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BNC: 422 COCA: 624

B1 If something is likely, it will probably happen or is expected.很可能的,可能要发生的

Do remind me because I'm likely to forget.一定要提醒我,因为我可能会忘记。
What's the likely outcome of this whole business?整个事件可能会出现什么结果?
I suppose that might happen but it's not very likely.我认为那样的事也许会发生,但可能性不大。
[ + that ] It's quite likely that we'll be in Spain this time next year.明年的这个时候我们很可能会在西班牙。

More examples

Children from an underprivileged family background are statistically more likely to become involved in crime.

She made a rough estimate of the likely cost.

Disney's latest production looks likely to be their most successful ever.

It is likely that the suspects have left the country by now.

The study showed that one in twelve women is likely to develop breast cancer.

mainly US probably有可能地

She will likely need surgery.她有可能需要动手术。
as likely as not

C1 probably很可能

As likely as not, she'll end up in court over this problem.关于这个问题她最终很可能会诉诸法律。
most/very likely

C1 very probably非常有可能

Most likely he'll turn up late.
not likely!

B1 informal certainly not!当然不!

"Do you want to come running with me?" "Not likely!"
BNC: 422 COCA: 624


VERBS | ADVERB VERBSappear, be, look, seem, sound顯得很可能;很可能;看來很可能;似乎很可能;聽起來很可能become變得很可能make sth使⋯變得很可能a development they believed would make nuclear war more likely他們認為會加大核戰爭可能性的一項發展事態consider sth, deem sth, think sth認為⋯很可能The doctors didn't think it likely that she would ever heal completely.醫生們認為她不大可能完全康復。ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常可能This match was never likely to be a classic.這場比賽絕不可能成為經典。It seems very likely that he will be forced to resign.他似乎很可能會被迫辭職。entirely, especially, highly, overwhelmingly, particularly完全可能;極可能;絕對可能It is entirely likely that the company will make another offer.該公司完全可能再次報盤。It is highly likely that the factory will have to close.這家工廠很可能要關閉。increasingly越來越可能Juries became increasingly likely to acquit.陪審團越來越可能作出無罪裁定了。hardly幾乎不可能They're hardly likely to get home before ten.他們幾乎不可能在 10 點以前到家。reasonably相當有可能equally同樣可能disproportionately有超出正常比例的可能性Are black defendants disproportionately likely to be wrongfully convicted?黑人被告被誤判有罪的比例更高嗎?ever迄今最有可能the best deal they are ever likely to get迄今他們可能得到的最划算的一筆買賣
BNC: 422 COCA: 624
likely adv.
most likely probably


 See also the entry for prone to sth 另见prone to sth条likely ♦︎ possible ♦︎ potential ♦︎ prospective ♦︎ probableThese words all describe things that are expected to exist, happen or be true. 这些词均表示事情是可能的、预期会发生的。SYNONYM SCALE 词义标尺 下图显示这些词所表达可能性的大小
PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to be likely / possible / probable that...a likely / possible / potential / prospective / probable sitea likely / possible / potential / probable cause / effect / consequence / outcomea likely / possible / probable explanationthe likely / possible / potential / probable costa likely / possible / potential / prospective candidatea potential / prospective husband / wife / parentquite likely / possible / probablehardly likely / possiblevery / extremely / highly likely / probable likely expected to exist, happen or be true 可能存在(或发生)的;可能是真实的What is the most likely cause of the infection?这种传染病最有可能的病因是什么?Tickets are likely to be expensive.入场券往往很贵。It's more than likely that the thieves don't know how much it is worth.盗贼很可能不知道此物的价值。They might refuse to let us do it, but it's hardly likely.他们也许会不让我们这么干,但这种可能性很小。 OPP unlikely unlikely 1 see also likelihood possibility , most likely probably possible that might exist, happen or be true, but is not certain to 可能存在(或发生)的;可能是真实的They spoke of her as a possible future president.他们说她将来可能会当选总统。With the possible exception of the Beatles, no other band has become so successful so quickly.可能除了披头士乐队外,还没有哪个乐队能如此迅速走红。It's just possible that I gave them the wrong directions.我很可能给他们指错了方向。'You might be wrong, of course!' 'It's possible, but I doubt it.'“当然,也许是你弄错了!”“有可能吧,但我觉得不一定。” OPP impossible impossible see also possibility possibility potential pəˈtenʃl [only before noun] expected to develop into sth or to be developed in the future 潜在的;可能的First we need to identify actual and potential problems.首先,我们需要弄清实际问题和潜在问题。What are the potential benefits of these proposals?这些提案有什么潜在的益处? Potential is used in several main ways: to talk about people who might buy a product or use a service * potential的几种主要用法如下:修饰人,表示有可能购买商品或需要服务a potential audience / buyer / client / consumer / customer潜在的听众/买主/客户/消费者/顾客to talk about things that might go wrong 修饰事物,表示有可能出差错a potential complication / danger / disaster / drawback / embarrassment / hazard / pitfall / risk / threat潜在的并发症/危险/灾难/弊端/窘况/危害/隐患/风险/威胁and to talk about things that people might gain from. 修饰物,表示有可能从中获益a potential advantage / benefit / improvement / saving潜在的优势/利益/改善/节约 OPP actual real see also potential potential noun potentially


a potentially dangerous situation有潜在危险的局势
prospective prəˈspektɪv [only before noun] (rather formal) expected to do or become sth 有望的;可能的;预期的I had a phone call from a prospective client today.我今天接到一个有望成为我们客户的人打来的电话。 Prospective is mainly used to talk about people. * prospective主要用于修饰人a prospective buyer / client / customer / applicant / candidate / employee / employer / husband / wife / parent可能的买主/客户/顾客/申请人/候选人/雇员/雇主;准丈夫;准妻子;准父母 see also prospect possibility , prospects potential NOTE 辨析 Potential or prospective?Both these words can be used to talk about people who are expected to become buyers, employees, etc. However, prospective is used more to talk about a person who has already shown some interest in a product or service; potential is used more to talk about people in general who could be targeted by a company's advertising, for example. 这两个词都可修饰人,表示有可能成为买主、雇员等。但是,prospective更多指这些人已经对产品或服务表现出兴趣;potential修饰消费者等时更多泛指可以被某公司设定为宣传对象等的人。 probable (rather formal, especially written) likely 可能存在(或发生)的;可能是真实的The probable cause of the fire was an electrical fault.这次火灾的原因可能是电路故障。It is quite probable that they will call an election next spring.他们很可能明年春天组织一次选举。OPP improbable unlikely 1 see also probability possibility , probably probably NOTE 辨析 Likely or probable? Likely can be used in a wider range of structures and registers than probable. * likely比probable可用于更广泛的结构和语域It is likely / probable that...有可能/很可能⋯sb / sth is likely to do sth某人/某事有可能做某事sb/sth is probable to do sth Probable is ten times more frequent in written English than in spoken English; likely is very frequent in both written and spoken English. * probable在书面语中的使用率比在口语中多十倍,likely在书面语和口语中都很常见。
BNC: 422 COCA: 624
Certain or likely to happen: certain, likely, probable...

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