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board noun WOOD

B2 [ C ] a thin, flat piece of cut wood or other hard material, often used for a particular purpose(有特定用途的)薄木板;板;牌子

Cut the vegetables on a chopping (US cutting) board.在切菜板上切菜。
There was a "For Sale" board outside the house.房子外有一块“待售”牌。

A2 [ C ] a flat piece of wood or other hard material with a special pattern on it, used for playing games棋盘

a chess board国际象棋棋盘

A1 [ C ] a blackboard or whiteboard 黑板或白板

The teacher wrote her name up on the board.老师在黑板上写下了她的名字。

A2 [ C ] a noticeboard 布告板,公告栏

I stuck the notice (up) on the board.我把通知贴在了公告栏上。

[ C ] a diving board (跳水用的)跳板

I dived off the top board today, Dad.爸爸,我今天是从最高的跳板跳水的。
the boards [ plural ]

the wooden fence surrounding the ice surface in ice hockey(冰球场周围的)护板

old-fashioned the stage in a theatre舞台

More examples

Today's specials are written on the board.

He stuck up a notice on the board with pins.

He advertises his services on the company notice board.

When it was his turn to dive, he gulped and stepped up onto the diving board.

The man's body was as stiff as a board when it was found in the snow.

board noun PEOPLE

C1 [ C usually singular, + sing/pl verb ] the group of people who are responsible for controlling and organizing a company or organization董事会;理事会;委员会

Every decision has to be approved by the board (of directors).每项决定都必须由董事会通过。
She started in the firm after college and now she's on the board/a board member.她大学毕业以后开始在这家公司工作,现在已经是董事会成员了。
UK The board of governors meet/meets once a month to discuss school policy.学校董事会每月集会一次讨论学校政策。

More examples

The decision will have to be ratified by the executive board.

There's a board of five directors, but she is the Managing Director.

There is a predominance of people with an arts degree on the board of governors.

She persuaded the board of her worthiness to run the company.

The editorial board has an expert with a world-wide reputation in the person of Professor Jameson.

board noun EXAM

boards [ plural ] US informal

an official examination given by some medical and business organizations in the US(美国某些医疗、商业组织举行的)执业考试

This is my last chance to pass the boards.这是我最后一次通过执业考试的机会了。

board noun TRANSPORT

on board

B1 on a boat, train, or aircraft在船(或火车、飞机)上

As soon as I was on board, I began to have second thoughts about leaving.我一上车就开始动摇要不要走了。

board noun MEALS

B2 [ U ] meals provided when you are staying somewhere, usually for money(住宿处提供的)伙食,膳食(通常需付费)

board verb GET ON

B1 [ I or T ] to get onto or allow people to get onto a boat, train, or aircraft(使)上(船、火车或飞机)

At London airport she boarded a plane to Australia.在伦敦机场她登上了去澳大利亚的飞机。
Will passengers waiting to board please go to the ticket counter?请各位候机的旅客去检票口。

More examples

The platform was crammed with people trying to board the train.

I took out a travel insurance policy before I boarded the plane.

They boarded a ship that was sailing the next day.

He was thought to have boarded the plane in New York.

Flight 474 to Buenos Aires is now boarding at gate 9.

board verb STAY

[ I ] to pay to sleep and eat meals in someone's house寄宿

During his stay in England he boarded with a family in Bath.他在英格兰逗留期间寄宿在巴斯的一户人家。

[ I ] to sleep and eat at school during the school term(在学校)住校

When you went to school were you a day student or did you board?你上学时是走读还是住校?

[ T ] UK to arrange for a pet animal to be temporarily taken care of at a place other than its home将(宠物)暂时寄养在他处

He boards the dog out when he goes on business trips.他出差时把狗寄养在别处。

Phrasal verb(s)



1flat piece of wood, plastic, etc.木板;塑料板ADJECTIVE | BOARD + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbulletin, drawing, poster (NAmE) 公告板;畫板;招貼板ironing熨衣板diving跳板circuit電路板chopping, cutting (NAmE) 砧板;切菜板emery指甲銼BOARD + NOUNgame棋類遊戲PREPOSITIONon a/the board在板上There's a notice on the board.佈告板上有個通知。


2group of people who control an organization委員會ADJECTIVE | VERB + BOARD | BOARD + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEadvisory, editorial, executive, governing, management, review顧問委員會;編輯委員會;執行董事會;理事會;管理委員會;審查委員會health, parole, school, etc.衞生局、假釋裁決委員會、學校董事會等VERB + BOARDbe on, serve on, sit on擔任委員;是委員會成員He sits on the company's management board.他是公司的管理委員會委員。join加入理事會appoint sb to, elect sb to任命/選舉某人為委員resign from辭去委員職務go to提交到委員會The project will go to the board for consideration.這個項目將提交委員會考慮。submit sth to, take sth to把⋯提交到委員會She took her ideas to the board.她把自己的構想提交給了委員會。BOARD + NOUNmember委員會成員meeting董事會會議PREPOSITIONboard of⋯委員會the company's board of directors公司的董事會PHRASESat board level在委員會層面The issue has been discussed at board level.該議題委員會已討論過。chairman of the board董事會主席;董事長a member of the board委員會成員a seat on the board委員會席位She was promoted and offered a seat on the board.她獲得了提拔,進入了委員會。


3meals that are provided when you stay in a hotel旅館膳食ADJECTIVE | PHRASES ADJECTIVEfull (BrE) (American plan in NAmE) 全食宿half (BrE) (European plan in NAmE) 半食宿(包括早餐和一頓主餐)PHRASESboard and lodging, room and board (especially NAmE) 食宿
board noun
committee (the board of directors) sign2 (The results were pinned on the board.) take sth on board agree2 across the board overall adj.
board verb
get in

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