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BNC: 141 COCA: 131

ask verb QUESTION

B1 [ I or T ] to put a question to someone, or to request an answer from someone问,询问;请求,征求

[ + two objects ] She asked me a question.她问了我一个问题。
She asked a question about Welsh history.她问了一个有关威尔士历史的问题。
She asked me about Welsh history.她问我有关威尔士历史的问题。
She asked about Welsh history.她问了有关威尔士历史的问题。
[ + question word ] I've no idea what time the train leaves. Ask the guard whether he knows.我不知道火车什么时候开,问问列车长是否知道。
I asked the guard the time of the train's departure.我问了问列车长火车的离站时间。
I asked when the train would leave.我问了问火车什么时候开。
[ + speech ] "What time does the train leave?" I asked.“火车什么时候开?”我问道。
ask yourself sth

C2 to consider something carefully仔细考虑某事

She needs to ask herself why nobody seems to like her.她应当好好想想为什么好像没有人喜欢她。

More examples

First I'd like to ask you a few questions about your childhood.

I just wanted to ask you if you're free this afternoon.

I hate having to ask for money.

If you want any time off work you'll have to ask the boss.

We had to ask our guide to interpret for us.

ask verb REQUEST

B1 [ I or T ] to speak or write to someone saying that you want them to do something, to give you something, or to allow you to do something请求

If you need any help, please don't hesitate to ask.如果有需要帮忙的地方,请尽管说。
She asked (her manager) if/whether she could leave early to pick up the kids.她问(经理)自己是否可以提早离开去接孩子。
I asked to see my accountant.我要求见我的会计师。
You should ask (your accountant) for some financial advice.你应该(向你的会计师)征求财务方面的建议。
[ + to infinitive ] You should ask your accountant to give you some financial advice.你应该让你的会计师给你一些财务方面的建议。
Can I ask you a favour?/formal Can I ask a favour of you?你可以帮我个忙吗?
I'd like to ask your advice/opinion on a financial matter.我遇到一个财务方面的问题,想听听你的建议/意见。
You have to ask permission to leave.你必须征得许可方能离开。
formal We ask that any faulty goods be returned in their original packaging.我们要求凡有质量问题的货物都装回原包装内退回。
[ + that ] formal The solicitor asked that her client be allowed to make a phone call.律师要求允许她的当事人打个电话。

ask verb INVITE

A2 [ T ] to request or invite someone to go somewhere with you or to come to your home请;邀请;约请

UK I've asked David to the party.我已经邀请了戴维参加聚会。
[ + to infinitive ] US I've asked David to come to the party.我已经邀请了戴维来参加聚会。
"Are you going to Muriel's party?" "No, I haven't been asked."“你去参加缪里尔的聚会吗?”“不,我没有接到邀请。”
Jorge has asked us over for dinner next Friday.豪尔赫邀请我们下星期五共进晚餐。
UK Ian's asked us round to/for dinner next Friday.伊恩请我们下周五去吃晚饭。
In fact they've asked us to stay for the whole weekend.实际上他们请我们过去呆上整个周末。

More examples

I dare you to ask him to dance.

He told me - and this is strictly entre nous - that he's going to ask Ruth to marry him.

He couldn't get up the courage to ask her for a date.

She managed to muster the courage to ask him to the cinema.

ask verb EXPECT

[ T ] to expect or demand something期望;索要;要求(得到)

Greg's asking (= expecting to be paid) £250,000 for his house.格雷格的房子要价25万英镑。
He asks too much of me - I can't always be there to help him.他对我的要求太过分了——我不能总在那里帮他吧。
It's asking a lot when your boss wants you to work weekends as well as evenings.如果你的老板想让你晚上加班,周末也工作,那就太过分了。

More examples

They were asking £180,000 for the place, so I put in an offer of £170,000.

They're asking £60,000 for their flat, but the market price is nearer £55,000.

We thought they were asking a very high price.

I thought being asked to miss my lunch was a bit much.

To expect me to look after her kids all day is asking a bit much.

