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IELTS BNC: 142 COCA: 163

group noun SET

A1 [ C ] a number of people or things that are put together or considered as a unit组;群;批;簇

I'm meeting a group of friends for dinner tonight.今晚我要与一帮朋友聚餐。
The car was parked near a small group of trees.汽车停在一片小树林附近。
She showed me another group of pictures, this time of children playing.她又给我看了另外一组照片,这次是孩子们玩耍的情景。

More examples

A small group of children waited outside the door.

An unknown terrorist group has claimed responsibility for this morning's bomb attack.

They work as a group - no one person is allowed to dominate.

This group of chemicals is known to be harmful to people with asthma.

The two groups of scientists are vying to get funding for their research projects.

group noun MUSIC

A1 [ C, + sing/pl verb ] a number of people who play music together, especially pop music(尤指流行音乐)乐团,乐队,组合

What's your favourite group?你最喜欢的乐队是哪个?
a pop/rock group流行/摇滚乐队

More examples

The group have just signed with a new record label.

The group had a meteoric rise to fame in the 70s.

The drums and double bass usually form the rhythm section of a jazz group.

They enjoyed success on a scale unparalleled by any previous pop group.

Tickets are selling well for the group's upcoming concert tour.

group noun BUSINESS

[ C ] a business that contains several different companies(商业)集团

United News Media, the national newspaper and television group联合新闻媒体公司,一家全国性的报纸和电视集团

group noun SPORT

[ C ] a number of football teams who play each other in a competition. The winners of the group move onto the next stage of the competion (足球比赛中的)小组赛

The Danes were the surprise winners of their group.丹麦队出人意料的从小组赛中胜出。
the group stages

the first part of a football competition in which teams are divided into groups and play only the other teams in their group. The winners of each group move onto the next stage of the competition(足球比赛中的)小组赛阶段

The team failed to progress beyond the group stages of Euro 2012.

C1 to form a group or put people or things into a group(使)成群;(使)成组;(使)分类

We all grouped together around the bride for a family photograph.我们所有人都簇拥在新娘四周照了张全家福。
I grouped the children according to age.我按年龄把孩子们分成小组。
The books were grouped by size.这些书是根据开本大小分类的。
IELTS BNC: 142 COCA: 163


