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TOEFL BNC: 2291 COCA: 1604

soul noun SPIRIT

B2 [ C ] the spiritual part of a person that some people believe continues to exist in some form after their body has died, or the part of a person that is not physical and experiences deep feelings and emotions灵魂;心性,心灵

She suffered greatly while she was alive, so let us hope her soul is now at peace.她生前受过很多苦,所以我们希望现在她的灵魂能得到安宁。

More examples

She's one of those people who puts their heart and soul into their work.

The priest said he was endangering his immortal soul.

Some people think the soul, unlike the body, is incorruptible.

Great literature is balsam to the soul.

I have a sense that we all do have a soul.


[ U ] the quality of a person or work of art that shows or produces deep good feelings精神;热情,真挚情感;高尚情操;气魄

If you can't enjoy this music you've got no soul.如果你不能欣赏这种音乐,说明你缺乏真挚的情感。
For me her paintings somehow lack soul.在我看来,她的绘画作品有些缺乏真情实感。

soul noun MUSIC

A2 [ U ] → soul music (同soul music)

soul noun PERSON

B2 [ C ] a person of a stated type某种人

She's a happy little soul.她是个快乐的小孩。
Some poor soul had fallen 500 metres to their death.有些人不幸从500米高处掉下来摔死了。
not a soul

B2 no one没有人

By the time I arrived there wasn't a soul there.我到的时候,那儿一个人都没有。


[ U ] US a deep understanding of and being proud of the culture of black people黑人文化情感(对黑人文化的认同和自豪)

TOEFL BNC: 2291 COCA: 1604


1part of sb believed to exist after body is dead靈魂ADJECTIVE | VERB + SOUL | PHRASES ADJECTIVEeternal, immortal永恆的/不朽的靈魂dead死去的靈魂The messenger god, Hermes, leads dead souls into the underworld.諸神信使赫爾墨斯接引死去的靈魂進入冥界。damned被罰入地獄的靈魂human, individual人的靈魂;個人的靈魂rational理性靈魂pure純潔的靈魂great偉大的靈魂VERB + SOULsave拯救靈魂Missionaries saw it as their task to save souls.傳教士把拯救靈魂看作自己的使命。sell出賣靈魂to sell your soul to the Devil把靈魂出賣給魔鬼PHRASESa/the battle for sb's soul, a/the struggle for sb's soul (often figurative) 某人的靈魂之戰a battle for the soul of the country國家的靈魂之戰have mercy on sb's soul憐憫某人May God have mercy on my soul.願上帝憐憫我。God rest sb's soul願上帝讓某人的靈魂安息God rest his soul.願上帝讓他的靈魂安息。the immortality of the soul靈魂不朽an argument for the immortality of the soul靈魂不朽的論據the souls of the dead死者的靈魂


2part of sb/sth that shows its true nature心靈;精神ADJECTIVE | VERB + SOUL | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEvery心靈The plea touched him to his very soul.這一請求使他的心靈受到了觸動。whole整個心靈inner內心深處VERB + SOULlose失去精神In the process of being made into a movie, the story seemed to have lost its soul.在拍成電影的過程中,這個故事似乎失去了原有的靈魂。bare剖白心事He bared his soul to her.他向她剖白了自己的心跡。search反躬自問I searched my soul for any malice that could have provoked his words, but found none.我捫心自問並無任何惡意激怒他說出這番話。be good for其實有好處Laughter is good for the soul.大笑對人有益。PREPOSITIONin your soul在心靈深處Deep in her soul she knew she had to return to her country.在她的心靈深處,她知道自己必須返回祖國。PHRASESbody and soul全身心She gave herself to him body and soul.她一心一意地對他。from the depths of sb's soul, in the depths of sb's soul從某人的內心深處He let out an anguished cry from the depths of his soul.他從內心深處發出了一聲痛苦的吶喊。heart and soul全心全意He gave himself heart and soul to the cause.他全心全意地投身這一事業。a part of sb's soul某人的知心朋友She was a part of his soul.她是他的知己。


3deep feeling and thought真情實感VERB + SOUL | PREPOSITION VERB + SOULhave有感情lack缺少感情PREPOSITIONwith soul帶着感情She sang the song with passion and soul.她充滿激情地唱這首歌。


4personADJECTIVE | VERB + SOUL | PHRASES ADJECTIVElittle小傢伙poor little soul可憐的小傢伙old老人good好人bad壞人lonely, lost, poor, unfortunate孤獨的人;迷失的人;可憐的人;不幸的人innocent, simple天真的人;單純的人kindred相似的人They recognized each other as kindred souls.他們都視對方為志同道合的人。dear, generous, gentle, kind, kindly可愛的人;慷慨的人;溫柔的人;善良的人;和藹的人a kind old soul慈祥的老人sensitive敏感的人brave勇敢的人hardy (especially BrE) 能吃苦的人A few hardy souls braved the icy conditions.幾個堅強的人不畏天寒地凍的惡劣條件。romantic浪漫的人restless, tormented, tortured, troubled焦躁不安的人;飽經磨難的人;受盡折磨的人living活着的人There was no other living soul to be seen.這兒其他一個人影兒都見不着。single一個人I don't know a single soul in this town.這鎮上我一個人都不認識。VERB + SOULnot tell不告訴人I will not tell a soul about this.這件事我不會告訴任何人。PHRASESnot a soul in sight看不到人By midnight, there wasn't a soul in sight.到了午夜,一個人影兒也看不到。
TOEFL BNC: 2291 COCA: 1604
soul noun
mind (the human soul) person (a few brave souls)
TOEFL BNC: 2291 COCA: 1604
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Relating to the work of an artist: aesthetic, cherub, commission...
Feeling or expressing strong emotions: emotional, passionate, ardent...
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