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BNC: 2417 COCA: 2011

solid adjective HARD

B2 hard or firm, keeping a clear shape坚固的;坚硬的

solid ground坚硬的地面
a solid object坚固的物体
a solid structure坚固的结构

B2 completely hard or firm all through an object, or without any spaces or holes实心的,无空隙的

solid rock实心的石头
a solid oak table质地坚实的橡木桌子
solid doors/walls实心门/墙
a solid line of traffic拥挤不堪的车流
The lecture hall was packed solid (with students).演讲大厅里挤满了(学生)。

C1 A solid metal or colour is pure and does not have anything else mixed together with it.纯的,无杂质的

solid gold/silver candlesticks纯金/银烛台
a white rose on a solid blue background纯蓝色背景下的一枝白玫瑰

More examples

solid wooden doors

The ground was frozen solid.

There's a solid oak floor.

The construction should be sturdy and solid.

The railway was built on a bed of solid rock.

solid adjective NOT LIQUID/GAS

C1 not liquid or gas固体的,固态的

Liquid and solid waste is collected in the tank.液体和固体废物集中在箱罐里。
Freeze the mixture for about three hours or so until solid.把混合物冷冻3小时左右,直到其变成固体。

Solid food is not in liquid form, especially when given to babies or people who are ill.(尤指给婴儿或病人吃的食物)固体的

That rice pudding was the first solid food he's eaten since his operation.那种大米布丁是他手术后吃的第一种固体食物。

More examples

Wax passes from solid to liquid when you heat it.

The first solid food she gave her baby was puréed carrot.

solid adjective CERTAIN

C2 certain or safe; of a good standard; giving confidence or support确定的;扎实的;可信赖的

This provided solid evidence that he committed the crime.这提供了确凿证据,证明他犯了罪。
The drama course gives students a solid grounding in the basic techniques of acting.戏剧课为学生们的表演基本功打下了扎实的基础。

More examples

This theory needs to be backed up with solid empirical data.

We should be basing our decisions on solid facts, not inclinations and hunches.

It seems like a very solid marriage.

Financially the club is very solid.

Both teams delivered solid performances.

solid adjective CONTINUOUS

continuing for a period of time without stopping持续的,不间断的

I slept for eleven solid hours.我整整睡了11个小时。
The hotel was booked solid all of December.整个12月份该宾馆的客房都被预订出去了。

solid noun OBJECT

[ C ] specialized mathematics an object that has a height, width, and length, and is not flat立体;立体图形

A cube and a pyramid are both solids.立方体和棱锥体都是立体图形。

solid noun NOT LIQUID/GAS

[ C ] a substance that is not liquid or gas固体物质

[ C usually plural ] a food not in liquid form固体食物

BNC: 2417 COCA: 2011


1hard and firm/not hollow堅硬;實心VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe, feel, look, seem堅實;感覺堅實;看上去堅實;好像堅實become, go變得硬實If you put it in the freezer, it will go solid.如果你把它放進冰箱,它會變硬實。freeze凍硬實The water was frozen solid.水凍硬實了。make sb/sth使⋯變硬實ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常硬實absolutely, completely絕對/完全硬實almost, nearly幾乎/差不多硬實enough足夠堅實The ice felt solid enough.這塊冰摸起來足夠硬實了。apparently, seemingly (especially NAmE) 貌似/好像堅實


2reliable and strong可靠;牢固VERBS | ADVERB VERBSappear, be, look, seem顯得牢靠;牢靠;看上去牢靠;好像很牢靠become變得很牢靠remain仍然很牢靠ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常牢靠surprisingly出人意料地牢靠consistently一直很牢靠The songwriting quality is consistently solid.歌曲創作的質量一直很可靠。absolutely, rock堅如磐石Support for the plan remained rock solid.對這個計劃的支持仍堅如磐石。reasonably, relatively還算/相對牢靠
BNC: 2417 COCA: 2011
solid noun
solid adj.
solid (frozen solid) decent (a solid achievement) good3 (solid evidence/advice) pure1 (solid gold)


solid ♦︎ stiff ♦︎ rigid ♦︎ firm ♦︎ hardThese words all describe things that are not soft to touch or are difficult to bend, break or move. 这些词均表示坚硬的、结实的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配solid / stiff / rigid materiala solid / firm / hard surfacefirm / hard groundto go stiff / hard solid not in the form of a liquid or gas; not soft; difficult to bend, break or move 固体的;坚硬的;结实的;牢固的It was so cold that the stream had frozen solid.天气特别冷,小河冻得严严实实的。The boiler uses solid fuel (= not oil or gas).这种锅炉使用固体燃料。She had refused all solid food (= would not eat, only drink).所有固体食物她都不肯吃。The door was solid as rock.那扇门坚如磐石。OPP liquid material see also solid pure adj. 1 , solid material noun stiff not easy to fold or change in shape 不易折叠(或变形)的;硬的;挺的a sheet of stiff black cardboard一张黑色硬纸板Scrub away any residue with a stiff brush.用硬刷子把残留物擦洗掉。People or parts of the body can be stiff if their muscles hurt when they move them, often because of cold. * stiff可指人的全身或身体某一部位因寒冷等而僵硬,活动时肌肉会疼痛I felt stiff all over.我觉得浑身酸痛。I've got a stiff neck from sleeping in a draught.我睡觉时受了风,脖子发僵。My fingers had gone stiff with cold.我的手指已经冻僵了。 see also stiff tight rigid ˈrɪdʒɪd difficult to bend or press out of shape 坚硬的;不易弯曲的;僵直的Sandwiches are best packed in a rigid container.三明治最好用硬盒包装。The material is rigid and brittle.这种材料质地坚硬而且易碎。People can go rigid with fear, anger or some other emotion. * rigid可指人因害怕、生气或其他情感而身体僵直His body suddenly went rigid with fear.他吓得突然浑身发僵。 OPP flexible flexible 2 firm (approving) not soft; not easy to press into another shape 坚固的;坚硬的;结实的It was good to feel the firm ground underfoot.脚下踩着坚硬的土地,那种感觉真好。four large tomatoes, ripe but firm四个大西红柿,熟了却还很硬Bake the cakes until they are firm to the touch.把糕饼烤到摸来有硬感为止。OPP soft soft see also firm firm , firm tight hard not soft; impossible to press into another shape 坚硬的;坚固的;不易变形的Wait for the concrete to go hard.等待混凝土凝结。a hard bench / chair硬板凳;硬椅子The ground is still rock-hard.地面仍然极其坚硬。 OPP soft soft NOTE 辨析 Firm or hard? Hard things are harder than firm things. Hard can mean 'very hard' * hard比firm的硬度大。hard可表示非常硬Diamonds are the hardest known mineral.钻石是已知最坚硬的矿物。or 'too hard'. 或表示太硬a hard mattress一张硬梆梆的床垫 Firm is always a positive word: a hard mattress is a bad thing, but a firm mattress is good. * firm总是含有肯定意义:hard mattress是不好的,而firm mattress则是好的。
BNC: 2417 COCA: 2011
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