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IELTS BNC: 655 COCA: 1014

B1 [ C ] why you do something or why something exists意图,目的,原因

The purpose of the research is to try to find out more about the causes of the disease.研究的目的是试图进一步探寻引起这种疾病的原因。
His only purpose in life seems to be to enjoy himself.他生活的唯一目的似乎就是享受。
Her main/primary purpose in suing the newspaper for libel was to clear her name.她控告这家报纸诽谤的主要目的是澄清她的清白。
I came to Brighton for/with the express purpose of seeing you.我到布赖顿是特地来看你的。
Letters whose sole purpose is to make a political point will not be published.以宣扬政治观点为唯一目的的来信是不会被发表的。
She had the operation entirely for cosmetic purposes.她做这次手术纯粹是为了美容。
a multi-purpose kitchen knife多用厨刀
I can see no useful purpose in continuing this conversation.我看不到继续这次谈话有任何益处。
All my efforts were to no purpose (= failed).我所有的努力都付诸东流了。
He gave her a sum of money which she used to good purpose (= well).他给她的那笔钱她都用在了该用的地方。
on purpose

B1 If you do something on purpose, you do it intentionally, not by accident.故意地

I didn't do it on purpose - it was an accident.我不是故意这样做的,是个意外。

C2 [ U ] determination or a feeling of having a reason for what you do决心,意志

I've always admired her for her strength of purpose.我一直佩服她意志坚定。
Parenthood would give him a sense of purpose.身为人父会让他变得有意志。

[ C ] a need需要

We haven't yet managed to find new premises that are suitable for our purposes.我们还未找到符合我们需要的新营业场所。
The fabric I bought isn't exactly what I wanted, but it will serve my purposes (= fulfil my needs).我买的布料严格说不是我想要的那种,但可以满足我的需要。
serve a purpose

C2 to have a use起作用

These small village shops serve a very useful purpose.村里的这些小商店非常有用。

More examples

This room has a dual purpose, serving as both a study and a dining room.

Let's try to concentrate on the main purpose of this meeting.

The money is intended to be used for specific purposes.

The paper charged her with using the company's money for her own purposes.

You probably think I'm here to deliver your newsletter, but actually I've come for a very different purpose.

IELTS BNC: 655 COCA: 1014


1aim/function目標;功能ADJECTIVE | VERB + PURPOSE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVElimited有限的作用chief, main, primary, prime, principal首要目的;主要目的true真正目的sole唯一目的whole整個目的original最初的目的practical, useful實際/實用效果These bars serve no useful purpose.這些木條毫無用處。legitimate合法的目的general多用途a general-purpose cleaning fluid多用途清潔液common共同目的a group of individuals sharing a common purpose目的相同的一群人particular, special, specific特定作用;特別目的dual雙重功能a toy with the dual purpose of entertaining and developing memory skills具有娛樂與開發記憶雙重功能的玩具intended, stated預期的/申明的目的social社會作用the view that art should serve a social purpose藝術應該為社會服務的觀點VERB + PURPOSEhave有目的lack缺乏目的accomplish, achieve, fulfil/fulfill, serve, suit實現目標;滿足⋯目的;為⋯目的服務;適合目的The plan achieved its primary purpose, if nothing else.別的不說,這個方案起碼實現了其初衷。The article could serve the purpose of generating some discussion.這篇文章可達到引起某種討論的目的。defeat挫敗目的Computer-animated cartoons that depict humans realistically seem to defeat the whole purpose of animation.逼真刻畫人類的電腦動畫似乎破壞了動畫的全部目的。PREPOSITIONfor a/the purpose特意;為了⋯目的I put the chair there for a purpose.我特意把椅子放在那兒。a measure introduced for the purpose of protecting the interests of investors為保護投資者的利益而採取的措施on purpose (= intentionally) 故意He slammed the door on purpose.他故意把門砰的一聲關上了。PHRASESat cross purposes (= not understanding or having the same aims, etc. as each other) 彼此誤解I finally realized that we were talking at cross purposes.我最後意識到我們說的是兩回事,彼此誤解了。for the express purpose of sth, with the express purpose of sth為了⋯的明確目的;有⋯的明確目的The school was founded with the express purpose of teaching deaf children to speak.學校創建時就有明確目的,即教耳聾的孩子學說話。for (all) practical purposes實際上Nominally she is the secretary, but for all practical purposes she runs the place.名義上她是秘書,實際上此處由她管理。your purpose in life人生目標She saw being a doctor as her purpose in life.她曾把從醫作為自己的人生目標。put sth to (a/some) purpose把⋯用於⋯The same information can be put to many purposes相同的信息可以有多種用途。a sense of purpose目標感Encouraged by her example, they all set to work with a fresh sense of purpose.在她的榜樣的鼓舞下,他們都懷着新的使命感投入到工作中。strength of purpose意志力They had great confidence and strength of purpose.他們信心十足,意志堅決。


