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C1 a fault or problem in something or someone that spoils that thing or person or causes it, him, or her not to work correctly缺点;缺陷;瑕疵

All the company's aircraft have been grounded, after a defect in the engine cooling system was discovered.自从发现发动机冷却系统有缺陷之后,这家公司所有的飞机都已经停飞了。
There are so many defects in our education system.我们的教育体制缺陷太多了。
It's a character defect in her that she can't ever admit she's wrong.她在性格上有缺陷,从来都不承认自己有错误。

a physical condition in which something is wrong with a part of someone's body生理缺陷;生理障碍

She suffers from a heart/sight/speech defect.她的心脏/视力有缺陷/她有语言障碍。
The drug has been shown to cause birth defects.那种药物已被证明可导致新生儿先天性缺陷。
Cystic fibrosis is caused by a genetic defect.囊性纤维化病是由遗传缺陷引起的。

to leave a country, political party, etc., especially in order to join an opposing one(尤指为加入敌对国家、政党等)脱离,退出,叛逃

When the national hockey team visited the US, half the players defected.国家曲棍球队访问美国时,有一半队员都叛逃了。
The British spy, Kim Philby, defected to the Soviet Union/defected from Britain in 1963.英国间谍金‧菲尔比于1963年叛逃到了苏联。


ADJECTIVE | VERB + DEFECT | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEfundamental, major, obvious, serious, severe根本的缺陷;重大的缺陷;明顯的缺陷;嚴重的缺陷a fundamental defect in the product這種產品的根本缺陷mild, minor, slight, small小毛病;輕微的瑕疵;小缺陷Goods with slight defects are sold at half price.有輕微瑕疵的貨品以半價出售。The child had a mild heart defect.這個小孩有輕微的心臟缺陷。construction, manufacturing, mechanical, structural建築/製造/機械/結構缺陷birth, congenital, genetic出生/先天/遺傳缺陷All lambs are checked for birth defects when they are born.所有羔羊出生時都要檢查是否有先天缺陷。developmental, physical, visual發育/身體/視覺缺陷sight, speech視力/言語缺陷eye, heart眼部/心臟缺陷character性格缺陷VERB + DEFECTcontain, have, suffer from有缺陷;受缺陷所害The book contains serious defects.這本書有嚴重的缺陷。He has a congenital heart defect.他有先天性心臟缺陷。show顯示缺陷The photograph shows slight defects due to age.這張照片因為年代久遠而略有瑕疵。find, identify, observe發現/識別/觀察到缺陷The inspector found defects in the aircraft's construction.檢查員發現這架飛機在構造上有缺陷。cause, induce, produce引起/誘發/產生缺陷There is evidence that air pollution can cause birth defects.有證據證明空氣污染能導致出生缺陷。prevent防止缺陷correct, cure, remedy, repair糾正/矯正/彌補/修復缺陷This is a physical defect that cannot be cured.這種身體缺陷是無法治瘉的。The builders agreed to remedy the structural defects.建築商答應糾正結構上的缺陷。PREPOSITIONdefect in⋯方面的缺陷major defects in the education system教育體制的重大缺陷defect of⋯的缺陷a defect of her character她性格上的缺陷


