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TOEFL BNC: 1686 COCA: 1270

A2 [ C ] a large group of people who have come together人群;群众

A crowd of about 15,000 attended the concert.大约有15000人出席了音乐会。

[ S ] informal a group of friends or a group of people with similar interests(有共同爱好的)一帮朋友,一伙人,一群人

She goes around with a friendly crowd.她常和一群朋友结伴外出。
"Who was there?" "Oh, the usual crowd."“那儿都有谁?”“噢,还是往常那伙人。”

More examples

A crowd had gathered to hear her speak.

In her bright yellow coat, she was easily identifiable in the crowd.

A big crowd of demonstrators were protesting against cuts in health spending.

He pushed his way to the front of the crowd to get a better look.

The crowd was cheering and urging her on all through the race.

crowdverb [ T ]uk/kraʊd/ us/kraʊd/ informal

to make someone feel uncomfortable by standing too close to them or by watching them all the time挤;靠近;盯着

I need some time to do this work properly, so don't crowd me.我需要些时间把这活干好,所以别总盯着我。
TOEFL BNC: 1686 COCA: 1270


1large number of people in one place聚集的人群ADJECTIVE | VERB + CROWD | CROWD + VERB | CROWD + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbig, bumper, capacity, enormous, good, great, huge, large, massive, packed, record, sell-out, vast一大群人;座無虛席;人數空前的一大群人The show played to capacity crowds.那場表演座無虛席。small一小群人gathering, growing不斷聚集的/不斷增多的人群assembled聚集在一起的人The president read a declaration to a vast assembled crowd.總統向大批聚在一起的人宣讀了聲明。entire, whole整個人群jostling, milling, surging推推搡搡的人潮;湧動的人潮We pushed our way through the milling crowds of guests.我們從湧動的賓客人群中擠了出來。noisy嘈雜的人群admiring, adoring, appreciative, cheering, enthusiastic, excited, expectant仰慕的/敬慕的/讚賞的/喝彩的/充滿熱情的/興奮的/期待的人群angry, hostile, partisan憤怒的/充滿敵意的/成幫結夥的人群rush-hour (especially BrE) 交通高峰時間的人群diverse, motley (especially BrE) 魚龍混雜的人群the usual motley crowd of tourists, hawkers and pigeons像往常一樣混雜着遊客、小販和易上當者的人群football, theatre/theater足球賽/劇院觀眾home, hometown (= at a sports game) (NAmE) (體育比賽)主場觀眾VERB + CROWDattract, bring, bring in, draw, gather, get, pull, pull in吸引觀眾Boxing is a sport that always attracts large crowds.拳擊這項運動總能吸引大批觀眾。break up, disperse驅散/疏散人群Police were called to disperse the crowd.警察奉召到場驅散人群。control控制人群address, entertain, play to, work對聽眾講話;娛樂觀眾;為觀眾表演;帶動觀眾join, mingle with加入/混入人群avoid避開人群If you want to avoid the crowds, get there early.如果你不想挨擠,就早點兒到那裏。face面對人群scan, search, watch盤查/搜查/監視人群get lost in在人群中迷路She was afraid she might get lost in the crowd.她擔心自己在人群中迷失方向。CROWD + VERBassemble, collect, gather人群聚集An expectant crowd gathered outside his house.滿懷期待的人群聚集在他房子外面。grow, swell人群擴大The crowd grew to over 15 000.人群擴大到超過了 15,000 人。rush人群奔湧The crowd rushed forward.人群湧向前去。flock, mill, throng sth, throng around sb/sth人群蜂擁;人群湧動;人群擁塞⋯Crowds have been flocking to the beaches in this hot weather.在如此炎熱的天氣裏人們都湧到了海灘。crowds thronging the streets of Rio里約街頭湧動的人潮A crowd thronged around the wounded man.一群人聚集在那個受傷的人周圍。disperse, melt away, thin out人群散開;人群逐漸散去After the ambulance drove off, the crowd dispersed.救護車開走後,人群就散開了。part人群分離chant, cheer, erupt, roar, scream人群反複呼喊/歡呼/突然爆發出/大喊/尖叫boo, hiss, jeer人群發出一陣噓聲;人群發出嘲笑聲line the street人群聚集在街道兩旁Crowds lined the streets of the city as the president's car approached.總統的車駛近時,人們聚集在市區街道兩旁。CROWD + NOUNcontrol人群控制favourite/favorite觀眾的最愛She didn't win but she was clearly the crowd favourite / favorite.她雖然沒有獲勝,但顯然是最受觀眾喜愛的一位。noise人群的喧譁scene人群場景PREPOSITIONamong a/the crowd在人群中A bewildered child was wandering among the crowd.一個不知所措的孩子徘徊在人群中。in a/the crowd在人群裏I saw some familiar faces in the crowd.我在人群裏看到了一些熟悉的面孔。through a/the crowd穿過人群She fought her way through the crowd.她從人群中擠了出來。crowd of一群⋯a big crowd of football supporters一大群足球迷PHRASESthe back of a crowd, the front of a crowd, the middle of a crowd人群的後部/前部/中間