BNC: 141 COCA: 131


1put a question to sb提問ADVERB | VERB + ASK | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBgently, quietly, softly溫和地問;輕聲問;柔聲問'How do you feel?' she asked softly.“你感覺怎樣?”她柔聲問道。conversationally, politely, sweetly親切隨便地問;禮貌地問;溫柔地問'Did you sleep well?' he asked politely.“你睡得好嗎?”他禮貌地問。eagerly, excitedly急切地問;激動地問angrily, bluntly, coldly, crossly, impatiently, irritably, sarcastically, sharply, slyly生氣地問;不客氣地問;冷冷地問;惱怒地問;不耐煩地問;急躁地問;諷刺地問;嚴厲地問;狡猾地問calmly, casually, coolly, drily, innocently, nonchalantly平靜地問;隨便地問;冷冷地問;無表情地問;天真地問;漠不關心地問'Oh, Sue went too, did she?' I asked innocently (= pretending I did not know that this was important).“哦,休也去了嗎?”我故作天真地問道。curiously, doubtfully, incredulously, inquisitively, pointedly, quizzically, sceptically/skeptically, suspiciously, warily好奇地問;疑惑地問;懷疑地問;追根究底地問;尖銳地問;揶揄地問anxiously, apprehensively, concernedly, fearfully, nervously, timidly, worriedly焦急地問;擔心地問;關心地問;恐懼地問;緊張地問;膽怯地問;擔憂地問'Will he be all right?' Sabrina asked anxiously.“他沒事吧?”薩布麗娜焦急地問。cautiously, hesitantly, tentatively, uncertainly小心翼翼地問;遲疑地問;試探着問;吞吞吐吐地問hopefully滿懷希望地問'Do you still want to go out tonight?' she asked hopefully.“你今晚還想出去嗎?”她滿懷希望地問道。jokingly, teasingly戲謔地問;嘲弄地問legitimately理直氣壯地問Voters can legitimately ask whose interests are being served by the new legislation.選民可以理直氣壯地問這一新的立法在為誰的利益服務。An interviewer may legitimately ask a candidate about current use of illegal drugs.面試人問申請人當前是否吸食毒品並無不妥。VERB + ASKwant to想問She wanted to ask Mary if she knew what was wrong.她想問瑪麗是否知道出了什麼事。I wanted to ask him a question.我想問他一個問題。dare (to)敢問I wondered how old she was but I didn't dare ask.我想知道她的年齡,但是我不敢問。forget to忘記問I completely forgot to ask his name.我完全忘記了問他的名字。PREPOSITIONabout詢問有關⋯的情況He asked about her family.他詢問了她的家庭情況。PHRASESget asked sth被問及⋯I often get asked that.常有人問我那件事。if you don't mind me asking, if you don't mind my asking如果你不介意我問How old are you-if you don't mind my asking?你多大了 - 如果你不介意我這樣問?


2request sth請求ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBnicely好好地懇求If you ask her nicely, she'll give you a hand.如果你好好地求她,她會幫你的。specifically特別請求He specifically asked for information on the subject.他專門想要這方面的信息。PREPOSITIONfor索要⋯I'm not asking for money.我不要錢。
BNC: 141 COCA: 131
ask verb
ask1 (ask a question) ask2 (ask for sth) charge (ask $50 for it) demand (It's a lot to ask.) invite (ask sb in)


ask a question 提问ask for sth 请求给予⋯ask ♦︎ enquire ♦︎ demand ♦︎ pose ♦︎ consultThese words all mean to say or write sth in the form of a question, in order to get information. 这些词均表示问、询问。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to ask / enquire about / after sb / sthto ask / enquire / demand sth of sbto ask / enquire / demand what / who / how..., etc.to ask / enquire politelyto ask / enquire / demand angrilyto ask / demand fiercely / aggressively ask [transitive, intransitive] to say or write sth in the form of a question, in order to get information 问;询问'Where are you going?' she asked.“你要去哪儿?”她问道。The interviewer asked me about my future plans.面试官问了我未来的计划。Did you ask the price?你问了价钱没有?She asked the students their names.她问了学生的姓名。I often get asked that!我常常被问到那件事!She asked where I lived.她问我住在哪儿。I was asked if / whether I could drive.有人问我会不会开车。Can I ask a question?我能提个问题吗?How old are you, if you don't mind me / my asking?冒昧请问,你多大了?He asked about her family.他询问了她的家庭情况。You cannot say 'ask to sb'. * ask不能后接to sbI asked to my friend what had happened. enquire ( inquire, especially in NAmE) [intransitive, transitive] (rather formal) to ask sb for information 询问;打听I called the station to enquire about train times.我打电话到火车站询问火车时刻。She enquired after my father.她问起我父亲的情况。She enquired as to your whereabouts.她打听你的下落。Might I enquire why you never mentioned this before?请问你为什么之前从未提及这件事呢?He enquired her name.他打听她的姓名。 see also enquiry question noun demand [transitive] to ask a question very firmly (态度坚定地)询问;质问'And where have you been?' he demanded angrily.“你去哪儿了?”他生气地问道。'What's your name?' she demanded of the girl.“你叫什么名字?”她向那女孩问道。 pose [transitive] (always used with question 总是与question连用) (formal) to ask a question, especially one that needs serious thought 提出(须深思的问题);质询The new play poses some challenging questions.这个新剧目提出了一些富挑战性的问题。 consult [transitive] to go to sb for information or advice 咨询;请教If the pain continues, consult your doctor.如果疼痛持续不消退,要请医生诊治。 see also consult refer to sth , consultation interview 1 ask2


