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IELTS BNC: 477 COCA: 346


A2 [ U ] the making of objects, images, music, etc. that are beautiful or that express feelings(包括雕塑、绘画、音乐等的) 艺术

Can television and pop music really be considered art?电视和流行音乐真的能被当作艺术吗?
I enjoyed the ballet, but it wasn't really great art.我很喜欢这出芭蕾舞剧,但它艺术性不高。

A2 [ U ] the activity of painting, drawing, and making sculpture美术(指绘画、素描、雕塑等)

Art and English were my best subjects at school.上学时美术和英语是我学得最好的科目。
an art teacher美术老师

A2 [ U ] paintings, drawings, and sculptures美术(作)品;艺术(作)品

The gallery has an excellent collection of modern art.这家美术馆藏有一批优秀的现代艺术品。
an exhibition of Native American art印第安人艺术展
Peggy Guggenheim was one of the 20th century's great art collectors.佩吉•古根海姆是20世纪最伟大的艺术收藏家之一。
The Frick is an art gallery in New York.弗里克是纽约的一家艺术品收藏馆。

B2 [ C ] an activity through which people express particular ideas(表演)艺术

Drama is an art that is traditionally performed in a theatre.戏剧是一门通常在剧院表演的艺术。
Do you regard film as entertainment or as an art?你认为电影是一种娱乐还是一种表演艺术?
She is doing a course in the performing arts.她正在修一门表演艺术课。
the arts

the making or showing or performance of painting, acting, dancing, and music(绘画、表演、舞蹈、音乐等的总称)艺术

More government money is needed for the arts.政府需要拨更多的资金来扶持艺术。
public interest in the arts公众对艺术的兴趣

More examples

Most people on the board of governors have an arts degree.

The government announced today that it is to cut funding for the arts for next year.

He was accomplished in all the arts.

He wanted science students to take an interest in the arts, and to this end he ran literature classes at his home on Sunday afternoons.

She was recently appointed Dean of the Faculty of Arts at my university.

More examples

I know enough about art to recognize a masterpiece when I see one.

We went to a lecture on Italian art.

He gave a talk on the representation of women in 19th-century art.

He's an expert on 15th-century Italian art.

He is skilled in the art of public debate.

art noun NOT SCIENCE

arts [ plural ]

C1 subjects, such as history, languages, and literature, that are not scientific subjects人文科学;文科

At school I was quite good at arts, but hopeless at science.上学时,我很擅长文科,但是理科却无可救药。
Children should be given a well-balanced education in both the arts and the sciences.儿童应该接受文理兼顾的均衡完善的教育。
arts graduates/degrees文科毕业生/学位

art noun SKILL

C1 [ C ] a skill or special ability技术,技巧;本领

the art of conversation会话技巧
Getting him to go out is quite an art (= needs special skill).想让他出门交际可得好好动动脑筋。
artverbuk/ɑːt/ us/ɑːrt/ old use

in the past, the second person singular of the present tense of "be"(在旧式英语中)be的现在时态单数第二人称

thou art (= you are)thou art 即为you are,“你是”的意思。
IELTS BNC: 477 COCA: 346


1paintings, drawings, etc.繪畫;素描ADJECTIVE | VERB + ART | ART + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVEgreat, high偉大的繪畫commercial, fine商業美術;美術abstract, conceptual, figurative, representational, visual抽象/概念/具象/具象派/視覺藝術ancient, classical, medieval, modern, modernist, postmodern遠古時期的美術;古典美術;中世紀美術;現代美術;現代派美術;後現代美術animation, digital, graphic, installation, performance, pop動畫/數碼/平面造型/裝置/表演/流行藝術cinematic, video電影/視頻藝術erotic, sacred色情/宗教藝術avant-garde, contemporary, cutting-edge先鋒派美術;當代美術;前衞藝術20th-century, etc. * 20 世紀等的美術original原創藝術folk, traditional民間/傳統藝術public公共藝術African, Japanese, Western, etc.非洲、日本、西方等美術comic, cover漫畫/封面藝術He created cover art and illustrations for the magazine.他為這家雜誌創作封面和插圖。clip (computing計算機) 剪貼畫VERB + ARTcreate, produce創作美術品display, exhibit, feature, showcase展示/展覽/突出/陳列美術品The museum normally showcases Western art.這家博物館通常只展示西方的美術作品。buy, purchase購買美術品collect收集美術品view鑒賞美術品appreciate欣賞美術品ART + NOUNgallery, museum美術館;藝術博物館exhibit, exhibition, show美術展;藝術展collection美術品收藏The castle houses one of the finest art collections in Britain.這座城堡藏有英國最精美的一部份藝術珍品。buyer, collector, consultant, critic, curator, dealer, director, historian, professional, publisher美術品購買者;美術品收藏者;美術品顧問;美術評論家;美術館館長;美術品商人;藝術指導;美術史學者;專業美術人士;美術品出版商He was a noted art collector.他是位著名的美術品收藏家。aficionado, connoisseur, enthusiast, expert, lover藝術迷;美術品鑒賞家;美術愛好者;美術專家object, treasure, work (usually artwork) 藝術品;藝術珍品;藝術作品book, magazine, print美術書;藝術雜誌;美術印刷品academy, college, school藝術學院;美術學院;美術學校studio美術工作室form藝術形式Cinema gradually became accepted as an art form.電影逐漸成為人們所接受的一種藝術形式。style繪畫風格His art style was less radical than his contemporaries.他的繪畫風格不像與他同時代的人那樣激進。movement藝術運動the Impressionist art movement印象派藝術運動history美術史market美術品市場auction, fair藝術品拍賣會/博覽會community, scene, world美術界;藝術界the New York art scene紐約的美術界Many people from the art world attended the funeral.美術界許多人士參加了葬禮。therapy藝術治療(法)PHRASESlife imitates art人生如戲Will real life ever imitate art the way Hollywood wishes it would?現實生活真的會像好萊塢影片希望的那樣富有戲劇性嗎?


2(the) arts art, music, drama, literature, etc.美術;音樂;戲劇;文學ADJECTIVE | ARTS + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcreative, culinary, decorative, dramatic, performing, plastic, visual創造/烹飪/裝飾/戲劇/表演/造型/視覺藝術applied應用藝術martial武術ARTS + NOUNadministrator, patron藝術管理人/資助人PHRASESarts and crafts工藝品an exhibition of Peruvian arts and crafts秘魯工藝品展funding for the arts, sponsorship of the arts支持藝術的資金;對藝術的贊助a patron of the arts藝術資助人


3arts not sciences文科ADJECTIVE | ARTS + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVEliberal (especially NAmE) 文科ARTS + NOUNsubject (especially BrE) 文科科目degree文科學位an arts degree (BrE) 文科學位a liberal arts degree (NAmE) 文科學位PHRASESarts and sciences文科和理科


4ability/skill能力;技巧ADJECTIVE | VERB + ART | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVElost喪失的技巧Social interaction is increasingly becoming a lost art.人們正日漸喪失社會交往的技巧。VERB + ARTmaster, perfect掌握/完善技巧I've never mastered the art of making bread.我一直沒有掌握製作麪包的技巧。PREPOSITIONart of⋯的技巧Television has ruined the art of conversation.電視破壞了交談的藝術。PHRASEShave sth down to a fine art (= know how to do it very well) (especially BrE) 知道怎樣把⋯做得非常好She has the business of buying presents down to a fine art.買禮物她很拿手。

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IELTS BNC: 477 COCA: 346
art noun

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