2purposes requirements of a particular situation形勢的需要ADJECTIVE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEadministrative, business, commercial, domestic, educational, insurance, legal, medical, medicinal, political, research, tax, teaching, training管理方面/商業方面/商務方面/家庭方面/教育方面/保險方面/法律方面/醫療方面/醫藥方面/政治方面/研究方面/賦稅方面/教學方面/培訓方面的需要You will need to have the vehicle valued for insurance purposes.你得找人給車子估價以便購買保險。comparative比較的目的For comparative purposes, the populations of three other cities are also shown.為便於比較,還顯示了另外三個城市的人口。PREPOSITIONfor... purpose用於⋯需要The drug can be sold for medicinal purposes only.這種藥只用作醫療藥品出售。for the purposes of (also for the purpose of in NAmE) 為了⋯的目的Let's assume he knows, for the purposes of our argument.為了便於論證,我們假設他知道。
IELTS BNC: 655 COCA: 1014
purpose noun
purpose (The purpose of this is to…) determination (strength of purpose) function (serve a purpose) mission (a sense of purpose)


 See also the entry for target 另见target条purpose ♦︎ aim ♦︎ intention ♦︎ plan ♦︎ point ♦︎ idea ♦︎ intentThese are all words for talking about what sb/sth intends to do or achieve. 这些词均表示意图、目标。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配with the purpose / aim / intention / idea / intent of doing sthsb's purpose / aim / intention / plan / intent that...sb's intention / plan / intent to do sthsb / sth's original purpose / aim / intention / plan / idea / intenta specific purpose / aim / intention / plan / intentthe whole point / ideato have a purpose / an aim / an intention / a plan / a point / an intentto state your purpose / aim / intentionto declare your aim / intention / intentto achieve / fulfil a purpose / an aim purpose [countable] what sth is supposed to achieve; what sb is trying to achieve 意图;目的;目标The main purpose of the campaign is to raise money.这次活动的主要目的是募集资金。A meeting was called for the purpose of appointing a new treasurer.为任命新的财务主管召开了一次会议。 (rather formal) He did not want anything to distract him from his purpose.他不想让任何事情转移他的注意力,使他偏离自己的目标。 aim [countable] what sb is trying to achieve; what sth is supposed to achieve 目的;目标;意图She went to London with the aim of finding a job.她抱着想找份工作的目的去了伦敦。Our main aim is to increase sales in Europe.我们的主要目标是增加欧洲的销售额。She set out the company's aims and objectives in her speech.她在讲话中阐明了公司的目标和宗旨。 see also aim intend verb NOTE 辨析 Purpose or aim?Your purpose for doing something is your reason for doing it; your aim is what you want to achieve. Aim can suggest that you are only trying to achieve sth; purpose gives a stronger sense of achievement being certain. Aim can be sb's aim or the aim of sth. Purpose is more usually the purpose of sth: you can talk about sb's purpose but that is more formal. * purpose指做某事的原因,aim指想取得的成果。aim可能表示“只是努力想做到”,而purpose则意味着更强的达成目标的信心。可以说sb's aim,也可以说the aim of sth。the purpose of sth较常见,也可以说sb's purpose,但较正式。 intention [countable] what you intend to do 意图;计划;打算I have no intention of going to the wedding.我无意去参加婚礼。He has announced his intention to retire.他宣布了退休的打算。I have every intention of paying her back what I owe her.我一心想把我欠她的还给她。She's full of good intentions but they rarely work out.她虽然处处出于善意,但往往事与愿违。 see also intend intend plan [countable] what you intend to do or achieve 计划;打算Do you have any plans for the summer?这个夏天你有什么打算吗?There are no plans to build new offices.没有建新办公楼的计划。There's been a change of plan.计划有变。We can't change our plans now.我们现在不能改变计划了。 see also plan plan noun 1 , plan intend verb NOTE 辨析 Intention or plan?Your intentions are what you want to do, especially in the near future; your plans are what you have decided or arranged to do, often, but not always, in the longer term. * intention指想要做的事,尤指近期打算;plan指已经决定或安排去做的事情,常常是长期的计划,但是也有例外。 point [uncountable, singular] (rather informal, usually disapproving) the purpose or aim of sth 意图;目的;理由What's the point of all this violence?这一切的暴力行为有什么意义?There's no point in getting angry.发火是没有用的。I don't see the point of doing it all again.我就不明白,再做一次有什么意义。 idea [singular] (rather informal) the purpose of sth; sb's aim 意图;目标The whole idea of going was so that we could meet her new boyfriend.去的唯一目的是我们能见到她的新男友。What's the idea of all this?这一切的目的是什么?My original idea was to use amateur actors.我原本打算用业余演员。NOTE 辨析 Point or idea? Point is a more negative word than idea. If you say What's the point...? you are suggesting that there is no point; if you say What's the idea...? you are genuinely asking a question. Point, but not idea, is used to talk about things you feel annoyed or unhappy about. * point比idea多几分否定意义。What's the point ...?表示做某事毫无道理,What's the idea ...?则是真正的询问。point用于描述让人生气或不快的事情,但idea则不行There's no idea in... I don't see the idea of... You might miss the point of sth (= fail to understand) but get the idea (= understand). You can talk about the point/idea of sth or sb's idea but not sb's point. * miss the point of sth意为“不明白”,get the idea意为“理解”。可以说the point/idea of sth,也可以说sb's idea,但不能说sb's pointMy original point was to use amateur actors. intent ɪnˈtent [uncountable] (formal or law 法律) what you intend to do 意图;目的She denies possessing the drug with intent to supply.她否认藏有毒品是为了供他人使用。He was charged with wounding with intent.他被指控故意伤人。
IELTS BNC: 655 COCA: 1014
Purposes and intentions: purpose, role, goal...

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