defect ♦︎ fault ♦︎ flaw ♦︎ virus ♦︎ bug ♦︎ glitch ♦︎ imperfectionThese are all words for sth that is wrong with sth or in the way it has been made, which means it is not perfect or does not work properly. 这些词均表示缺陷、瑕疵、毛病。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a defect / a fault / a flaw / a virus / a bug / a glitch / an imperfection in stha small / minor defect / fault / flaw / bug / glitch / imperfectiona major / serious defect / fault / flawa temporary fault / flaw / glitcha technical / mechanical defect / fault / flaw / glitcha structural / design defect / fault / flawa computer / software fault / virus / bug / glitchto have a defect / a fault / a flaw / a virus / a bug / a glitch / an imperfectionto detect a defect / fault / flaw / virusto look for / discover a defect / fault / flaw / bugto identify / correct a defect / fault / flaw defect ˈdiːfekt, dɪˈfekt [countable] something that is wrong with a machine, system or part of the body, which means that it is not perfect or unable to work properly (机器、系统或身体部位的)缺陷,瑕疵,毛病The manufacturer is responsible for any defects that may cause damage.生产商对产品可能造成损坏的任何瑕疵都负有责任。Vulnerable people are going short of money because of defects in the payment system.因为支付系统的缺陷,依赖支付系统的人渐感手头吃紧。The drug is widely known to cause birth defects.众所周知,这种药会导致胎儿先天缺陷。 see also defective wrong 2 fault [countable] something that is wrong with sth that has been made or created such as a machine or system, which means that it is not perfect or unable to work properly (机器或系统等的)缺陷,毛病,故障The book's virtues far outweigh its faults.这本书的优点远远大于其不足。There seemed to be some fault with the cooling system.制冷系统好像出了点毛病。The healthcare system, for all its faults, is far better than ever before.这个医疗体系虽然有不少缺点,但比过去好多了。The fire was caused by an electrical fault.这次火灾是电路故障引起的。If a fault develops in the equipment, you can call us 24 hours a day.如果设备出了故障,你24小时都可以打电话找我们。 see also faulty wrong 2 NOTE 辨析 Defect or fault?In many cases you can use either word. 在许多情况下这两个词可以通用a technical / mechanical / structural / design defect / fault技术/机械/结构/设计缺陷A fault can only exist in sth that has been made or created by people, but it can be permanent or temporary, can be present from the beginning or develop later. A defect can exist in part of the body, although it is always present from birth. * fault仅存在于人制作或创造的事物中,可以是永久或暂时的,可以从一开始就存在或后来才出现。defect可指先天的身体缺陷birth / congenital / genetic defects先天/遗传性缺陷birth/congenital/genetic faults A defect of any kind exists from the beginning and cannot develop later. It might be repaired, but will not just go away, and cannot be called 'temporary'. 任何类型的defect都是从一开始就存在,不可能后来才出现。它有可能被弥补或修正,但不会自行消失,不能称之为“暂时的”If a defect develops in the equipment... We're hoping this is just a temporary defect. flaw [countable] a fault in sth that means that it is not correct or does not work properly 错误;缺陷;毛病There are some very basic flaws in his argument.他的论点中有一些根本性的错误。Engineers have detected serious design flaws.工程师已经检测出一些严重的设计缺陷。 flawed


a flawed argument有谬误的论点
virus ˈvaɪrəs [countable] instructions that are deliberately hidden in a computer program and are designed to cause problems or destroy data in a computer system (计算机程序中的)病毒Most viruses can only spread if you open an email attachment.大多数病毒只有在打开电子邮件附件时才会感染。My computer has caught some kind of virus, and it won't let me log on to the Internet.我的计算机中了毒,不能上网了。anti-virus software (= software that finds and destroys viruses in a computer system) 杀毒软件 bug [countable] (rather informal) a fault in a machine, especially in a computer program or system (机器)故障;(尤指计算机程序或系统的)缺陷,漏洞The latest software is full of bugs.这种最新软件有大量程序错误。My computer's really slow at the moment-it must be some kind of bug.我的计算机现在速度特别慢,一定是出了什么故障。 glitch [countable] (informal) a small problem or fault that stops sth from working properly, especially for just a short time (尤指暂时性的)小故障,小毛病It was only a temporary glitch but it could have put people's lives in danger.这虽然是个暂时性的小毛病,但却可能威胁到人的生命。 imperfection ˌɪmpəˈfekʃn; NAmE ˌɪmpərˈfekʃn [countable, uncountable] a small fault in sth, especially in the appearance of sth, that spoils it slightly and makes it less beautiful or perfect (尤指外表上的)小缺点,瑕疵The only slight imperfection in the painting is a scratch in the corner.这幅油画唯一的小瑕疵是边角上有道划痕。Nature is full of imperfection.大自然充满了不完美之处。 see also blemish mark imperfect


All our sale items are slightly imperfect.我们所有的特价商品都略有瑕疵。
Faults: fault, defect, weakness...
To rebel or protest: agitate, black, blacklist...
Protesters, rebels and terrorists: activist, agitator, anarchist...

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