2the crowd ordinary people民眾VERB + THE CROWD | PHRASES VERB + THE CROWDbe one of, follow是普通人;從眾She's happy to follow the crowd.她願意隨大溜。stand out from與眾不同We all like to think we stand out from the crowd (= are different from other people).我們都希望自己與眾不同。PHRASESa face in the crowd芸芸眾生之一To her I'm just another face in the crowd.對她而言,我不過是人群中的另一張普通的面孔。
TOEFL BNC: 1686 COCA: 1270
crowd noun
crowd (crowds of people) general public (stand out from/follow the crowd) group2 (get in with the wrong crowd)


crowd ♦︎ mob ♦︎ horde ♦︎ throng ♦︎ drove ♦︎ crush ♦︎ rabbleThese are all words for a lot of people together. 这些词均表示人群。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a crowd / hordes / a throng / droves / a crush of peoplea crowd / mob / horde / rabble of youthsa crowd / throng of journalists / photographerspeople do sth in hordes / drovesa / an angry / unruly / hostile crowd / moba disorderly crowd / rabbleto push / fight / force your way through the crowd / mob / hordes / throng / crushto break up / disperse a crowd / mobto join the crowd / thronga crowd / mob / throng gathers crowd [countable + singular or plural verb] a large number of people gathered together in a public place, for example in the streets or at a sports game 人群;观众A small crowd had gathered outside the church.一小群人已经聚集在教堂外面了。Crowds of people poured into the street.人群涌上街头。I want to get there early to avoid the crowds.我想早点赶到那里,避开人潮。The game attracted a capacity crowd of 80 000.这场比赛爆满,吸引了8万名观众。Nearly 300 marshals will be involved in crowd control.将近300名法警将参与人群控制工作。A whole crowd of us (= a lot of us) are going to the ball.我们一大帮人要去参加舞会。 mob [countable + singular or plural verb] (often disapproving) a large crowd of people, especially one that may become violent or cause trouble 人群;(尤指)暴民An angry mob of demonstrators came charging around the corner.一群愤怒的示威者从街角冲过来。mob rule (= a situation in which a mob has control, rather than people in authority) 暴民统治a lynch mob (= a group of people who capture and kill sb illegally because they consider them guilty of a crime) 施用私刑的暴民 horde hɔːd; NAmE hɔːrd [countable] (sometimes disapproving) a large crowd of people 一大群人There are always hordes of tourists here in the summer.夏天这里总有成群结队的游客。Football fans turned up in hordes.来了大批大批的足球迷。 throng [countable] (written) a crowd of people 聚集的人群;一大群人We pushed our way through the throng.我们挤过人群。He was met by a throng of journalists and photographers.他遇上了一群记者和摄影师。NOTE 辨析 Crowd or throng? Crowd is a much more frequent and general word than throng. Throng is used especially in descriptive writing to suggest lots of people crowding together in a busy or excited way. A throng attracts people who want to join in or find out what is going on. You might want to avoid/get away from the crowds but you would not usually 'avoid/get away from the throng'. At a sports game you talk about the crowd, not the throng. * crowd远较throng常用、宽泛。throng尤用于描写性文字中,有热闹忙乱之意,会使人想加入进来或一睹究竟。可以说avoid/get away from the crowds,但一般不说avoid/get away from the throng。指观看体育比赛的观众用crowd,不用throng。 drove drəʊv; NAmE droʊv [countable, usually plural] a large number of people or animals, often moving or doing sth as a group (移动的)人群,畜群People are leaving the countryside in droves to look for work in the cities.一批一批的人离开农村到城里找工作。 crush [countable, usually singular] (sometimes disapproving) a crowd of people pressed close together in a small space (狭小空间中)拥挤的人群There's always a big crush in the bar during the interval.幕间休息时酒吧里总是人群拥挤。 rabble [singular, plural] (disapproving) a large group of noisy people who are or may become violent 乌合之众;聚众的暴民As he arrived he was met by a rabble of noisy youths.他到达时碰到了一群喧闹的年轻人。 crowd


