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BNC: 2333 COCA: 1914

cloud noun IN SKY

A2 [ C ] UK also cloud [ U ] a grey or white mass in the sky, made up of very small floating drops of water

Do you think those are rain clouds on the horizon?你看天边那些云是雨云吗?
The sky was a perfect blue - not a cloud in sight.天空一片湛蓝——万里无云。
Dark clouds massed on the horizon.天边阴云密布。
UK There was so much cloud, we couldn't see anything.云层太厚,我们什么也看不见。

More examples

A cloud passed over the sun.

A dark bank of cloud loomed on the horizon.

He puffed a cloud of cigarette smoke into my eyes.

The volcano spewed a giant cloud of ash, dust and gases into the air.

The sun disappeared behind heavy clouds.

cloud noun MASS

B2 [ C ] a mass of something such as dust or smoke that looks like a cloud一团(尘土、烟雾等);云状物

On the eastern horizon, a huge cloud of smoke from burning oil tanks stretched across the sky.在东方的地平线上,着火的储油罐冒出的浓烟弥漫在天际。
The initial cloud of tear gas had hardly cleared before shots were fired.催泪瓦斯的第一团烟雾刚散尽,射击就开始了。

cloud noun COMPUTING

the cloud [ S ]

a computer network where files and programs can be stored, especially the internet(网络)云

All the photographs are kept on the cloud rather than on hard drives.所有的照片都存在网络云里,而不是硬盘上。

[ I or T ] If something transparent clouds, or if something clouds it, it becomes difficult to see through.(使)变得模糊,(使)变得黯然

C2 [ T ] to make someone confused, or make something more difficult to understand使迷惑;使不清楚;使难以理解

When it came to explaining the lipstick on his collar, he found that drink had clouded (= confused) his memory.等到要他解释衣领上的口红印时,他才意识到当时酒喝得太多,什么都记不清了。

Phrasal verb(s)

BNC: 2333 COCA: 1914


1mass of very small drops of water in the skyADJECTIVE | ... OF CLOUD | VERB + CLOUD | CLOUD + VERB | CLOUD + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEdense, heavy, thick密雲;濃雲;厚雲light薄雲fluffy, puffy, wispy (especially NAmE) 蓬鬆的雲;棉絮般的雲;一縷雲cirrus, cumulonimbus, cumulus, etc.捲雲、積雨雲、積雲等high, low高雲;低雲broken, scattered碎雲;散雲skies of broken cloud飄着碎散雲彩的天空fast-moving, scudding (literary) 快速移動的雲;掠過的雲black, dark, grey/gray, white黑雲;烏雲;灰雲;白雲rain, storm, thunder雨雲;風暴雲;雷雨雲Rain clouds were looming on the horizon.雨雲正在地平線上堆積。ominous, threatening預示災難天氣的雲... OF CLOUDband, bank, blanket, layer, mass, wisp一片雲;一層雲;一團雲;一縷雲a layer of high cloud一層高雲VERB + CLOUDseed (= to place a substance in a cloud to make it produce rain) 人工增雨CLOUD + VERBform, gather, mass雲形成;雲積聚;雲聚集Dark clouds were gathering in the west.烏雲在西方聚集。cover sth, envelop sth, obscure sth雲覆蓋某物;雲包圍某物;雲遮暗某物break, clear, disperse, lift, part雲分散;雲消散;雲散開;雲升起;雲分開The clouds broke a little, and the sun came out.雲散開一點,太陽出來了。drift, float, hang, hover, loom, move, pass, race, roll, scud (literary) , swirl雲飄動;雲漂浮;雲懸浮;雲盤旋;雲隱現;雲移動;雲經過;雲疾走;雲翻滾;雲掠過;雲旋轉Thick cloud hung over the moor.濃雲懸在荒野的上空。A cloud passed over the sun.一片雲掠過太陽。White clouds scudded across the sky.白雲掠過天空。CLOUD + NOUNbank, cover, layer雲堆;雲層The cloud cover is quite dense today.今天雲層很厚。formation雲的形成PREPOSITIONabove the clouds, below the clouds在雲層上方/下方We were flying above the clouds.我們在雲層上方飛行。through the clouds透過雲層She could see the sun through the clouds.她可以透過雲層看到太陽。PHRASESa break in the cloud, a break in the clouds雲層間隙