ADJECTIVE | VERB + GROUP | GROUP + VERB | GROUP + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbig, large, wide大型團體;大群;包含廣泛的群體She has a very wide group of friends.她交遊甚廣。little, select, small小群體;經過挑選的團體;小組The president met with a select group of senior negotiators.總統有選擇地會晤了一批資深的談判代表。coherent, cohesive, homogeneous, tight, tight-knit, tightly knit團結的集體;有凝聚力的團體;由同類人組成的群體;緊密團結的一群The strangers who came together for the course soon became a cohesive group.參加這項課程的人互不相識,但很快就形成了一個具有凝聚力的集體。diverse, heterogeneous多樣的/混雜的群體organized組織起來的集體minority佔少數的群體Disabled drivers are an ever-growing minority group.殘疾司機這個少數群體在不斷擴大。dominant, powerful佔優勢的/強大的群體cultural, demographic, ethnic, racial, social文化群體;同類群體;族群;種族群體;社會群體family家族群The animals live in family groups of 10-20 individuals.這種動物生活在由 10 至 20 個個體組成的家族群中。age, peer年齡組;朋輩young people in this age group這個年齡組的年輕人He started smoking because of peer-group pressure.由於朋輩的壓力,他開始吸煙。discussion討論小組a discussion group that meets once a month每月會面一次的討論小組research, study研究小組self-help, support自助小組;支援隊focus焦點小組;中心小組business, consumer, student企業集團;消費者團體;學生團體action, advocacy, interest, pressure, special-interest(政治上的)行動小組;游說集團;利益集團;(為影響輿論或政府行為而開展活動的)壓力集團;特殊利益集團Local parents have formed an action group to campaign for better road safety.當地的家長成立了行動小組,以爭取改善道路安全狀況。working工作組rebel, splinter反叛集團;(分裂出的)小派系A few members of the party broke away to form a splinter group.這個黨的幾個成員分裂出去另組了一個小集團。extremist極端主義團體hate (especially NAmE) 仇恨群體terror, terrorist恐怖組織;恐怖團體church, religious教會組織;宗教團體conservation, environmental環境保護組織theatre/theater劇團book, reading讀書/閱讀小組youth青年團體pop, rock流行音樂/搖滾樂組合blood血型What blood group are you? (BrE) 你是哪種血型?comparison, control對比組;控制組muscle肌肉群user用戶群VERB + GROUPcreate, form, found, organize, set up, start創建/成立/建立/組織/創立/開創團體constitute組成小組head, lead, manage, run領導團體;管理團隊represent代表團隊become a member of, join成為團體的一員;加入小組leave離開團體He left the group last year to pursue a solo career.去年他離開那個音樂組合單飛了。GROUP + VERBform團體形成The group formed back in 1992.該團體成立於 1992 年。split up團體分裂The group has split up and re-formed several times with different musicians.這個樂隊已經分裂重組了好幾次,每次的成員都不同。comprise, consist of, include團體包括/由⋯組成/包含GROUP + NOUNleader, member團體領袖/成員activity, discussion, work團體活動/討論/工作photo集體照hug集體擁抱PREPOSITIONas a group作為一個集體The gorillas go foraging for food as a group.大猩猩集體覓食。in a/the group在團體中There are fifteen of us in the group.我們這個小組有 15 人。within a/the group在團體內Within a group, each individual had a definite status.團體內的每個成員都有明確的身分。group of一群⋯a group of young mothers一群年輕的母親PHRASESdivide sb/sth into groups把⋯分成小組We divided the class into small groups.我們把全班分成若干個小組。 note at organization


ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBclosely形成緊密的團體broadly, loosely形成廣泛的/鬆散的團體thematically按主題分組Works in the exhibition are grouped thematically.展覽作品按主題分類。together聚集PREPOSITIONaccording to, by依照⋯分類Eggs were grouped according to size.雞蛋依大小分類。The children were grouped by age.兒童按年齡分組。around, round (especially BrE) 圍聚在⋯周圍They sat grouped around the fire.他們一組人圍火而坐。in, into分成⋯These stories can be loosely grouped into three types.這些故事可大致分為三類。with與⋯分在一組The England team was grouped with Uruguay and Holland.英格蘭隊和烏拉圭隊、荷蘭隊分在同一組。PHRASESgroup sth under a heading把⋯歸入一個標題下The names were grouped under four different headings.這些名稱歸入了四個不同的類目之下。
IELTS BNC: 142 COCA: 163
group noun
group1 (a group of people) group2 (a peer/drama group) group3 (a newspaper group)
group verb


