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BNC: 2432 COCA: 2207

print noun TEXT

C2 [ U ] letters, numbers, or symbols that have been produced on paper by a machine using ink印出的字体,印刷字体

The title is in bold print.标题是粗体字。
This novel is available in large print for readers with poor eyesight.这本小说有大字本,以满足视力差的读者的需要。
The book was rushed into print (= was produced and published) as quickly as possible.这本书被尽快印了出来。
The print quality (= the quality of the text produced) of the new laser printer is excellent.这台新激光打印机的打印质量很好。

[ U ] newspapers, books, and magazines印刷品,出版物

The debate is still raging, both in print and online.这场争论仍然激烈进行着,无论在报刊还是在网络上。
in/out of print

C2 If a book is in print, it is possible to buy a new copy of it, and if it is out of print, it is not now possible.(书)仍可买到的/已绝版的

Is her work still in print?她的书还能买得到吗?
Classic literature never goes out of print.经典文学作品永远不会绝版。

More examples

All his hard work was rewarded when he saw his book in print.

a book with dense print

print noun PICTURE

C1 [ C ] a photographic copy of a painting, or a picture made by pressing paper onto a special surface covered in ink, or a single photograph from a film(用照相制版法制作的)绘画复制品;印出的版画;(底片洗出的单张)照片

a print of Van Gogh's "Sunflowers"凡•高作品《向日葵》的复制品
a signed Hockney print霍克尼的带签名的复制画
I had some prints made of the party photos.我冲洗了一些晚会照片。

print noun PATTERN

[ C ] any type of pattern produced using ink on a piece of clothing(织品上的)印花

a floral/paisley print花卉/佩斯利涡漩纹印花图案

print noun FINGERPRINT

[ C ] informal forfingerprint noun 指纹(fingerprint的非正式说法)

The burglar had left his prints all over the window.窗户上到处都是窃贼留下的指纹。

print verb TEXT

A2 [ I or T ] to produce writing or images on paper or other material with a machine印,印刷

The leaflets will be printed on recycled paper.这些传单将用再生纸来印刷。
I'm waiting for a document to print.我正在等文件印出来。

B2 [ T ] to include a piece of writing in a newspaper or magazine(在报纸或杂志上)刊登,刊载

Some newspapers still refuse to print certain swear words.有些报纸仍然拒绝某些脏话见报。
They printed his letter in Tuesday's paper.他们在星期二的报纸上刊载了他的信。

B2 [ T ] to produce a newspaper, magazine, or book in large quantities(大量)出版发行

20,000 copies of the novel will be printed in hardback.这本小说将以精装本的形式发行两万册。

More examples

This sentence is printed in italics.

The newspaper printed a retraction for their previous error.

The author's name was printed below the title.

The instructions are printed so small I can hardly read them.

The book has been printed in six languages and in braille.

print verb WRITE

[ I or T ] to write without joining the letters together用印刷体写

Please print your name clearly below your signature.请用印刷体在签名下方把你的名字写清楚。

print verb PICTURE

[ T ] to produce a photograph on paper冲印

Photographs are better if they are printed from the original negative.照片要是用原始底片冲洗,效果会更好。

print verb PATTERN

[ T ] to produce a pattern on material or paper印花样于

The designs are printed onto the fabric by hand.这些图案是手工印在织品上的。

Phrasal verb(s)

BNC: 2432 COCA: 2207


ADJECTIVE | VERB + PRINT | PRINT + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVElarge大字體fine, small(法律文件)小號字印刷的附加條款Always read the small print in a contract before signing.簽合同前一定要閱讀小號字的附加條款。clear清晰的印刷字體bold黑體字VERB + PRINTread讀文字I had to squint to read the tiny print on the screen.我要瞇着眼睛才能看清屏幕上的小字。PRINT + NOUNjournalism, media新聞出版學;平面媒體ad, advertisement, campaign (especially NAmE) 平面廣告;出版活動edition, version印刷版They make more money from online subscriptions than from selling the print version.他們通過網上訂購掙的錢比銷售印刷版多。journalist, reporter, worker (especially BrE) 報刊記者;印刷工人industry (usually printing industry in NAmE) , union (BrE) 印刷業;出版業工會run印數The initial print run for her book was 6 000 copies.她那本書首印 6,000 冊。PREPOSITIONin print在印行All her books are still in print.她所有的書仍在印行。out of print絕版I'm afraid that book is now out of print.那本書現在恐怕已絕版了。


ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBbeautifully印刷精美The book is beautifully printed on good quality paper.那本書紙質優良,印刷精美。badly印刷粗劣cheaply便宜印刷He was handing out cheaply printed business cards.他在分發便宜印製的名片。correctly正確地印刷I couldn't get the graphics to print correctly.我無法將圖表正確地打印出來。boldly, clearly, legibly, neatly醒目地打印;清楚地打印;整齊地打印indelibly (BrE, figurative) 不可磨滅地銘刻The incident was indelibly printed in her memory.這件事牢牢銘刻在她的記憶中。professionally專業印刷We had the first issue of the newsletter professionally printed.我們有專業印刷的第一期簡報。privately私人印刷She had the memoir privately printed in a limited edition.她自費出版了這部回憶錄,印數有限。specially特別印刷We had the T-shirts specially printed with the company's logo.我們特意在 T 恤衫上印上了公司的標識。digitally數字印刷The images are scanned onto computers and digitally printed.圖像掃描到電腦後再數字打印出來。PREPOSITIONfrom從⋯打印Photographs can be printed from a digital file or from a negative.數字文檔或底片均可打印出照片。in用⋯印刷The message was printed in blue ink.信息用藍色墨水印刷。on在⋯上印a leaflet printed on recycled paper用再生紙印刷的傳單with印有⋯a dress printed with blue flowers印有藍花的連衣裙
BNC: 2432 COCA: 2207
print verb
publish1 (print sb's comments) publish2 (print a book)
print noun

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