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TOEFL BNC: 217 COCA: 254

long adjective TIME

A1 continuing for a large amount of time长时间的,长久的

a long film/meeting很长的电影/会议
I've been waiting a long time.我已经等了很久了。
It's a long time since I worked there.我不在那里工作已经很久了。
Apparently the sessions are an hour long.显然这些会议都长达1个小时。

More examples

Passengers could face long delays.

She had a long career in films.

She gave him a long, lingering kiss.

They had a long and happy marriage.

After a long, awkward pause someone asked a question.

long adjective DISTANCE

A1 being a distance between two points that is more than average or usual(距离、长度)长的

long hair长发
long legs长腿
a long dress长裙
There was a long queue at the post office.邮局里排起了长队。
We're still a long way from the station.我们离车站还很远。

More examples

He noticed her long delicate fingers.

It's a heck of a long way to the nearest shop from here.

I love going on long journeys.

There's a long flight of steps ascending to the cathedral doors.

The island has long golden beaches fringed by palm trees.

long adjective MANY WORDS

A2 used to describe a piece of writing that has a lot of pages or words(文章)长的,字数多的

a long letter/book/report长信/大部头的书/长篇报告

More examples

I got a lovely long newsy letter from Bec.

His speech was long and dull.

He is well known to the police and has a long criminal record .

Your conclusion is good, but the final sentence is too long and complicated.

It gives you a sense of achievement if you actually make it to the end of a very long book.

long adverb TIME

A2 used to mean "(for) a long time", especially in questions and negative sentences(尤用在疑问句和否定句中)长久地,长时间地

Have you been waiting (for) long?你等了很久吗?
I'm just writing a letter but it won't take long.我在写信,很快就写完了。
How long have you been in England?你在英格兰呆多久了?
Don't rush - take as long as you like.别着急——慢慢来。
We've been walking all day long.我们走了整整一天。
I've known her longer than you have.我认识她的时间比你长。
I won't be staying much longer.我不会呆很久。

C2 a long period of time before or after something在…之前(或之后)的很长一段时间

She left the house long before I arrived.在我到达前很久,她就离开这座屋子了。
It wasn't long before he was back with his family.不久之后他和全家就回来了。
He did not join them until long after they had eaten.当他们早就吃完时他才加入他们。

used with the past participle or the -ing form of the verb to mean that a state or activity has continued for a long time(与过去分词或动词的 ing 形式连用表示持续了很久的状态或活动)

a long-awaited letter期盼已久的来信
long-serving employees老雇员

More examples

So how long have you been married to Nicky?

Changes to the tax system are long overdue.

How long did Queen Victoria reign?

He's been single so long now, I don't think he'll ever marry.

I do apologize - my train was delayed. I hope you haven't been waiting long.

long adverb IF

as/so long as

B1 used to say that something must happen before something else can happen只要,如果

I can come as long as I can leave by 4.00.只要我能在4点钟之前出发,我就能来。
Bring your friends by all means - just so long as I know how many are coming.一定要把你的朋友们带来——只要让我知道来多少人就行。

More examples

Windsurfing is perfectly safe as long as you use some common sense.

So long as he's happy - that's all that matters .

Goods are exchangeable as long as they are returned in good condition.

I don't foresee any difficulties so long as we keep within budget.

I don't mind being woken up once or twice in the middle of the night by my flatmate so long as she doesn't make a habit of it .

long for sth; long to do sth

C2 to want something very much渴望…;渴望做…

She longed to see him again.她很想再见到他。
I'm longing for news of him.我正在盼望着得到他的消息。

written abbreviation forlongitude 经度(longitude的缩写)

long.noun [ U ]

written abbreviation for longitude 经度(longitude的缩写)

TOEFL BNC: 217 COCA: 254


ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBdesperately極其渴望He longed desperately to be back at home.他非常渴望回家。secretly暗暗渴望They were the words she had secretly longed to hear.那些話是她暗中渴望聽到的。always一直渴望She had always longed to travel to other countries.她一直渴望到其他國家旅行。PREPOSITIONfor渴望He hated the city and longed for the mountains.他厭惡城市,向往山區。


VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe, look, seem長;看上去長;好像長That dress looks a little long to me.我穿那條連衣裙看起來有點兒長。grow長長My hair had grown long.我的頭髮長長了。ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常長His drive to work is fairly long.他驅車上班的路程比較長。awfully, exceptionally, incredibly特別長;格外長;極其長excessively, overly (especially NAmE) 過長At 900 pages, the book is overly long.這部書有 900 頁,太長了。unusually異乎尋常地長an unusually long pause非常長的停頓impossibly, ridiculously長得無法相信;長得荒唐a pair of impossibly long legs兩條長得不可思議的腿relatively比較長a little, slightly, etc.有點兒/稍有些長enough足夠長Are you sure two hours will be long enough?你確定兩個小時夠用嗎?
TOEFL BNC: 217 COCA: 254


long ♦︎ covet ♦︎ crave ♦︎ yearn ♦︎ hanker ♦︎ be dying for sth/to do sthThese words all mean to want sth very much, especially when it is very difficult to get. 这些词均表示渴望得到、渴求,尤其是不易得到的东西。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to long / yearn / hanker / be dying for sb / sthto yearn / hanker after sb / sthto long / yearn / hanker / be dying to do sthto always / still long for / covet / crave / yearn for / hanker for sthto desperately long for / crave / yearn for sthto secretly long for / yearn for / hanker for sth long [intransitive, transitive] (especially written) to want sth very much, especially when it does not seem likely to happen soon 渴望,期盼(短时间内不太可能会发生的事)Lucy had always longed for a brother.露西一直渴望有个弟弟。He longed for Pat to phone.他期盼着帕特来电话。I'm longing to see you again.我很想再次见到你。 see also longing appetite 2 ˈlonged-for