a group of people/houses 一群人;一片房子a peer/support/drama group 同龄群体;互助/戏剧小组a newspaper/an investment group 报业/投资集团group ♦︎ set ♦︎ cluster ♦︎ collection ♦︎ bunch ♦︎ clumpThese are all words for a number of things or people that are together in the same place. 这些词均表示组、群、簇、批。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a group / set / cluster / collection / bunch / clump of sthin a group / set / cluster / bunch / clumpas a group / seta large / small / little group / set / cluster / collection / bunch / clumpa big group / set / bunch / clumpto form a group / set / cluster / clumpto divide sth into groups / sets / clusters group [countable + singular or plural verb] a number of people or things of the same type that are together in the same place 组;群;批On the hillside was a little group of houses.山坡上有一小片房子。A group of us are going to the theatre this evening.我们一帮人今晚要去剧院看戏。Students were sitting around in groups on the grass.学生成群地围坐在草地上。Classes will involve both individual and group activities.课堂上会有个人和小组活动。 set [countable] a group of similar things that belong together in some way 一套,一副,一组(相似的东西)a set of six matching chairs.六把成套的椅子She had a complete set of the author's novels.她有这个作者的整套小说。You can borrow my keys-I have a spare set.你可以借用我的钥匙-我还有一套备用的。 cluster [countable] a group of things of the same type that grow or appear close together; a group of people, animals or things that are close together (同类物丛生或聚集的)簇,束,串;(人或动物的)群,团,组The plants have clusters of white flowers in early June.这些植物在6月初会成簇地开白色的花。The telescope is focused on a dense cluster of stars at the edge of the galaxy.那架望远镜聚焦在银河系边缘一个密集的星群。A woman had emerged from the cluster of buildings.一个女人从建筑群中走了出来。 see also cluster crowd verb collection [countable] a group of objects or people that are close together, especially objects or people of different types (尤指不同类型的)一批物品,一群人There was a collection of books and shoes on the floor.地板上是成堆的书和鞋。They appeared to be a motley collection (= a rather strange group of people) of college students.他们这群大学生看上去千奇百怪。 bunch [countable] a number of things of the same type that are growing or fastened together 串;束;扎a bunch of keys一串钥匙a bunch of flowers / grapes / bananas一束鲜花;一串葡萄;一把香蕉In this meaning bunch is used about keys, grapes, bananas and different types of flowers and herbs. 表达此义时,bunch与keys、grapes、bananas、flowers和herbs搭配。 clump [countable] a small group of things or people very close together, especially trees or plants; a bunch of sth such as grass or hair (尤指草木的)丛,簇;(人的)群,组;(毛发的)缕,束They planted trees in clumps around the park.他们在公园周边种了一丛丛的树。He tore out a clump of her hair.他扯下了她的一缕头发。group2


