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appetite noun FOOD

C1 [ C or U ] the feeling that you want to eat food食欲,胃口

All that walking has given me an appetite.走了那么远的路,我胃口大开。
I won't have any chocolate, thanks. It will spoil (= reduce) my appetite.多谢,我不吃巧克力,吃了会影响食欲。
I haven't got much of an appetite (= I am not hungry).我没什么胃口。
The children all have healthy/good appetites (= they eat a lot).孩子们胃口都很好。
Both viruses cause fever and loss of appetite.两种病毒都会引起发烧以及食欲不振。

More examples

She's got a hearty appetite.

You'll spoil your appetite for dinner if you have a cake now.

We worked up a real appetite climbing in the mountains.

The appetite, says the proverb, grows with eating.

Growing boys have ravenous appetites.

appetite noun NEED

C2 [ C ] the feeling of wanting or needing something欲望;渴求

her appetite for adventure她对冒险的渴望
his insatiable sexual appetite他的性欲无度
I've read an excerpt of the book on the Web and it's whetted my appetite (= increased my interest in it).我在网上读了这本书的一个选段,结果就把我的胃口给吊起来了。


1desire for food胃口ADJECTIVE | VERB + APPETITE | APPETITE + VERB | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbig, enormous, gargantuan, good, healthy, hearty, huge, insatiable, large, ravenous很大的胃口;好胃口;旺盛的食慾;無法滿足的胃口special double-decker sandwiches for big appetites為胃口大的人特意準備的雙層三明治poor, small食慾不振;小胃口The symptoms of depression can include poor appetite.抑鬱症的症狀包括食慾不振。I have always had a small appetite.我一向胃口不大。jaded (BrE) 吃膩了的胃口magnificent meals to tempt the most jaded appetites能勾起最沒胃口的人食慾的美餐VERB + APPETITEhave有胃口She had no appetite and began to lose weight.她食慾不振,體重開始下降。lose喪失食慾build, build up, develop, work up促進食慾;提起胃口;引起食慾I went for a walk to work up an appetite for breakfast.我去散了一會兒步,以便早餐能有胃口。get back, regain恢復食慾;恢復胃口After a week she had regained her appetite.一週後她又有了食慾。give sb使某人有胃口All that digging has given me an appetite.一通挖掘後我有了食慾。increase, stimulate增加/刺激食慾The cold air had given an edge to my appetite.冷空氣使我的食慾增加。control, curb, decrease, reduce, suppress, take away, take the edge off (especially BrE) 控制食慾;使食慾下降;減少食慾;抑制食慾;帶走食慾;倒胃口Some drugs can suppress the appetite.有些藥可抑制食慾。ruin, spoil破壞胃口;倒胃口This is something you can eat between meals without ruining your appetite.這個你可以在正餐之間吃而不影響你的胃口。satisfy滿足食慾This meal will satisfy even the healthiest appetite.不管有多大胃口,這一餐都能滿足了。APPETITE + VERBgrow, increase食慾增強;胃口增大come back, return食慾恢復;胃口恢復His appetite has returned to normal.他的胃口已恢復正常。PHRASESa lack of appetite, a loss of appetite沒胃口;沒食慾The symptoms include aching limbs and a loss of appetite.症狀包括四肢痠痛和沒食慾。


2strong desire for sth渴求ADJECTIVE | VERB + APPETITE | APPETITE + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEenormous, great, huge, insatiable, voracious極大的慾望;強烈的慾望;永不滿足的慾望;貪慾an insatiable appetite for books對書籍永不滿足的慾望growing越來越大的慾望The airport cannot accommodate the growing appetite for flights.這家機場無法滿足越來越多的航班需求。public大眾的需求The website recognizes the public appetite for serious information.這家網站意識到大眾渴望瞭解嚴肅的資訊。sexual性慾intellectual智力上的需求The website has enough good content to satisfy its users' intellectual appetite.這家網站有足夠多的優質內容,能滿足用戶智力上的需求。VERB + APPETITEhave有慾望lose喪失慾望give sb使某人有慾望feed, fuel, increase, whet助長/激起/提高/增強慾望Reading the first story whetted my appetite for more.讀第一個故事激起了我繼續讀下去的慾望。dull壓抑慾望sate, satisfy滿足慾望He sated her appetite for adventure and intrigue.他滿足了她喜歡冒險和耍詭計的慾望。indulge縱容慾望We get into debt to indulge our appetite for consumer goods.我們縱容自己對消費品的需求,結果負債了。APPETITE + VERBgrow, increase欲慾萌動/增強PREPOSITIONappetite for想得到⋯的慾望His appetite for power had grown.他對權力的渴望增強了。
appetite noun
appetite1 (Don't spoil your appetite by eating between meals.) appetite2 (an appetite for scandal)


