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TOEFL BNC: 112 COCA: 126

still adverb CONTINUING

A2 continuing to happen or continuing to be done还,还是;仍然,依旧

I'm still hungry.我还是很饿。
I still haven't finished writing my essay.我还是没有完成我的论文。
There is still no news about the hostages.仍旧没有人质的消息。
Do you still work for the government?你还在为政府工作吗?
Hope is fading that the missing child is still alive.失踪孩子仍活着的可能性越来越渺茫。
There's still time for us to get to the cinema before the film starts.还有时间,我们能在电影开演之前赶到电影院。

More examples

My visa still hasn't come through.

This shirt still feels a bit damp.

I was still writing away when the exam finished.

Is the party still on for tomorrow?

There's still lots of food on your plate.

still adverb DESPITE

B1 despite that尽管那样,尽管如此

You may not approve of what he did, but he's still your brother.你可能不赞成他的所作所为,但他仍然是你的兄弟。
I know you don't like her, but you still don't have to be so rude to her.我知道你不喜欢她,但尽管如此,你也没必要对她那么无礼。
Even though she doesn't really have the time, she still offered to help.尽管她并不是真的有时间,但她仍然主动提出要帮忙。

More examples

Admittedly, I could have tried harder but I still don't think all this criticism is fair.

I've been carting these letters around with me all week, and I still haven't posted them.

Dad might be nearly 90 but he's still young at heart.

With all her faults, she's still a really good friend.

I've read the instructions twice and I'm still none the wiser.

still adverb GREATER DEGREE

B2 to an even greater degree or in an even greater amount(程度或数量)还要,更加

The number of people killed in the explosion is likely to rise still higher.爆炸中丧生者的人数有可能还会增加。
The company is hoping to extend its market still further.公司希望可以进一步拓展市场。
Still more snow fell overnight.夜里又下了雪。
I'll meet you at the theatre. No, better still, let's meet for a drink first.咱们在戏院碰面。哦不,更好的是,我们先一起喝上一杯。
I'm worried that his car has broken down, or worse still, that he's had an accident.我担心他的车坏了,或者,更糟的是,他出了事故。
Why do you have to tell me still (= even) more lies?你为什么还要对我撒谎呢?

More examples

Costs are likely to rise still higher.

The death toll is set to rise still further.

I could call in and see you or, better still, you could come round here.

He stands to lose a lot of money and, worse still, his job.

Still more people are queueing up to sign the book.

stilladjectiveuk/stɪl/ us/stɪl/

B2 staying in the same position; not moving静止的;不动的,安静的

Children find it difficult to sit/stand/stay still for very long.儿童很难长时间坐着/站着/呆着不动。
I can't brush your hair if you don't keep/hold still.你动来动去的话,我没法给你梳头。
She sat perfectly still while I took her photograph.我给她拍照的时候,她坐着一动也不动。
The air was so still (= there was so little wind) that not even the leaves were moving.一点儿风都没有,连树叶都一动不动。
She dived into the still (= calm and not flowing) water of the lake.她一头扎入了平静的湖水中。

B1 mainly UK A still drink is one that is not fizzy (= with bubbles)(饮料)不含碳酸气的,不起泡的

Would you like still or sparkling water?你要无气的还是有气的水?

More examples

She can't sit still for two minutes.

She was so still that I thought she was asleep.

There wasn't a breath of wind and the leaves were all still.

He wouldn't stand still long enough for me to take his picture.