 See also the entry for pack 另见pack条crowd ♦︎ cluster ♦︎ flock ♦︎ huddle ♦︎ throng ♦︎ herdThese words are all used to talk about people standing or moving together in a group. 这些词均表示人群聚集或拥向某处。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to crowd / cluster / flock / huddle / throng / herd togetherto crowd / cluster / flock / huddle / throng into somewhereto crowd / cluster / flock / huddle / throng round / around somewhereto flock / throng to somewhereto flock / throng to do sthto crowd / throng the streetspeople crowd / cluster / flock / huddle / throng somewhere crowd [intransitive, transitive] to form a group of people that fills a place so there is little room to move 挤满;塞满;使⋯拥挤We all crowded into her office to sing 'Happy Birthday'.我们都挤进她的办公室唱起《生日快乐》。Photographers were crowding around outside.外面挤满了摄影师。Thousands of people crowded the narrow streets.成千上万的人把狭窄的街道挤得水泄不通。When there is no object, crowd is always used with an adverb or preposition. 没有宾语时,crowd总是与副词或介词连用。 cluster [intransitive] (usually used with an adverb or preposition 通常与副词或介词连用) to come together in a small group or groups (一小群人)群集,聚集Guests clustered at tables scattered around the hotel's bar.客人三三两两地聚集在饭店酒吧分散的几张桌子旁。 see also cluster group noun 1 flock [intransitive] (used with an adverb, preposition or to infinitive 与副词、介词或带to的不定式连用) (of people or birds) to go or gather together somewhere in large numbers (人或鸟)群集,聚集,蜂拥Thousands of people flocked to the beach this weekend.这个周末好几千人蜂拥到海滩上去。People flocked to hear him speak.人们成群结队地去听他演讲。 see also flock herd noun huddle [intransitive] (usually used with an adverb or preposition 通常与副词或介词连用) (of people or animals) to gather closely together, usually because of cold or fear (人或动物通常因寒冷或害怕)挤在一起People huddled up close to each other.人们互相紧紧地挤在一起。 throng [intransitive, transitive] (rather formal, written) to go somewhere or be present somewhere in large numbers 群集;拥塞;拥向The children thronged into the hall.孩子们拥进了大厅。Crowds thronged the stores.商店都挤满了人。When there is no object, throng is always used with an adverb or preposition. 没有宾语时,throng总是与副词或介词连用。 herd [intransitive, transitive] (always used with an adverb or preposition 总是与副词或介词连用) to move or make sb/sth move in a particular direction in a group (使)成群移动We all herded on to the bus.我们全都拥上了公共汽车。They were herded together into trucks and driven away.他们被一起赶上卡车拉走了。 see also herd herd noun
TOEFL BNC: 1686 COCA: 1270
Friends and acquaintances: friend, acquaintance, companion...
To fill a thing or place: fill, cram, stuff...

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