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A2 a person who buys goods or a service顾客,主顾,客户

a satisfied customer满意的顾客
Mrs Wilson is one of our regular customers.威尔逊太太是我们的一位老主顾。

More examples

Would you mind waiting? I'm dealing with another customer at the moment.

The chairman of the bank believes in the personal touch and always sends a signed letter to each customer.

The shop is giving away a sample pack to every customer.

Shops are being forced to put their prices down in order to attract customers.

Mrs Wilson is one of our regular customers.



ADJECTIVE | VERB + CUSTOMER | CUSTOMER + NOUN ADJECTIVEbig, favoured/favored, favourite/favorite, good, important, key, large, major重要的/享受優惠的/喜歡的/良好的/重要的/關鍵的/大型的/主要的客戶They are one of our biggest customers.他們是我們最大的客戶之一。They organized an evening's entertainment for key customers.他們組織了娛樂晚會,招待關鍵客戶。long-standing, long-time, loyal, valued長期的客戶;忠實的客戶;尊貴的客戶regular常客current, existing, old現有的客戶;老客戶repeat (NAmE) 回頭客new新客戶potential, prospective, would-be潛在的/未來的/可能的客戶There are a large number of potential customers for the new product.這個新產品有一大批潛在客戶。paying付費客戶dissatisfied, unhappy不滿意的顧客angry, irate氣憤的/盛怒的顧客happy, satisfied滿意的顧客We like to think that we have satisfied customers.我們往往認為我們的客戶都很滿意。domestic國內客戶internal內部客戶external, outside國外/外來客戶foreign, international, overseas外國/國際/海外客戶personal, private個人/私人客戶business, commercial, corporate, industrial, retail生意/商業/公司/企業/零售客戶VERB + CUSTOMERhave有客戶deal with, help, serve, service (NAmE) 接待客戶;為顧客服務attract, draw, entice, get, lure吸引/引來/誘惑/得到/招徠顧客It's a special offer to attract new customers.這是一種招徠新客戶的特別優惠。lose失去客戶We can't afford to lose any more customers.我們不能再失去客戶了。keep, retain留住客戶satisfy使客戶滿意CUSTOMER + NOUNcare, relations, relationship, service, support客戶服務;客戶關係If you have a complaint, contact the customer care unit.若有意見請直接與客戶服務部聯繫。Part of good customer relations is knowing how to deal with complaints.懂得如何處理投訴是保持良好客戶關係的一個方面。account, order客戶賬戶/訂單agreement客戶協議The terms of the guarantee will be set out in the customer agreement.擔保條款將列入客戶協議書。demand客戶要求This cheaper model was produced in response to customer demand.這個比較便宜的型號就是根據顧客要求生產的。demands, needs, requirements, specifications客戶需求;客戶要求明細feedback, reaction顧客反饋/反應The questionnaire is to test customer reaction to the new store design.該問卷用於測試客戶對新店設計的反應。dissatisfaction, satisfaction顧客的不滿/滿意They carried out a customer satisfaction survey.他們進行了一次客戶滿意度調查。loyalty顧客的忠誠complaints, enquiries, questions, requests顧客的投訴/詢問/問題/要求hotline客戶熱線survey客戶調查data, information, profile, records客戶數據/信息/概況/記錄base, list客戶基礎/名單They are hoping that TV advertising will increase their customer base.他們希望電視廣告有助於擴大他們的客戶基礎。