[only before noun] the birth of a longed-for baby一个盼望已久的婴儿的出生
covet ˈkʌvət [transitive] (formal or written) to want sth very much, especially sth that belongs to sb else 渴望,贪求(别人的东西)He had long coveted the chance to work with a famous musician.他一直渴望有机会与著名音乐家一起工作。They are this year's winners of the coveted trophy (= that everyone would like to win).他们获得了本年度人人都向往的大奖。 crave [transitive] (written) to have a very strong desire for sth, especially when the desire is difficult to control 渴望,热望(尤指欲望难以克制)She has always craved excitement.她总是渴望刺激。 Crave is used especially to talk about people having a very strong desire for pleasures that can be damaging if they take too much of them. * crave尤指渴望得到享乐,而太多这种享乐会有害处to crave alcohol / drugs / sweet food / carbohydrates / cigarettes / coffee渴望饮酒/吸毒/吃甜食/吃淀粉质食物/吸烟/喝咖啡People who feel that sth is missing in their life may also crave company/attention/affection/power/success. * crave也可指想得到感觉自己生活中缺少的东西,可以说crave company/attention/affection/power/success(渴盼伙伴/关注/爱情/权力/成功)。 see also craving appetite 2 yearn jɜːn; NAmE jɜːrn [intransitive] (literary) to want sth very much, especially when it does not seem likely to happen soon 渴望,期盼(短时间内不太可能会发生的事)The people yearned for peace.人民渴望和平。There was a yearning look in his eyes.他两眼流露出渴望的神情。 see also yearning appetite 2 hanker [intransitive] to want sth very much, especially a return to an old way of life 渴望,渴求(回归原有的生活方式)She still hankered after her dancing days.她仍渴望回到自己当舞蹈演员的日子。 be dying for sth do sth be dying for to do sth


(informal) to want sth very much 渴望;极想I'm dying for a glass of water.我特别想喝杯水。I'm dying to know what happened.我很想知道出了什么事儿。


long ♦︎ prolonged ♦︎ lengthy ♦︎ protracted ♦︎ long-lasting ♦︎ extendedThese words all describe things that last for a great amount of time. 这些词均表示时间长的、持久的、漫长的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a long / prolonged / lengthy / extended perioda long / prolonged / lengthy / protracted delay / dispute / illnessa long / lengthy / protracted / extended processlong / prolonged / lengthy / protracted / extended negotiationsvery / relatively long / prolonged / lengthy / protracted / long-lastingquite long / prolonged / lengthy / long-lasting / extended long lasting or taking a great amount of time or more time than usual; seeming to last or take more time than it really does because, for example, you are very busy or not happy 长时间的;长久的;(因忙碌或不愉快而)显得漫长的I haven't seen him for a long time.我好久没见到他了。There was a long silence before she spoke.沉默了很长时间她才开口说话。I like it now the days are getting longer (= in spring).现在白天越来越长了,我很喜欢。a long book / film / list (= taking a lot of time to read / watch / deal with) 很厚的书;时间很长的电影;很长的清单Nurses have to work long hours (= for more hours in the day than is usual).护士每天的工作时间很长。 (NAmE) He stared at them for the longest time (= for a very long time) before answering.他盯着他们看了好长时间才回答。I'm tired. It's been a long day.我累了,这一天可真够长的。We were married for ten long years.我们结婚有十年之久了。 Long is also used for asking or talking about particular periods of time. * long也可用于询问或谈论某段时间How long is the film?这部影片得放映多长时间?I think it's only about two hours long.我想只有大约两个小时吧。 OPP short , brief short 1 , short short 3 prolonged prəˈlɒŋd; NAmE prəˈlɔːŋd, prəˈlɑːŋd [only before noun] (especially written) continuing for a long time 持久的;长期的There were prolonged spells of dry weather.干旱的天气断断续续,持续了很长时间。The drug becomes less effective after prolonged use.这种药在长期服用之后药效就减弱了。 see also prolong maintain 1 lengthy (rather formal, especially written) taking a long time, often too long a time 很长的;漫长的;冗长的I had to go through the lengthy process of obtaining a visa.我不得不熬过获得签证的漫长过程。A court case will be expensive and lengthy.诉讼会耗费大量金钱和时间。 protracted prəˈtræktɪd, NAmE also proʊˈtræktɪd (formal) continuing for longer than expected or longer than usual 延长的;拖延的;持久的There followed a protracted series of legal wrangles.随之而来的是一系列旷日持久的法律纠纷。A protracted strike carries a high risk of violence.持久的罢工行动很有可能引发暴力事件。 ˌlong-ˈlasting (especially of the effect of sth) that can or does last for a long time (尤指某事的影响)可持久的,长期的The change brought about long-lasting improvements.这次变革带来了长期的进步。The experience made an immediate and long-lasting impression on me.那次经历给我留下了深刻而持久的印象。OPP short-lived short 1 see also lasting permanent extended [only before noun] (rather formal, especially written) long or longer than usual or expected; longer than before 延长了的;扩展了的They are going to publish an extended version of the report.他们计划为这份报告出一个扩充版本。More staff will be needed when the extended opening hours are introduced.延长营业时间将需要雇用更多的员工。 see also extend maintain 1

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