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TOEFL BNC: 1512 COCA: 1773

B1 to make someone realize a possible danger or problem, especially one in the future警告;告诫;提醒

[ + obj + to infinitive ] We were warned not to eat the fish which might upset our stomachs.我们被告诫不要吃那种鱼,因为可能会导致胃部轻微不适。
[ + obj + (that) ] Have you warned them (that) there will be an extra person for dinner?你有没有提醒他们会多一个人吃饭?
I was warned against/off going to the east coast because it was so full of tourists.有人告诫我不要去东海岸,因为那里游客爆满。
The boating area is marked with buoys to warn off swimmers.划船区用浮标指示,警告游泳者不要进入。
There were signs warning of fog as soon as we got onto the motorway.我们一上高速公路,就看到有“大雾”的警示牌。
This particular curry is extremely hot - be warned!这种特别的咖哩食品极辣——小心食用!
Put that ball down now, Laura - I'm warning you (= I will punish you if you do not)!放下那个球到这儿来,劳拉——我是在警告你!

More examples

I have to warn you that there's a degree of danger involved in this.

My sister warned me not to trust him.

I'm warning you, don't mess about with those tools.

The leaflet warns children about the dangers of smoking.

My mother always warned me not to talk to strangers.

TOEFL BNC: 1512 COCA: 1773


ADVERB | VERB + WARN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBclearly, explicitly清楚地/明確地警告bluntly, firmly直白地/斷然警告The chancellor bluntly warned the Cabinet to cut public spending or face higher taxes.財政大臣直接警告內閣要麼削減公共開支,要麼提高稅收。darkly, sternly惡狠狠地/嚴厲地警告softly溫和地提醒'Don't,' he warned softly.“不要這樣。”他溫和地提醒道。specifically明確地警告We were specifically warned against buying the house.有人明確地警告我們不要買這所房子。duly適時地提醒Having been duly warned that I would get nowhere with my application, I went right ahead and applied anyway.雖然有人適時提醒我申請不會有什麼結果,我還是執意提出了申請。always, constantly, repeatedly不斷警告;再三告誡My mother constantly warned me not to go into teaching.媽媽不斷地告誡我不要去當老師。publicly公開地警告VERB + WARNhad better, have to, must, should最好提醒;不得不警告;必須提醒;應該提醒I must warn you that some of these animals are extremely dangerous.我必須提醒你這些動物中有些是極其危險的。I thought I should warn her about it.我想我應該為此提醒她一下。try to嘗試提醒I did try to warn you.我的確曾經試着提醒你。fail to未能告誡She claimed doctors had failed to warn her of the risks involved.她聲稱醫生沒有提醒她所涉及的風險。PREPOSITIONabout就⋯提出警告No one had warned us about the unbearable heat.沒有人警告過我們注意難以忍受的高溫。against告誡We were warned against drinking the local water.有人告誡我們不要喝當地的水。of關於⋯提出警告The report warns of the dangers of obesity.這份報告就肥胖的危險向人們提出了警告。They warned us of the risks involved.他們事先提醒了我們所涉及的風險。PHRASESbe warned要注意You will get better-but be warned, it may be a long process.你會好起來的,但要注意,這可能是個漫長的過程。
TOEFL BNC: 1512 COCA: 1773


warn ♦︎ caution ♦︎ alert ♦︎ tip sb offThese words all mean to tell sb about sth bad that is going to happen so that they can do sth about it. 这些词均表示提醒、告诫。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to warn / caution (sb) against sthto warn sb / tip sb off about sthto warn / caution / alert sb / tip sb off that...to warn / alert / tip off the police / authorities warn [transitive, intransitive] to tell sb about sth dangerous or unpleasant, so that they can avoid it; to strongly advise sb to do or not to do sth in order to avoid danger or punishment 提醒;使警惕;警告I tried to warn him, but he wouldn't listen.我试图提醒过他,可他就是不听。He warned us against pickpockets.他提醒我们要提防小偷。I had been warned what to expect.有人事先提醒过我会出什么事。She warned Billy to keep away from her daughter.她警告比利离她女儿远点。The commander had been warned of the attack.有人已经警告过指挥官会有这次袭击。'I'm warning you!' said James, losing his patience.“我警告你!”詹姆斯不耐烦地说道。The guidebook warns against walking alone at night.这本指南告诫人们不要在夜间单独行走。 caution ˈkɔːʃn [intransitive, transitive] (formal) to tell sb about the possible dangers or problems of sth 警告;告诫;提醒I would caution against getting too involved.我要提出警告,不要介入太深。The government cautioned that pay increases could lead to job losses.政府警告说,提高工资可能会导致失业。 alert əˈlɜːt; NAmE əˈlɜːrt [transitive] to tell sb about a dangerous or urgent situation so that they can do sth about it 向⋯报警;使警惕;使戒备Neighbours quickly alerted the emergency services.邻居们很快向应急部门报了警。Alerted by a noise downstairs, he sat up and turned on the light.楼下的响声使他警觉,他坐起来打开灯。 see also alert watch noun ˌtip sb ˈoff

phrasal verb

(-pp-) (rather informal) to tell sb secretly about sth that is going to happen, especially sth illegal or sth that will give them an advantage in business 暗中警告,私下告诫,密报(尤指非法或能带来经济好处的事)Three men were arrested after police were tipped off about the raid.警方获得有关袭击的密报后,逮捕了三个人。He allegedly tipped off his friends, who sold shares in advance of the news becoming public.据称他向朋友泄密,令他们得以在消息公布前就把股票卖掉了。
TOEFL BNC: 1512 COCA: 1773

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