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BNC: 2241 COCA: 2760

A2 behaving in a pleasant, kind way towards someone友好的,友善的

a friendly face/smile友好的面容/微笑
Our neighbours have always been very friendlyto/towards us.我们的邻居们一直对我们很友好。
I'm on friendly terms with my daughter's teacher.我和我女儿的老师关系处得很不错。
Are you friendly with (= a friend of) Graham?你跟格雷厄姆是朋友吗?

A friendly place is pleasant and makes you feel happy and comfortable.(某处)舒适的,令人愉快的

It's a friendly little restaurant.那是一家让人感觉很舒适的小饭馆。

A friendly game or argument is one that you play or have for pleasure and in order to practise your skills, rather than playing or arguing seriously with the aim of winning(比赛或辩论)友谊的,非对抗的

We were having a friendly argument about politics.我们就政治问题进行了一番友好的辩论。
The teams are playing a friendly match on Sunday.两队将在周日进行一场友谊赛。

Friendly countries and friendly soldiers are ones who are not your enemies and who are working or fighting with you.(国家)友好的;(士兵)友军的

More examples

The teacher greeted each child with a friendly 'Hello!'

It's a very friendly bar with a nice relaxed atmosphere.

We had a friendly exchange of views .

There's no need to be frightened - he's a very friendly dog.

They've always been very friendly towards me.

a game that is played for enjoyment and in order to practise, not with the aim of winning points as part of a serious competition友谊赛

The rugby club has a friendly next week against the Giants.该橄榄球俱乐部下星期要和巨人队打一场友谊赛。

used at the end of words to mean "not harmful"(用于词尾)不破坏…的,对…无害的

ozone-friendly aerosols不会破坏臭氧层的气雾剂
dolphin-friendly tuna (= fish caught without harming dolphins) .不伤害海豚而捕到的金枪鱼

used at the end of words to mean "suitable for particular people to use"(用于词尾)适合…使用的

a family-friendly restaurant适合家庭聚餐的餐馆
BNC: 2241 COCA: 2760


1behaving in a kind/pleasant way舉止友好VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION VERBSappear, be, look, seem, sound顯得友善;友善;看上去友善;似乎挺友善;聽上去友善become變得友善ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極為/相當/非常友善exceptionally, genuinely格外/真正友善Frank was a genuinely friendly guy.弗蘭克屬於真正友善的那一類人。perfectly絕對友善He seemed detached, but perfectly friendly.他看起來不動感情,但卻非常友善。overly, too過於友善;太友善He was starting to get too friendly (= in a sexual way).他開始變得過於殷勤。almost幾乎可算是友善For once he seemed almost friendly.他一度看起來幾乎算是友善。not exactly, not particularly不是特別友善Her manner was not exactly friendly.她的態度不是很友善。naturally天性友善PREPOSITIONto, towards/toward對⋯友善He was always friendly towards / toward me.他對我一直很友善。


2being friends是朋友VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES VERBSbe, seem要好;似乎挺要好become, get變得很要好remain一直要好ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極為/相當/非常要好They were pretty friendly when they worked together.共事時他們相當要好。PREPOSITIONwith與⋯要好She's very friendly with Maureen.她和莫琳十分要好。PHRASESbe on friendly terms (with sb)(和某人)是朋友關係We have managed to remain on friendly terms.我們保持了朋友關係。


3easy to use/helpful/not harmful容易使用;有幫助;無害VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe容易用;有利;無害ADVERBenvironmentally環保的environmentally friendly cleaning products環保型清潔用品
BNC: 2241 COCA: 2760
friendly adj.
friendly1 (a friendly person) friendly2 (a friendly atmosphere)


a friendly person/smile 友善的人/微笑a friendly atmosphere/relationship 友好的气氛/关系 See also the entry for nice 2 另见nice条第2义friendly ♦︎ warm ♦︎ pleasant ♦︎ welcoming ♦︎ amiable ♦︎ good-natured ♦︎ genial ♦︎ hospitable ♦︎ approachableThese words all describe sb who behaves in a kind and pleasant way to other people. 这些词均表示待人友善的、友好的、亲切的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配friendly / pleasant / welcoming / hospitable to sba friendly / a warm / a pleasant / an amiable / a good-natured / a genial / a hospitable / an approachable persona welcoming / genial / hospitable host / hostessa friendly / a warm / a pleasant / a welcoming / an amiable / a genial / a hospitable mannera friendly / warm / pleasant / welcoming / good-natured / genial smilea friendly / a pleasant / an amiable / a genial tonea friendly / an amiable / a genial mood friendly behaving in a kind and pleasant way because you like sb or want to help them; showing this 友善的;友好的;亲切的Everyone was exceptionally friendly towards me.每个人都对我格外友好。John gave me a friendly smile.约翰对我亲切地微笑。OPP unfriendly cold 2 warm showing affection and/or enthusiasm 温情的;热心的;友好的Please send her my warmest congratulations.请代我向她致以最热烈的祝贺。His comments were greeted with warm applause.他的评论得到热烈喝彩。OPP cold , cool cold 2 warmly


