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C1 to prevent someone or something from entering a place or taking part in an activity阻止…进入;把…排斥在外

Women are still excluded from the club.这家俱乐部仍然把女性拒之门外。
Microbes must, as far as possible, be excluded from the room during an operation.在手术过程中,要尽可能防止细菌进入手术室。
Tom has been excluded from school (= he is not allowed to go to school) for bad behaviour.汤姆因为行为不端被学校开除了。

C1 to intentionally not include something(有意地)不包括

The price excludes local taxes.这个价格不包括地方税。

to decide that something is not true or possible排除…;不考虑…;认为…不可能

We can't exclude the possibility that he is dead.我们不能排除他已经死亡的可能性。

More examples

It wasn't my intention to exclude her from the list - I just forgot her.

Couples who are childless can feel excluded from the rest of society.

The net weight of something excludes the weight of the material that it is packed in.

At that time, women were excluded from the club.

People who have to, or choose to, exclude certain foods from their diet must be particularly careful about eating healthy balanced meals.



ADVERB | VERB + EXCLUDE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBaltogether, completely, entirely, totally完全拒絕;全部拒絕not absolutely, not wholly不絕對拒絕;不完全拒絕The possibility of error cannot be absolutely excluded.出錯的可能性無法絕對排除。virtually實際上排除generally, largely全面地/很大程度上排除permanently永久排除previously預先排除apparently貌似排除clearly清楚地拒絕automatically自動排除Unlawfully obtained evidence is not automatically excluded from a criminal trial.非法獲得的證據並不自動排除在刑事審判之外。necessarily必然排除actively, deliberately主動/故意排除explicitly, expressly, specifically明確排除effectively事實上排斥在外Women in such societies are effectively excluded from public affairs.這類社會中的婦女實際上被排斥在公共事務之外。rigorously, systematically嚴格地/系統地排除unfairly不公正地排除historically, traditionally歷史上/傳統上排斥a club that has traditionally excluded minorities and women一個傳統上排斥少數民族和女性的俱樂部VERB + EXCLUDEbe designed to意在排除attempt to, try to試圖排除seek to, want to, wish to力圖/想要/希望排除a clause that seeks to exclude liability for death or serious injury一項旨在免除對造成死亡及重傷擔負責任的條款tend to趨向於排除Certain groups tend to be excluded from full participation in society.某些群體往往被排斥而不能充分參與社會活動。serve to用於排除The measure would serve to exclude certain voters.這項措施將能排除某些選民。appear to, seem to好像/似乎排除PREPOSITIONfrom排除在⋯之外Women were excluded from the club.女性被排除在這個俱樂部之外。PHRASESfeel excluded感到被排除在外Many local people felt excluded from decisions that affected their own community.許多當地人感到無法參與制訂影響自己所在社區的決定。socially excluded (especially BrE) 社會上受排斥services designed to assist the socially excluded為幫助社會上受排斥的人而設計的服務
exclude verb
exclude1 (exclude sugar from your diet) exclude2 (exclude sb from a club)


exclude sugar from your diet 饮食中不含糖分exclude sb from a club 阻止某人加入俱乐部exclude ♦︎ eliminate ♦︎ rule sb/sth outThese words all mean to deliberately not include sth or decide sth is not possible. 这些词均表示不包括、排除在外。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to exclude / eliminate / rule out sth as sthto exclude / eliminate sth from sthto be excluded / eliminated / ruled out by sb / sthto exclude / eliminate / rule out a / an possibility / explanationto eliminate / rule out sb as a suspectto exclude / rule out the idea of sthto completely / entirely / totally / effectively exclude / eliminate / rule out sth exclude [transitive] to deliberately not include sth in what you are doing or considering; to decide that sth is not possible or cannot be true 不包括;不放在考虑之列;排除⋯的可能性The cost of borrowing has been excluded from the inflation figures.通胀数字未包括借贷成本。Try to exclude sugar and fat from your diet.日常饮食中尽量不含糖分和脂肪。Buses run every hour, Sundays excluded.公共汽车每小时一班,星期天除外。We should not exclude the possibility of negotiation.我们不应该排除谈判的可能性。The police have excluded theft as a motive for the murder.警方已经排除了这起杀人案的偷窃动机。 OPP include include 1 excluding


Lunch costs £10 per person, excluding drinks.午餐每人10英镑,酒水除外。 OPP including include verb 1
exclusion ɪkˈskluːʒn


[uncountable, countable] Memories of the past filled her mind to the exclusion of all else.她满脑子全是对过去的回忆,根本不想别的。 OPP inclusion include verb 1
eliminate ɪˈlɪmɪneɪt [transitive] (rather formal) to decide that sth cannot be true 排除⋯的可能性The police have eliminated two suspects from their investigation.警方已从调查对象中排除了两名嫌疑人。Malaria was eliminated as a cause of death.已经排除了疟疾致死的可能性。We can only be certain once we have eliminated every other possible explanation.我们只有在排除了其他解释的可能性之后才能肯定。 elimination