2mass of smoke, dust, etc.煙霧;塵土團ADJECTIVE | VERB + CLOUD | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEgreat, huge大面積的煙霧a great cloud of black smoke一大片黑色煙霧dense, thick濃密的煙霧;瀰漫的塵土billowing, swirling翻騰的/飛旋的煙霧mushroom(核爆炸形成的)蘑菇雲the mushroom cloud from a nuclear bomb原子彈爆炸形成的蘑菇雲dust, gas, radioactive, smoke塵埃雲;毒氣雲;放射性雲;煙雲VERB + CLOUDcreate, form形成雲The wind blew across the beach, forming clouds of sand.風吹過海灘,形成一團團沙雲。belch, release噴出/釋放出煙霧PREPOSITIONcloud of⋯的雲團a thick cloud of steam水蒸氣雲團
BNC: 2333 COCA: 1914
cloud noun
cloud1 (storm clouds) cloud2 (a cloud of dust)
cloud verb
darken (the sky clouds over) complicate (cloud the issue)


The sun went behind a cloud. 太阳躲到了一片云后面。a cloud of dust 滚滚尘土cloud ♦︎ fog ♦︎ mist ♦︎ hazeThese are all words for a mass of very small drops of water in the air. 这些词均表示云、雾、霭。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配in / through (a) cloud / fog / mist / haze(a) thick / heavy cloud / fog / mistdense / grey / swirling cloud / fog / mistthin / light cloud / mista sea fog / mistto be shrouded in cloud / fog / mistcloud / mist hangs in the air / over a place cloud [countable, uncountable] a grey or white mass made of very small drops of water, that floats in the sky 云;云朵The sun went behind a cloud.太阳躲到了一片云后面。It was scorching and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.天气酷热,天空没有一片云。Above the mountains storm clouds were gathering.暴风云正在群山上空聚集。Thick cloud hung over the moor.厚厚的云团悬在荒野上空。 fog [uncountable, countable] a thick cloud of very small drops of water in the air close to the land or sea, that is very difficult to see through Freezing fog will make driving conditions very treacherous.寒雾会严重影响驾车安全。We get heavy fogs on this coast in winter.冬天这片海岸雾气很重。 see also smog smoke mist [uncountable, countable] a mass of very small drops of water in the air close to the land or sea, that make it difficult to see, usually thinner than fog 薄雾;水汽The hills were shrouded in mist.这些小山笼罩在薄雾之中。 (figurative) She gazed at him through a mist of tears.她泪眼模糊地凝视着他。 haze [countable, uncountable] (written) air that is difficult to see through because it contains very small drops of water, especially caused by hot weather (尤指热天引起的)薄雾,雾霭A heat haze shimmered above the fields.热天的雾气在田野上方闪闪发光。The plain stretched for miles until it became lost in blue haze.这片平原绵延数英里,直至消失在蓝色的雾霭中。cloud2


The sun went behind a cloud. 太阳躲到了一片云后面。a cloud of dust 滚滚尘土cloud ♦︎ plume ♦︎ hazeThese are all words for a large mass of dust or smoke in the air. 这些词均表示烟尘等的一团、一片。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a cloud / plume / haze of stha cloud / plume / haze of smoke / dust / steamin / through a cloud / hazea black cloud / plume cloud [countable, uncountable] a large mass of sth in the air, for example dust or smoke, or a number of insects flying all together 一团,一大片(尘雾、烟雾或一群飞行的昆虫等)They watched the car disappearing in a cloud of dust.他们望着汽车绝尘而去。The sky turned dark as a great cloud of locusts blocked out the sun.一大群蝗虫遮住了太阳,天色暗了下来。 plume pluːm [countable] (written) a cloud of sth that rises and curves upwards in the air 一缕,一簇,一股(飘升之物)A great plume of dust and ash rose from the volcano.一大股烟尘和灰烬从那座火山中升腾而起。 haze [singular] (written) air containing sth that makes it difficult to see through, such as smoke or dust (烟、尘等造成的)雾霭,烟雾Meetings were always conducted in a haze of cigarette smoke.开会时总是一片喷云吐雾。

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