staff, team人員/員工/團隊支持function, role功能/角色支持PREPOSITIONin support of支持⋯an intense campaign in support of the proposal擁護這一提議的轟轟烈烈的活動with... support, without... support有⋯支持;沒有⋯支持The pipeline is to be built with international support.這條管道將在國際援助下進行建設。support against對⋯鬥爭的支持Farmers mobilized considerable support against plans to remove import restrictions.農戶們爭取到了大批支持者來反對取消進口限制的計劃。support among⋯當中的支持The party wishes to broaden its support among professionals.該黨希望獲得更多專業人士的支持。support between⋯之間的支持mutual support between local cooperatives當地合作企業之間的相互支持support for對⋯的支持The president has expressed his support for the project.總統已對該項目表示支持。support from來自⋯的支持The policy has broad support from industry.這項政策得到產業界的廣泛支持。PHRASESa base of support支持的基礎Fears that instability would return gave the government a broad base of support.對不穩定局勢再度出現的擔心令本屆政府獲得了廣泛的支持基礎。a cut in support, a decline in support支持率的下降/下滑an expression of support支持的表達The rebel leader received expressions of support from all quarters.叛軍首領得到了來自四面八方的表態支持。a lack of support缺乏支持a source of support支持的源泉support and encouragement支持與鼓勵throw your support behind sb, throw your support to sb (NAmE) 向⋯提供支持She threw her full support behind him.她全力支持他。They are now throwing their support to the other candidate.他們現在正向其他候選人施以援手。


2money to buy food, clothes, etc.生活費ADJECTIVE | VERB + SUPPORT | PHRASES ADJECTIVEchild, family, social, spousal (especially NAmE) 子女撫養費;家庭贍養費;社會資助;配偶贍養費income (BrE) 低收入補助金VERB + SUPPORTclaim申領補助Families earning below a certain amount can claim child support.收入不足一定數額的家庭可以申領子女撫養費。pay支付生活費PHRASESa means of support生計來源


3sth that carries the weight of sb/sth承重物ADJECTIVE | VERB + SUPPORT | SUPPORT + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVEfirm堅固的支柱added, additional, extra另外的/附加的/額外的支撑物back, knee, etc.腰托、護膝等roof房頂支柱structural結構支撑VERB + SUPPORTgive sth給予⋯支撑The piece of wood under the mattress is to give my back extra support.牀墊下的木板會使我的背部得到額外的支撑。SUPPORT + NOUNbeam, structure支承梁;支承結構PHRASEShold onto sb/sth for support抓住⋯作支撑He held onto his wife for support as he left the hospital.他在妻子攙扶下離開了醫院。


1help/encourage/agree with sb/sth幫助;鼓勵;贊同ADVERB | VERB + SUPPORT | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBoverwhelmingly大力支持The people of this country overwhelmingly support their president.該國人民非常擁護他們的總統。I strongly support the view that education should be available to everyone.我強烈支持每個人都有權接受教育的觀點。fervently, fully, strongly, wholeheartedly熱烈/完全/強烈/由衷支持unanimously一致贊同actively, enthusiastically, vigorously積極/熱情/大力支持The group is actively supported by the administration.這個團體得到了政府的積極支持。consistently一貫支持He has consistently supported the tax cuts.他一貫支持減稅。directly直接支持tacitly心照不宣地支持openly, publicly公開/公然支持loyally忠誠地支持He has supported the party loyally for over twenty years.二十多年來他一直對黨忠心不二。ably大力支持The soloists were ably supported by the University Singers.這些獨唱演員得到了大學合唱團的大力支持。VERB + SUPPORTagree to, pledge to, promise to同意/保證/承諾支持He promised to support me at the meeting.他答應在會議上站在我這邊。be prepared to, be willing to樂意/願意支持fail to, refuse to沒有/拒絕支持PREPOSITIONin在⋯方面支持Very few countries supported France in its action.沒有幾個國家支持法國的行動。PHRASESbe well supported, be widely supported得到廣泛的支持These policies were widely supported in the country.這些政策在該國受到廣泛支持。support and encourage sb/sth支持並鼓勵⋯Teachers should always support and encourage their students.教師應隨時隨地給予學生支持和鼓勵。


2show that sth is true/correct證實ADVERB | VERB + SUPPORT | PHRASES ADVERBstrongly, weakly有力地/難以證實The evidence strongly supports his claims.這一證據有力地證實了他的說法。adequately充分證實The sample adequately supports this conclusion.樣本充分證實了這一結論。directly, indirectly直接/間接證實These results indirectly support the hypothesis.結果間接證明了這一假設。partially部份證實generally普遍支持Research has generally supported these predictions.調查研究普遍支持這些預測。clearly明確支持Our results clearly support this view.我們得到的結果明確支持這個觀點。VERB + SUPPORTappear to, seem to, tend to顯得/好像/趨向於支持PHRASESbe supported by data, be supported by evidence數據/證據支持His claim is not supported by any evidence.他的說法毫無證據支持。be well supported很好地證明He said the figures were questionable and not well supported.他說這些數字有問題,缺乏有說服力的證明。