[uncountable] You can crack the code by a process of elimination.可以通过排除法破解密码。
ˌrule sb/sth ˈout

phrasal verb

to decide or state that sth is not possible or that sb/sth is not suitable 把⋯排除在外;认为⋯不适合The proposed solution was ruled out as too expensive.提出的解决方案被认为花钱太多而遭否决。We aren't ruling anything out at this stage.在目前这个阶段,我们不排除任何可能性。He has not explicitly ruled out increasing taxes.他没有明确表明不加税。


exclude sugar from your diet 饮食中不含糖分exclude sb from a club 阻止某人加入俱乐部 See also the entries for ban verb, evacuate and expel 另见ban动词词条、evacuate条和expel条exclude ♦︎ expel ♦︎ keep sb/sth out ♦︎ drop ♦︎ shut sb/sth out ♦︎ ostracize ♦︎ blacklist ♦︎ excommunicateThese words all mean to prevent sb/sth from taking part in sth or entering a place, or to make sb leave a place. 这些词均表示阻止参加、拒之门外或驱逐。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to exclude / expel / drop / excommunicate sb from sthto exclude / expel / drop / ostracize / blacklist / excommunicate sb for sthto exclude / expel a pupil / student / childto feel excluded / ostracized exclude [transitive, often passive] to prevent sb/sth from entering a place or taking part in sth 防止⋯进入;阻止⋯参加Women are still excluded from some golf clubs.有些高尔夫球俱乐部仍拒绝接纳女会员。Large multinationals can make bids which effectively exclude local firms.大型跨国公司可以投标,这样实际上排挤了地方企业。Many local people feel excluded from decisions that affect their own community.许多当地人觉得在自己社区的决策中没有发言权。In British English, exclude can also mean to forbid a student to attend school for a time because of bad behaviour. 在英式英语中,exclude还可表示“勒令行为不端的学生停学一段时间” (BrE) Concern is growing over the number of children excluded from school.被学校停学的儿童人数引起了人们越来越多的关注。In American English use expel. 在美式英语中用expel来表达此义。 OPP admit let sb in , involve include 1 exclusion ɪkˈskluːʒn


[uncountable, countable] (rather formal) the causes of social exclusion不为社会所容的原因 (BrE) Two exclusions from one school in the same week is unusual.一所学校在一周之内就有两起令学生停学的事,这很少见。
expel ɪkˈspel (-ll-) [transitive] to officially make sb leave a school or an organization, usually because they have broken the rules or done sth wrong (通常因犯规或犯错)把⋯开除(或除名)She was expelled from school at 15.她15岁时被学校开除了。A number of Olympic athletes were expelled for drug-taking.一些奥运会运动员因服用禁药被取消比赛资格。They were forcibly expelled from their farm by the occupying authorities.他们被那些抢占他们土地的当权者强行驱逐出农场。 expulsion ɪkˈspʌlʃn


[uncountable, countable] The principal threatened the three girls with expulsion.校长以开除来威胁这三名女生。
ˌkeep sb/sth ˈout

phrasal verb

(kept, kept)to prevent sb/sth from entering a place 阻止进入;把⋯阻挡在外Keep that dog out of my study!别让那狗进我的书房!They took security precautions to keep intruders out.他们采取了安全措施以阻止闯入者。The house has extra insulation to keep out the cold.这所住宅加装了隔热装置以防寒。 OPP let sb in let sb in
drop (-pp-) [transitive] to no longer include sb in a team or group (从队伍或小组中)除去She's been dropped from the team because of injury.她因伤离队了。 ˌshut sb/sth ˈout

phrasal verb

(shutting, shut, shut)to prevent sb/sth from entering a place 阻止进入;把⋯阻挡在外Mum, Ben keeps shutting me out of the bedroom!妈,本老是不让我进卧室!They make sunglasses which shut out 99% of the sun's harmful rays.他们生产的太阳镜能遮挡99%的有害太阳光线。He carefully locked the door behind him, shutting out the world.他小心翼翼地把身后的门锁上,把世界关在外面。NOTE 辨析 Exclude, keep sb/sth out or shut sb/sth out? Exclude is slightly more formal and usually refers to a rule or policy which stops sb from entering a place, such as a building or event. Keep sb/sth out and shut sb/sth out are slightly more informal and usually refer to sth which physically stops sb from entering a place. Shut sb/sth out emphasizes the idea of a physical barrier, such as a door. * exclude稍正式,通常指规定或政策阻止某人进入建筑物或参加活动。keep sb/sth out和shut sb/sth out稍非正式,通常指用实质的障碍物阻挡某人进入。shut sb/sth out强调像门这样的实体障碍。
ostracize (BrE also ostracise) ˈɒstrəsaɪz; NAmE ˈɑːstrəsaɪz [transitive] (formal) (of a group of people) to refuse to let sb be a member of a social group; to refuse to meet or talk to sb (团体)排挤;排斥He was ostracized by his colleagues for refusing to support the strike.他因拒绝支持罢工而受到同事的排挤。The regime risks being ostracized by the international community.这一政权有遭到国际社会排斥的风险。 blacklist ˈblæklɪst [transitive] to put the name of sb/sth on a list of people, products or countries that an organization or government considers unacceptable or that must be avoided 将⋯列入黑名单She was blacklisted by all the major Hollywood studios because of her political views.由于她的政见,所有的好莱坞大制片公司都拒绝用她。At present, anything except specifically blacklisted substances can be dumped at sea.目前,未明令禁止的所有物质都可以倾倒进大海。The list of people, products or countries is called a blacklist. * blacklist指黑名单a blacklist of countries where illegal copying of software is thought to be widespread盛行非法复制软件的国家黑名单 excommunicate ˌekskəˈmjuːnɪkeɪt [transitive] to punish sb by officially stating that they can no longer be a member of a Christian Church, especially the Roman Catholic Church 开除教籍(尤指天主教);绝罚The Vatican upheld its decision to excommunicate seven women who were ordained as priests last year.梵蒂冈坚持决议,开除去年接受任命的七名女司铎的教籍。 excommunication


[uncountable, countable] They were threatened with excommunication.他们受到取消教籍的威胁。

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