a group of people/houses 一群人;一片房子a peer/support/drama group 同龄群体;互助/戏剧小组a newspaper/an investment group 报业/投资集团 See also the entries for party 3 and team 1 另见party条第3义和team条第1义group ♦︎ circle ♦︎ bunch ♦︎ crowd ♦︎ gang ♦︎ set ♦︎ cliqueThese are all words for a number of people who have sth in common and often spend time together. 这些词均表示群体、小组、圈子。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a group / circle / bunch / crowd / gang / clique of stha group / circle / bunch / crowd / gang / set of friendsin a group / circle / set / cliquea small group / circle / cliquea mixed / motley group / bunch / crowda social group / circle / set / cliqueto belong to a group / set / cliqueto join a group / circle / setpart of a group / circle / crowd / gang / cliquea member of a group / circle / clique group [countable + singular or plural verb] a number of people who are connected in some way, for example because they share interests, problems or experiences, or because they spend time together 群体,团体(兴趣、问题或经历相似,或经常聚在一起)She worked with groups of college students who had literacy problems.她的工作与几组有读写障碍的大学生有关。The college has a small but active women's group.那所学院有一个规模不大却很活跃的妇女团体。People in the younger age groups tended to vote less.低龄组的人往往较少去投票。Members of some ethnic groups say that the law is discriminatory.一些族群的成员认为该法律存在歧视。Minority groups are entitled to equal protection under the law.少数群体有权受到法律的同等保护。 circle [countable] a group of people who are connected because they have the same interests or jobs, or they spend time together socially 圈子,阶层,界(爱好或工作相同,或经常交际往来)He has a wide circle of friends.他交游广阔。Talk of religion was forbidden in the family circle.在这个家庭范围内是禁止谈论宗教的。He maintained influence in the inner circle of the president's political advisers.他在总统政治顾问的核心集团中保持着影响力。Her ideas have caused controversy in scientific circles in recent years.近年来,她的观点在科学界引起了争论。My brother and I move in completely different circles (= we have very different friends).我和我哥的朋友圈子完全不同。 bunch [singular] (informal) a group of people, especially people who are friends or have the same interests or job 群体,帮,伙(尤指是朋友或有相同爱好或职业)The people that I work with are a great bunch.和我共事的那伙人很不错。He's been hanging out with a bunch of yobs and hooligans.他一直和一帮狐朋狗友鬼混。 crowd [countable + singular or plural verb] (informal) a group of people, especially people who are friends or have the same interests or job 群体,帮,伙(尤指是朋友或有相同爱好或职业)Do you ever see any of the old crowd (= people who used to be friends) from college?你见过大学里的老朋友吗?Bob introduced him to some of the usual crowd (= people who often meet each other).鲍勃把他介绍给常见面的几个朋友。He got in with the wrong crowd (= people you disapprove of).他和那帮不好的人混在一起。NOTE 辨析 Bunch or crowd?In many cases you can use either word. 在许多情况下这两个词可以通用They are a great bunch / crowd of people to work with.和我共事的那伙人很不错。They were a bit of a motley bunch / crowd (= a strange mix of types of people).他们这群人好像三教九流的都有。However, crowd can suggest a larger group of people, and/or one that is slightly less united: you might talk about one/some of the usual crowd but not one/some of the usual bunch A bunch is more likely to be seen as a whole, single unit. 不过,crowd表示一大帮人,其团结程度可能稍差。可以说one/some of the usual crowd,但不说one/some of the usual bunch。bunch更可能被视为一个完整的、单一的群体。 gang [countable + singular or plural verb] (informal) a group of friends who meet regularly 一伙(经常聚在一起的朋友)There was a whole gang of us who went out together at weekends.过去我们老是一伙人在周末一起出去。Her friends made me feel welcome and treated me like one of the gang.她的朋友们让我感觉很受欢迎,把我当成自己人。 set [countable + singular or plural verb] (sometimes disapproving) a group of people who have the same interests and spend a lot of time together socially 阶层,圈子(爱好相同且经常交际来往)It's a favourite meeting place for Berlin's smart set (= rich, fashionable people).那是柏林上层社会最喜欢的聚会场所。Several members of Dublin's literary set turned up for her funeral.都柏林文学圈子的几个成员出席了她的葬礼。A set is often a group of people who are rich or educated. It is often connected with ideas about social class and is sometimes disapproving because the group is seen as privileged and separate from ordinary people. * set常指富有或有教养的一群人,常带有阶层分野的意味,有时为贬义,因这些群体被视为享有特权并与普通人格格不入。 clique kliːk [countable + singular or plural verb] (often disapproving) a small group of people who have the same interests and spend time together, but do not like to include others 派系;小集团;小圈子The club is dominated by a small clique of intellectuals.这个俱乐部由一小群知识分子把持。group3