Don't spoil your appetite by eating between meals. 不要在两餐之间吃东西,以免影响胃口。an appetite for scandal 对丑闻很感兴趣appetite ♦︎ hunger ♦︎ palateThese are all words for the desire to eat food. 这些词均表示食欲、胃口。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to satisfy sb's appetite / hunger appetite ˈæpɪtaɪt [uncountable, countable, usually singular] a physical desire for food 食欲;胃口He suffered from headaches, insomnia and loss of appetite.他患有头痛、失眠和食欲不振。She's always had a healthy appetite (= likes to eat a lot, but in a healthy way).她一向胃口很好。Let's go for a walk to work up an appetite.我们去散个步增进食欲吧。Don't spoil your appetite by eating between meals.不要在两餐之间吃东西,以免影响胃口。 hunger [uncountable] the feeling caused by a need to eat 饥饿感;食欲;胃口The meal had not satisfied his hunger.那顿饭他没吃饱。The walkers were weak from hunger.徒步旅行者因饥饿身体很虚弱。 see also hungry hungry NOTE 辨析 Appetite or hunger? Appetite is a positive, healthy desire for food; hunger is a less pleasant feeling. * appetite是积极、健康的食欲,hunger是令人不太舒服的饥饿感。 palate ˈpælət [countable, usually singular] (rather formal) the ability to recognize and/or enjoy good food and drink 味觉;品尝力The restaurant offers a menu to tempt even the most jaded palate (= even people who are really bored with the food and drink that is usually on offer).那家饭店提供的菜肴连最没胃口的人也动心。Children do not usually have the sophisticated palate necessary to enjoy such delicate flavours.儿童的味觉通常不够精细,品尝不出这种清淡的味道。appetite2


Don't spoil your appetite by eating between meals. 不要在两餐之间吃东西,以免影响胃口。an appetite for scandal 对丑闻很感兴趣appetite ♦︎ longing ♦︎ yearning ♦︎ craving ♦︎ hungerThese are all words for a strong desire for sth. 这些词均表示强烈欲望。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配an appetite / a longing / a yearning / a craving / a hunger for stha longing / yearning / craving to do stha great appetite / longing / yearning / hungera desperate longing / yearning / cravingsb's sexual appetite / longings / hungerto have an appetite / a longing / a yearning / a craving / a hungerto feel a longing / yearning / craving / hungerto satisfy your appetite / longing / yearnings / craving / hunger appetite ˈæpɪtaɪt [countable] a strong desire for sth, especially more of sth that you have already had 强烈欲望(尤指渴求更多)The public has an insatiable appetite for scandal.公众对丑闻总是很感兴趣,乐此不疲。The preview was intended to whet your appetite (= make you want more).预告是为了吊胃口。People typically have an enormous, healthy, huge or insatiable appetite. They may have an appetite for information, knowledge, life, more, power, recognition, sex or work. * enormous、healthy、huge或insatiable等形容词常作appetite的定语。appetite for后的搭配词常为information、knowledge、life、more、power、recognition、sex或work。 longing [countable, uncountable] a strong and emotional desire, especially for sb/sth that you have not got or cannot have 渴望,热望(尤指因自己没有或得不到)Her diary entries reflect a longing for home.她的日记反映了她对故乡的思念。He was filled with romantic longings.他充满了对爱情的渴望。His voice was husky with longing (= sexual desire).他因欲火攻心而声音嘶哑。Longing is mainly used to talk about wanting people or things that you feel emotionally attached to. * longing主要指对爱慕的人或依恋的事物的强烈渴望。 see also long long verb yearning ˈjɜːnɪŋ; NAmE ˈjɜːrnɪŋ [countable, uncountable] (written) a longing 渴望;向往He repressed his yearnings for a quiet life.他克制住了对宁静生活的向往。She had no great yearning to go back.她并不十分想回去。 see also yearn long verb NOTE 辨析 Longing or yearning?In many cases you can use either word. Yearning is more literary than longing and is not used to talk about physical or sexual desires. 在许多情况下这两个词可以通用。yearning的文学色彩较浓厚,不用于指身体需求或性欲。 craving [countable] a strong desire for sth that you cannot get enough of 强烈的愿望;渴望;热望I have this terrible craving for chocolate.我特别想吃巧克力。She felt a desperate craving to be loved.她极度渴求被爱。A craving is nearly always for sweet or fatty foods, cigarettes or love. * craving几乎总是指对甜食、高脂食品、香烟或爱情的渴望。 see also crave long verb NOTE 辨析 Appetite or craving?People have an appetite for things that they enjoy; they have cravings for things that they feel ill without. A craving is an unpleasant feeling, but an appetite may be seen as quite healthy. * appetite强调心仪不已,craving强调割舍不下。craving是一种不愉快的感受,但appetite可以是很健康的。 hunger [singular] (rather formal, written) a strong desire for sth 渴望;渴求She has an incredible hunger for success.她非常渴望成功。Nothing seemed to satisfy their hunger for truth.似乎没有什么能满足他们对真理的渴求。People typically have a hunger for success, truth, information or knowledge. * hunger for后的搭配词常为success、truth、information或knowledge。 see also hungry eager
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