3give sb money資助ADVERB | VERB + SUPPORT | PREPOSITION ADVERBfinancially財政上支持generously慷慨資助partially部份資助This work was partially supported by the government.這項工作由政府提供部份資助。VERB + SUPPORThelp (to)資助PREPOSITIONthrough在整個⋯過程中提供資金Her parents supported her all through college.她的父母供她上完了大學。
IELTS BNC: 481 COCA: 524
support noun
evidence (support for a theory) help (emotional/moral support) post (the supports under the bridge)
support verb
support1 (support a party) confirm1 (support a theory) fund (support sth financially) help1 (The organization supports people with AIDS.) provide for sb (support a family)


support a party/policy 拥护一个政党/政策support the weight of sth 支撑某物的重量 See also the entry for in favour 另见in favour条support ♦︎ vote ♦︎ back ♦︎ stand for sth ♦︎ second ♦︎ champion ♦︎ side with sbThese words all mean to help or encourage a person, idea, policy, etc. by saying that you agree with them/it. 这些词均表示支持、拥护。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to support / vote for / back / side with sb in sthto vote / side with sb against sb / sthto support / back / stand for / champion an ideato support / vote for / back / champion a measureto support / back / champion reformto support / vote for / back / second a proposal / plan / motion / resolutionto support / vote for / back a move / schemeto support / back / champion a causeto support / back / stand for a policyto openly / publicly support / back / side with sb / sthto overwhelmingly / unanimously support / vote for / back sth support [transitive] to help or encourage sb/sth by saying or showing that you agree with them/it 支持;拥护;鼓励If you raise it at the meeting, I'll support you.如果你在会上提出这个问题,我将支持你。These measures are strongly supported by environmental groups.这些措施得到环保组织的大力支持。OPP oppose oppose see also advocate recommend 1 support


[uncountable] There is strong public support for the change.公众大力支持这一变革。Only a few people spoke in support of the proposal.只有几个人发言支持这一提议。The idea has met with widespread support.这个观点已得到广泛支持。
vote [intransitive, transitive] to show formally by marking a paper or raising your hand which person you want to win an election, or which plan or idea you agree with 投票;表决;选举They all voted for the new tax.他们都投票赞成这个新税项。Over 60% of members voted in favour of the motion.60%以上的成员对这一动议投了赞成票。We'll listen to the arguments on both sides and then vote on it.我们将先听取双方的论点,然后再表决。We voted Democrat in the last election.上次选举我们投了民主党的票。 back [transitive] to give help or support to sb/sth 帮助;支持Her parents backed her in her choice of career.她父母支持她的职业选择。Doctors have backed plans to raise tax on cigarettes.医生们对提高烟草税的计划给予了支持。Back is often used when it is sb in an influential, powerful or more senior position who is giving their support. * back常指有影响力、有权力或职位更高的人给予支持。 backing


[uncountable] The police gave the proposals their full backing.警方对这些提案给予了全力支持。 see also backing investment
ˈstand for sth

phrasal verb

(stood, stood)(especially of an organization) to support a particular idea, belief or policy (尤指组织)支持,主张(某种观点、信仰或政策)I hated the organization and all it stood for (= the ideas that it supported).我讨厌那个组织,也讨厌它的一切主张。
second [transitive] to state officially at a meeting that you support another person's suggestion so that it can be discussed and/or voted on (会议中)支持,赞成(建议);附议Any proposal must be seconded by two other members of the committee.任何提案都必须有其他两位委员附议。 see also propose propose champion [transitive] to fight for or speak in support of a group of people or a belief 为⋯而斗争;捍卫;声援He has always championed the cause of gay rights.他一直在为争取同性恋者的权利而斗争。 ˈside with sb

phrasal verb

to support one person or group in an argument against sb else 支持某人,和某人站在一起(反对⋯)The kids always sided with their mother against me.孩子们总是和妈妈站在一起,跟我唱对台戏。


support a party/policy 拥护一个政党/政策support the weight of sth 支撑某物的重量support ♦︎ hold sb/sth up ♦︎ bear ♦︎ hold ♦︎ prop sth up ♦︎ carryThese words all mean to hold sth in position so that it does not fall. 这些词均表示支撑、承载。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to support / bear / hold / carry the weight of sb / sth support [transitive] to hold sb/sth in position; to prevent sb/sth from falling 支撑;支承;支护The platform is supported by concrete pillars.这个平台是用混凝土支柱来支撑的。Support the baby's head when you hold her.你抱婴儿时要托着她的头。She walked carefully down the stairs, supported by her grandson.她在孙儿的搀扶下小心地走下楼梯。 support


[uncountable] She held on to his arm for support.她抓住他的胳膊以免摔倒。 see also support post noun
hold sb/sth ˈup

phrasal verb

(held, held) [often passive] to support or raise sb/sth and stop them from falling 搀扶;支撑;举起;抬起His baggy grey trousers were held up with a piece of string.他那宽松的灰裤子靠一根带子系着。He held up his hands (= raised his arms) in a gesture of innocence.他举起双手,做了一个表示无辜的姿势。
bear (bore, borne) [transitive] (rather formal) to support the weight of sb/sth 支撑;承受(重量)The ground was too soft to bear his weight.地面太软,承受不住他的重量。 hold [transitive] (held, held)to support the weight of sb/sth 支撑;承受(重量)I don't think that branch will hold your weight.我觉得那根树枝撑不住你的重量。NOTE 辨析 Bear or hold?These words have the same meaning, but bear is slightly more formal. Bear can also be used figuratively, but hold is not used in this way. 这两个词含义相同,但bear稍正式些。bear也可用于比喻,hold则不这样用 (figurative) He seemed unable to bear the weight of his reponsibility.他似乎承担不了这种重任。He seemed unable to hold the weight of his responsibility. prop sth ˈup

phrasal verb

(-pp-)to prevent sth from falling by putting sth under it to support it 撑起;支起They had to prop up the tree with long poles under the branches.他们得用一些长杆子支在树枝的下面把树撑起。
carry [transitive] to support the weight of sth, especially sth that is moving 支撑,承载(尤指移动的物体)A road bridge has to carry a lot of traffic.公路桥必须承载很多来往车辆。
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