Children can't sit still for long without fidgeting.

to make something stop moving or become more calm使静止;使平静,使安静

He tried to still the swaying of the hammock.他努力不让吊床晃来晃去。
literary She cuddled her baby to still its cries.她抱着自己的宝宝,哄他不哭。

still noun NOT MOVING

[ C ] specialized theatre & film a photograph of a piece of action in a film(电影)剧照

[ U ] literary a time when it is quiet and calm静止;安静,平静

In the still of the night, nothing moved.夜深人静,万籁俱寂。

still noun EQUIPMENT

[ C ] a piece of equipment used for making alcohol(酿酒用的)蒸馏器

TOEFL BNC: 112 COCA: 126


1not moving不動VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe, hold, keep, lie, sit, stand, stay靜止不動;保持靜止;躺着不動;坐着不動;站着不動;待着不動Hold still a minute!別動!Please sit still!請坐着別動!hold sb/sth, keep sb/sth使⋯靜止不動;保持⋯不動I held the cat still while the vet gave the injection.獸醫給貓打針時,我抱住它不讓它動。ADVERBvery非常靜absolutely, completely, perfectly, quite, stock-絕對靜止;完全靜止;一動不動He stood stock-still, hardly daring to breathe.他一動不動地站着,幾乎不敢呼吸。


2calm and quiet平靜;安靜VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe平靜become, go變得平靜;平靜下來Suddenly everything went still.突然間一切都沉寂了下來。remain依然平靜ADVERBvery很平靜completely十分平靜It was a completely still, warm evening.那是一個十分寧靜、溫暖的夜晚。strangely異樣地平靜The air was strangely still and silent.沒有一點兒風,空氣靜得有些異樣。
TOEFL BNC: 112 COCA: 126


still ♦︎ motionless ♦︎ stationary ♦︎ inert ♦︎ immobile ♦︎ at a standstillThese words all describe sb/sth that is not moving. 这些词均表示静止的、不动的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a motionless / an inert body / figureto remain still / motionless / stationary / inert / immobileto stay / lie still / motionless / inert / immobileto sit / stand still / motionless / immobileto hold sb / sth still / motionless / immobileperfectly / quite still / motionless / immobilealmost motionless / stationary / immobile / at a standstill still not moving 静止的;不动的Stand still when I'm talking to you!我跟你说话时你站着别动!I wish you'd keep still.我希望你不要动。Hold the ladder still while I try to get over the wall.我试着翻墙的时候你要扶稳梯子。Keep your head still.你的头不要动。The surface of the lake was calm and still.湖面上风平浪静。Still is the most general of these words and is used to talk not only about individual people, animals or objects, but also about things such as water and air. * still在本组词中含义最广,不仅可修饰个人、动物或物体,也可修饰水和空气等。 motionless ˈməʊʃnləs; NAmE ˈmoʊʃnləs (rather formal, written) (especially of a person or animal) not moving (尤指人或动物)静止的,一动不动的She sat motionless as the verdict was announced.宣判时她一动不动地坐在那里。 stationary ˈsteɪʃənri; NAmE ˈsteɪʃəneri (rather formal) (especially of a vehicle or machine) not moving; not intended to be moved (尤指车辆或机器)不动的,静止的,固定式的;不可移动的The car collided with a stationary vehicle.汽车撞到一辆停着的车上。a stationary exercise bike固定式健身自行车 inert ɪˈnɜːt; NAmE ɪˈnɜːrt (formal) not moving or active; without power to move or act 不动的;不活跃的;无活动能力的He lay inert with half-closed eyes.他半睁着双眼一动不动地躺着。They dragged the inert body out of the river.他们把那个一动不动的尸体从河里拽了上来。 immobile ɪˈməʊbaɪl; NAmE ɪˈmoʊbl [not usually before noun] (rather formal, written) (especially of a person or part of their body) not moving; prevented from moving (尤指人或身体部位)不动,静止,不能活动She stood immobile by the window.她一动不动地站在窗口。The cast is used to keep the leg immobile.采用打石膏的方法将腿固定住。 at a ˈstandstill


(especially of traffic or trains) not moving (尤指交通或火车)停止,停顿,停滞Traffic was at a complete standstill for over two hours.交通已经瘫痪两个多小时了。Trains were at a standstill yesterday as drivers went on strike.由于司机罢工,火车昨天停运了。At a standstill is used to talk about sth that should be moving but has been made to stop. * at a standstill用于指原本应该运行的物体被停了下来。 see also standstill stop noun
TOEFL BNC: 112 COCA: 126
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