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parallel adjective POSITION

If two or more lines, streets, etc. are parallel, the distance between them is the same all along their length.平行的

Draw a pair of parallel lines.画两条平行线。
Hills Road is parallel to Mill Road.希尔斯路和米尔路平行。

More examples

The two roads are parallel.

The river is parallel to Green Street.

parallel adjective SIMILAR

C2 used to describe an event or situation that happens at the same time as and/or is similar to another one同时发生的;相同的,类似的

a parallel example类似的例子
Parallel experiments are being conducted in Rome, Paris and London.类似的试验正在罗马、巴黎和伦敦同时进行。

parallel adjective COMPUTING

specialized computing sending through several bits (= units) of information at a time using a link with several channels (= wires or connections)并行的

parallel communication并行通讯

parallel noun SIMILARITY

C2 [ C ] something very similar to something else, or a similarity between two things可相比拟的事物;相似之处

I'm trying to see if there are any obvious parallels between the two cases.我正试图寻找这两起案件中有没有明显的相似之处。
It would be easy to draw (= make) a parallel between the city's history and that of its theatres.将该城的历史与其剧院的历史作个比较很容易就会发现二者的相似之处。
have no parallel also be without parallel

If something has no parallel or is without parallel, there is nothing similar to it or of the same high quality as it.无可匹敌

These beautiful African churches have no parallel in Europe.欧洲没有哪座教堂能与这些漂亮的非洲教堂相比。

More examples

There are definite parallels between the two situations.

She drew a parallel between my situation and hers.

There are a number of parallels between the two incidents.

His situation is unique - there are no parallels in contemporary society.

The parallels with another very famous case are plain to see.

parallel noun POSITION

parallel (line)

a line that is always at the same distance from another line平行线

one of a number of imaginary lines around the earth always at the same distance from the equator纬线

Cambridge lies near the 52nd parallel.剑桥位于52度纬线附近。
in parallel specialized

If two or more parts of an electrical system are in parallel, they are arranged in a way that means they both receive the same amount of electricity.(电路)并联的


to happen at the same time as something else, or be similar or equal to something else与…同时发生;与…相似;与…相当,比得上

The events of the last ten days in some ways parallel those before the 1978 election.过去10天里发生的事件在某些方面和1978年大选前发生的那些事件颇为相似。

in a position that is always the same distance from something else平行地

It's a quiet street running (= positioned) parallel to the main road.这是一条和大路平行的宁静小路。

See also: parallel (line)



ADJECTIVE | VERB + PARALLEL | PARALLEL + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEdirect, exact直接的相似處;確切的相似點clear, close, obvious, strong明顯的相似處;酷似之處interesting, striking有趣的相似之處;引人注目的相似之處important, significant重要的/顯著的相似之處historical歷史的相似之處VERB + PARALLELhave存在相似之處This weather pattern of the southern hemisphere has no parallel in the north.南半球的這種天氣類型和北半球的天氣沒有相似性。find, note, see找到共同點;看出相似之處draw, make進行比較He drew an interesting parallel with religious practices in Japan.他拿日本的宗教修行做了有趣的比較。offer, show, suggest提供/顯示/使人想到相似之處The move west suggests a parallel with the earlier American pioneer experience.向西部遷移令人想起美國早期開拓者的相似經歷。provide提供比較PARALLEL + VERBexist相似之處存在Parallels do exist between the author's family and that of Francie Coffin.作者的家庭和弗朗西・科芬的家庭之間的確存在相似之處。PREPOSITIONwithout parallel無可相比a speed of development without parallel in post-war Europe戰後歐洲無可匹敵的發展速度parallel between⋯之間的相似之處a parallel between economic and cultural advancement經濟發展和文化進步之間的同步性parallel in在⋯方面的相似之處We found a direct parallel in the attitudes of children in other countries.我們發現其他國家的小孩在態度方面有直接的相似之處。parallel to同⋯的相似之處A close parallel to this mating pattern is found in dolphins.在海豚身上發現了與此極為相似的交配模式。parallel with與⋯的相似之處She saw an obvious parallel with her sister's predicament.她明顯和她姐姐一樣身處困境。


VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION VERBSbe, run平行ADVERBexactly完全平行almost, nearly幾乎平行roughly大致平行PREPOSITIONto與⋯平行The canal is roughly parallel to the main road.這條運河大致與主幹道平行。with與⋯平行The road runs parallel with the coast.這條道路和海岸平行。
parallel noun
equivalent (This tradition has no parallel in our culture.) similarity (parallels between the 1960s and the late 1990s)


parallel ♦︎ side by side ♦︎ simultaneous ♦︎ concurrentThese words all describe sth that happens or exists at the same time as sth else. 这些词均表示同时发生的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配side by side / simultaneous / concurrent with stha parallel / simultaneous / concurrent changea parallel / simultaneous increase / operation / processparallel / concurrent development parallel very similar; happening or existing at the same time 极相似的;同时发生(或存在)的Two poisonings have been reported recently in London and now there has been a parallel case in the Netherlands.最近伦敦已经报道了两例中毒事件,现在荷兰又出现了一起极相似的案子。Though still a committed painter, in 1978 she launched a parallel career as a photographer.尽管仍然专注于绘画,1978年她同时还开始了她的摄影事业。 parallel


The grammar classes run parallel to the literature class.语法课程和文学课程同时开设。
in ˈparallel with sth


The city has grown in parallel with the growth of its industries.伴随工业的发展,城市也在进步。
ˌside by ˈside


together, without any difficulties 并行不悖;相安无事We have been using both systems, side by side, for two years.两年来,两个系统我们一直同时使用,互不矛盾。The two communities exist happily side by side.两个群体和睦相处,相安无事。
simultaneous ˌsɪmlˈteɪniəs; NAmE ˌsaɪmlˈteɪniəshappening or done at the same time 同时发生(或进行)的;同步的There were several simultaneous attacks by the rebels.反叛者同时发动了几起攻击。They will provide simultaneous translation of the President's speech into English.他们将为总统的讲话提供英语同声传译。 simultaneously


The game will be broadcast simultaneously on TV and radio.比赛将同时在电视和广播里播出。
concurrent kənˈkʌrənt; NAmE kənˈkɜːrənt (formal) happening or existing at the same time 同时发生的;并存的He was imprisoned for two concurrent terms of 30 months and 18 months.他被判处30个月和18个月监禁,合并执行。 concurrently


The prison sentences will run concurrently.所判的几个刑期将会合并执行。
Describing and relating to lines: continuous, convergent, diagonal...
Happening or done at the same time: when, while, simultaneous...
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Straight, upright and level: straight, upright, level...

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