ask a question 提问ask for sth 请求给予⋯ See also the entry for demand verb 另见demand动词词条ask ♦︎ seek ♦︎ call for sth ♦︎ request ♦︎ apply ♦︎ invite ♦︎ appeal ♦︎ claim ♦︎ petitionThese words all mean to tell sb that you would like them to do sth or give you sth, or that you would like sth to happen. 这些词均表示要求、请求。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to ask / call / apply / appeal / petition for sthto ask for / seek / call for / request / invite / appeal for / claim sth from sbto ask / request sth of sbto ask / call for / request / invite / appeal for / petition sb to do sthto ask / apply to do sthto ask / request that...to formally ask for / seek / call for / request / apply for / invite sb to do / claim / petition for sthto repeatedly ask for / call for / request / apply for / appeal for sthto explicitly ask for / call for / request / invite sth ask [intransitive, transitive] to tell sb that you would like them to do or give you sth, or that you would like sth to happen; to say that you would like permission to do sth 要求;请求;请求允许If you want anything, just ask.如果你想要什么,尽管提出。I went up to the bar and asked for a beer.我去吧台要了杯啤酒。He asked me for a job yesterday.他昨天来向我求职。Why don't you ask David's advice?你为什么不征求戴维的意见呢?Can I ask a favour of you?我能请你帮个忙吗?I asked to see the manager.我要求见经理。All the students were asked to complete a form.所有学生都被要求填写一份表格。I'll ask if it's all right to park here.我去问问这儿是否可以停车。 seek (sought, sought) [transitive] (formal) to ask sb for sth (向人)请求,寻求I think it's time we sought legal advice.我想我们该咨询一下律师了。She managed to calm him down and seek help from a neighbour.她设法使他平静下来,然后向一位邻居求助。 see also seek look verb 2 , seek try verb 1 ˈcall for sth

phrasal verb

(especially journalism 尤用于新闻) to ask publicly for sth to happen 公开要求The group called for the immediate release of the hostages.该组织要求立即释放人质。The opposition is calling for the prime minister to resign.反对派正要求首相辞职。 see also call request noun
request [transitive] (formal) to ask for sth or ask sb to do sth in a polite or formal way (礼貌或正式地)要求,请求She requested permission to film at the White House.她申请准许在白宫拍摄。You are politely requested not to smoke in this restaurant.请不要在本餐馆吸烟。 see also request request noun , request wish noun apply [intransitive] to make a formal request, usually in writing, for sth such as a job or a place at a college or university (通常以正式的书面形式)申请(职位、入学等)to apply for a job / passport / grant申请工作/护照/拨款I decided to apply to Manchester University.我决定了向曼彻斯特大学提出申请。You can apply by letter or on-line.你可以写信或上网申请。He's applied to join the army.他已经报名参军。 see also applicant candidate , application request noun invite [transitive] (formal) to ask sb formally to go somewhere or do sth (正式)邀请,请求Successful candidates will be invited for interview next week.通过甄别的候选人将获邀下周参加面试。He invited questions from the audience.他请听众提问。 appeal [intransitive] to make a serious and urgent request for sth 呼吁;恳求;吁请Nationalist leaders have appealed for calm.民族主义领袖呼吁保持冷静。Organizers appealed to the crowd not to panic.组织者呼吁人群不要惊慌。I am appealing on behalf of the famine victims (= asking for money).我代表饥荒灾民吁请捐款。 see also appeal request noun claim [transitive, intransitive] to ask for money from the government or a company because you have a right to it (依照权利)索要,索取He's not entitled to claim unemployment benefit.他无权申领失业救济金。She claimed damages from the company for the injury she had suffered.她因受伤向公司索要损害赔偿金。You can claim on your insurance for that coat you left on the train.你可以按你的保险索赔你落在火车上的大衣。 see also claim request noun petition pəˈtɪʃn [intransitive, transitive] to make a formal request to sb in authority, especially by sending them a petition (= a written request signed by a large number of people); to formally ask for sth in court (尤指通过递送请愿书)祈求,请愿;(向法院)请求,申请Local residents have successfully petitioned against the proposals.当地居民反对该提案的请愿成功了。The group intends to petition the governor for reform of the law.这个团体准备请求州长修改法律。His wife petitioned for divorce in 1997.他的妻子在1997年提出了离婚申请。 see also petition request noun

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