customer ♦︎ client ♦︎ consumer ♦︎ buyer ♦︎ purchaser ♦︎ shopper ♦︎ patron ♦︎ punter ♦︎ regular ♦︎ end-userThese are all words for a person or organization that buys sth from a shop or business. 这些词均表示顾客、买家、客户。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to have / deal with / get / lose a customer / client / buyerto attract customers / clients / consumers / buyers / shoppers / puntersto encourage customers / clients / consumers / buyers / shoppersto entice / persuade customers / clients / consumers / buyersto tempt customers / buyers / shopperscustomers / clients / consumers / buyers / purchasers / shoppers buy / spend sth customer [countable] a person or organization that buys sth from a shop or business or who uses a bank 顾客;主顾;客户He comes in twice a week and is one of our best customers.他每周来两次,是我们最好的顾客之一。Schools are among the biggest customers for this service.学校可说是这种服务最大的客户群。I'd like to speak to someone in the customer service department, please.我想找客户服务部的人,谢谢。 see also custom business 2 client ˈklaɪənt [countable] a person who uses the services or advice of a professional person or organization 委托人;当事人She's a well-known lawyer with many famous clients.她是一个知名律师,有许多著名的委托人。It is our job to act on behalf of the client.代表客户行事是我们的职责。 see also clientele market 1 consumer kənˈsjuːmə(r); NAmE kənˈsuːmər [countable] a person who buys goods or uses services 消费者;顾客;用户Health-conscious consumers want more information about the food they buy.注重健康的消费者想得到更多有关他们所购买的食物的信息。The big stores are, of course, responding to consumer demand.大商店当然会对顾客需求作出反应。We live in a consumer society (= one in which buying and selling is considered to be very important).我们生活在一个消费型社会。Consumer is usually used to talk about the habits and behaviour of people who buy things in general, rather than about any person in particular. Consumer is often used like an adjective before words such as demand, boycott, boom, confidence, and spending. * consumer通常用来谈论一般大众消费的习惯和行为,不指具体的某个人。consumer常像形容词一样置于demand、boycott、boom、confidence和spending等词前。 buyer [countable] a person who buys sth, especially sth expensive (尤指昂贵商品的)买主,买方Have you found a buyer for your house?你的房子找到买主了吗?Buyer is most often used to talk about a person buying a house or car, or a large amount of goods for a company. * buyer主要用于指买房、买车,或为某家公司购买大量商品的人。 see also buy buy purchaser ˈpɜːtʃəsə(r); NAmE ˈpɜːrtʃəsər [countable] (formal, especially written) a person who buys sth, especially sth expensive (尤指昂贵商品的)买主,买方The purchaser reserves the right to change his or her mind.买方保留改变意愿、退出交易的权利。Purchaser is most often used in formal written English to talk about a person buying a house or car, a business or shares in a business. * purchaser主要用在正式书面语中,指购买房产、汽车、公司或公司股票的人。 see also purchase buy shopper [countable] a person who buys goods from a shop 购物者;(商店的)顾客Crowds of shoppers had to be evacuated from the store after the bomb threat.收到炸弹威胁后,一群群顾客被迫从商店疏散。Competition between stores can result in big savings for shoppers.商店间的竞争可以使购物者省很多钱。 Shopper is most often used in the plural, after words relating to large numbers such as hundreds/thousands/crowds of or words relating to times when large numbers of people buy things in shops. * shopper常用复数形式,用在表示较大数量的词后,如hundreds/thousands/crowds of,或表示购物高峰期的词后Christmas / Saturday-morning shoppers圣诞节/周六早晨的购物者 see also shop buy patron ˈpeɪtrən [countable] (formal) a person who uses a particular shop, restaurant, theatre, etc. (商店、餐馆、剧院等的)老主顾,常客,顾客Patrons are requested not to smoke.请顾客不要吸烟。 punter [countable] (BrE, informal) a person who buys or uses a particular product or service (产品或服务的)顾客,主顾,客户It's important to keep the punters happy.重要的是让客户满意。Your average punter won't notice the difference.普通顾客不会注意到那个差别。 regular [countable] a customer who often goes to a particular shop, bar, restaurant, etc. (商店、酒吧、餐馆等的)常客,老主顾He's one of our regulars.他是我们的一位老主顾。 ˌend-ˈuser [countable] a person who actually uses a product rather than one who makes or sells it, especially a person who uses a product connected with computers (尤指计算机产品的)最终用户,直接用户,终端用户Programs are tailored to meet the needs of end-users.这些程序是为满足最终用户的需求量身订做的。
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