a group of people/houses 一群人;一片房子a peer/support/drama group 同龄群体;互助/戏剧小组a newspaper/an investment group 报业/投资集团 See also the entry for company 另见company条group ♦︎ partnership ♦︎ conglomerate ♦︎ consortium ♦︎ outfit ♦︎ syndicate ♦︎ cooperativeThese are all words for a number of people or companies working together in business. 这些词均表示商业集团、合作企业。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a large group / partnership / conglomerate / consortium / outfit / syndicatean international group / partnership / conglomerate / consortium / syndicatea multinational group / conglomerate / consortiuma small group / partnership / outfit / syndicate / cooperativea local partnership / consortium / outfit / cooperativea business / financial group / partnership / conglomerate / consortiuma media group / partnership / conglomerate / consortium / outfitto form a group / a partnership / a conglomerate / a consortium / an outfit / a syndicate / a cooperativeto set up a partnership / a consortium / an outfit / a syndicate / a cooperativeto join a group / a partnership / a consortium / an outfit / a syndicate / a cooperativeto run a group / a conglomerate / a consortium / an outfit / a syndicate / a cooperative group [countable + singular or plural verb] (business 商业) a number of companies that are owned by the same person or organization 集团This acquisition will make them the largest newspaper group in the world.这次收购将使他们成为世界上最大的报业集团。Our group sales director attended the conference in Munich this year.我们的集团销售总监参加了今年在慕尼黑召开的会议。 partnership [countable] a business owned by two or more people who share the profits 合伙企业a junior member of the partnership企业的次要合伙人 see also partner partner noun 1 conglomerate kənˈglɒmərət; NAmE kənˈglɑːmərət [countable] (business 商业) a large company formed by joining together different firms 联合大公司;企业集团He turned the business into a huge media conglomerate.他令公司成为一个庞大的大众传媒联合集团。NOTE 辨析 Group or conglomerate? Conglomerate gives an impression of extremely large size. Typical collocations relate to industrial areas of business. * conglomerate给人以规模极其庞大的感觉,典型的搭配词与工业领域有关a / an chemical / industrial / engineering / mining conglomerate化学/工业/工程/矿业联合集团Other common collocates are financial, media and publishing, as well as words relating to size and reach. 其他常见搭配词有financial、media和publishing,以及与规模和范围有关的词汇a / an huge / vast / international / multinational conglomerate庞大的/国际/跨国联合集团 Group has a wider range of meaning and can describe any collection of companies working together. * group的意思更宽泛,可指任何合作的公司集合。 consortium kənˈsɔːtiəm; NAmE kənˈsɔːrtiəm(plural consortia or consortiums) [countable] (business 商业) a group of people, countries or companies who are working together on a particular project (合作进行某个项目的)财团,银团,联营企业He led the Anglo-French consortium that built the Channel Tunnel.他领导修建英吉利海峡隧道的英法财团。A consortium is usually a temporary arrangement with a particular aim. * consortium常指为实现某一目标而临时组建的联合企业。 See also the entry for union 另见union条 outfit [countable + singular or plural verb] (informal) a group of people working together as an organization, business or team 团队;小组;分队A London-based market research outfit has been appointed for the job.已委任了一个伦敦的市场调查组做此项工作。This was the fourth album by the top rock outfit.这是那支顶级摇滚乐队的第四张专辑。Outfit is used most often to talk about a sports team, rock band or business organization, especially a small independent one. * outfit最常指运动队、摇滚乐队或商业组织,尤其是独立的小组织。 syndicate ˈsɪndɪkət [countable] a group of people or companies who work together and help each other in order to achieve a particular aim 辛迪加;企业联合组织;财团;私人联合会It is the home of the largest crime syndicate in Japan.这是日本最大的犯罪集团的老巢。 Syndicate is used most often to talk about a group of criminals, a group of people who try to win money or a group of financial companies working together. * syndicate最常指犯罪集团、博彩集团或金融集团a drug(s) / crime syndicate贩毒/犯罪集团a lottery syndicate彩票集团a / an banking / insurance / investment syndicate财团;保险/投资集团  See also the entry for union 另见union条 cooperative (BrE also co-operative) kəʊˈɒpərətɪv; NAmE koʊˈɑːpərətɪv [countable] a business or other organization owned and run by the people involved, with the profits shared by them 合作企业;合作社组织The 'Daily Worker' was run as a cooperative.《每日工人报》当时按照合作企业运营。 Cooperative businesses are often local or community-based, and often connected with producing or selling food. * cooperative常指当地或社区企业,并常与制造和销售食品有关a / an local / community / farming / agricultural / food / dairy cooperative当地/社区/农场/农业/食品/乳制品合作企业
IELTS BNC: 142 COCA: 163
Small numbers and quantities: few, minority, minimum...
Groups of people with shared interests or aims: association, commission, organization...
With another person or other people: together, joint, jointly...
Categories and types: type, category, kind...
Singers: alto, baritone, bass...
General types of business or company: account, acquisition, affiliate...
To categorize things: sort, classify, characterize...

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