He kissed her warmly on both cheeks.他热情地吻了她的双颊。


[uncountable] Her warmth and kindness made her universally liked.她为人热情友好,大家都很喜欢她。
pleasant (rather formal) friendly and polite 友好的;和善的;有礼的He seemed a very pleasant young man.他看来是个彬彬有礼的年轻人。Please try to be pleasant to our guests.请对我们的客人尽量客气点。OPP unpleasant mean adj. 1 pleasantly


'Can I help you?' he asked pleasantly.“需要帮忙吗?”他和悦地问道。
welcoming pleased to welcome guests; generous and friendly to visitors 好客的;热情友好的;殷勤的He found the locals extremely welcoming.他发现当地人极为热情友好。 OPP unwelcoming A person who is unwelcoming is not friendly towards sb who is visiting or arriving. * unwelcoming指对造访者不亲切的、不热情的、冷淡的The locals were distinctly unwelcoming.当地人明显很不友好。 see also welcome greet , welcome greeting amiable ˈeɪmiəbl (rather formal, written) friendly and easy to like 亲切友好的;和蔼可亲的Her parents seemed very amiable.她的父母好像很和蔼可亲。He uses an amiable tone of voice to soothe stressed clients.他用亲切的语调安慰焦虑的当事人。 ˌgood-ˈnatured kind, friendly and patient when dealing with people 本性善良的;和蔼可亲的;友好的Anthony is so good-natured-he finds it difficult to hate anyone.安东尼本性太善良了,对任何人都恨不起来。The discussion was good-natured and positive.讨论是友好且富有建设性的。 genial ˈdʒiːniəl (written) friendly and cheerful 友好的;亲切愉悦的Graham was a genial and modest host.格雷厄姆是一个和蔼谦逊的主人。 hospitable hɒˈspɪtəbl, ˈhɒspɪtəbl; NAmE hɑːˈspɪtəbl, ˈhɑːspɪtəbl (rather formal) welcoming 好客的;热情友好的;殷勤的The local people are very hospitable to strangers.当地人对外来人十分热情友好。Hospitable is less frequent and more formal than welcoming. * hospitable不如welcoming常用,也更正式。 see also hospitality greeting approachable friendly and easy to talk to; easy to understand 和蔼可亲的;易理解的Despite being a big star, she's very approachable.她虽然是个大明星,却非常平易近人。It's quite an approachable piece of music.那是一首十分浅显易懂的乐曲。 OPP unapproachable A person who is unapproachable is unfriendly and not easy to talk to. * unapproachable指人不友好的、难接近的、不好说话的Librarians have a reputation for being difficult and unapproachable.图书管理员难打交道和不好说话是出了名的。


a friendly person/smile 友善的人/微笑a friendly atmosphere/relationship 友好的气氛/关系friendly ♦︎ cordial ♦︎ amicable ♦︎ easyThese words all describe a relationship or atmosphere that is pleasant and polite, not aggressive or full of arguments. 这些词均表示关系友善的、和睦的或气氛亲切友好的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a friendly / a cordial / an amicable / an easy relationshipfriendly / cordial / amicable / easy relationsa friendly / a cordial / an amicable meetinga friendly / cordial atmosphereto be on friendly / cordial / amicable / easy terms (with sb) friendly treating sb as a friend; (especially of the relationship between countries) not treating sb/sth as an enemy 朋友似的;(尤指国与国之间的关系)友好的,和睦的The boss had a friendly chat with me about the problem after work.下班后老板跟我朋友似地聊起了那个问题。We soon became friendly with the couple next door.我们很快就和隔壁的夫妇相处融洽了。We were not on the friendliest of terms (= we were not friendly at all).我们关系不睦。The government has maintained friendly relations with the Japanese.政府与日本人保持友好关系。OPP hostile aggressive 1 cordial ˈkɔːdiəl; NAmE ˈkɔːrdʒəl (formal) (of a relationship, meeting or atmosphere) friendly in a formal way (关系、会议或气氛)亲切友好的The talks took place in a cordial atmosphere.会谈在亲切友好的气氛中进行。 amicable ˈæmɪkəbl (of a relationship or the way an agreement is reached) polite and fairly friendly, without any quarrelling or aggression (关系或协议达成的方式)友善的,平和的The government and the union managed to reach an amicable settlement of the dispute.政府和工会总算就纠纷达成了和解。It was an amicable divorce.那次离婚是和平分手。 easy [only before noun](of sb's manner or a relationship) pleasant and friendly; not awkward (举止态度)随和的,平易近人的;(关系)轻松的,融洽的He had a very easy manner.他很容易相与。Their success at the game did not make for an easy relationship off court.在比赛中获胜并未使他们在场下的关系变得融洽。

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