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TOEFL BNC: 545 COCA: 509

B1 (an amount of) money paid to the government that is based on your income or the cost of goods or services you have bought税;税款

They're increasing the tax on cigarettes.他们要提高烟草税。
Tax cuts (= reductions in taxes) are always popular.减税总是受欢迎的。
What do you earn before/after tax (= before/after you have paid tax on the money you earn)?你的税前/税后收入是多少?

More examples

A person's gross income is the money they earn before tax is deducted from it.

The government have promised that they'll reduce taxes.

The government will pay for the new schools by increasing the tax on luxury goods.

Do you pay less tax if you're self-employed?

The Chancellor has increased the tax on alcohol again.

tax verb [ T ] MONEY

C1 to make someone pay a tax对…征税,对…课税

Husbands and wives may be taxed jointly/separately.夫妻俩可以分别/合并纳税。

More examples

There was great opposition to plans to tax books.

All subjects were taxed by the king.

Any amount over this figure will be taxed.

She is not taxed on these earnings because they are so low.

tax verb [ T ] NEED EFFORT

to need someone to make a lot of effort, either physical or mental使负重担;使大伤脑筋

He only has to read a short report - it shouldn't tax him too much.他只需读一篇简短的报告——这应该不会耗费他太多精力的。
TOEFL BNC: 545 COCA: 509


ADJECTIVE | VERB + TAX | TAX + VERB | TAX + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEhigh, low重稅;輕稅direct, indirect直接稅;間接稅flat單一稅basic-rate, higher-rate (both BrE) 基本稅率的稅;較高稅率的稅progressive, redistributive累進稅;再分配稅regressive累退稅A regressive tax takes proportionately more of a poor person's income.累退稅佔窮人收入的比例更大。stealth (BrE) 隱形稅windfall暴利稅a windfall tax on the profits of the last few years對過去幾年利潤徵收的暴利稅back (informal) 欠稅The tax office demanded £80 000 in back taxes.稅務部門要求補繳 8 萬英鎊的欠稅。council, poll (especially BrE) 市政稅;人頭稅federal, local, national, state聯邦稅;地方稅;全國稅;州稅capital, capital gains, death, dividend, estate, income, inheritance, land, payroll, profits, property, social-security, wealth資本稅;資本利得稅;遺產稅;紅利稅;所得稅;土地稅;薪資稅;利得稅;財產稅;社會保障稅;財富稅consumption, luxury, purchase, sales, value added (= VAT) (BrE) 消費稅;奢侈品稅;購置稅;營業稅;增值稅personal個人稅;直接稅company, corporate, corporation公司稅;法人稅car, road, vehicle汽車稅;道路稅;車輛稅It's time to renew your car tax.你的汽車稅又該繳了。carbon, energy, fuel, gas, gasoline, petrol (BrE) 碳稅;能源稅;燃油稅;汽油稅excise, import(特種商品)消費稅;進口稅environmental, green環境稅;環保稅VERB + TAXpay繳稅owe欠稅charge, impose, introduce, levy, put課稅;徵稅Direct taxes could only be levied with the consent of Parliament.直接稅只有經議會批准才能徵收。The government may put an indirect tax on books.政府可以對圖書徵收間接稅。collect收稅the government department responsible for collecting taxes負責收稅的政府部門deduct扣稅Your employer will deduct the tax for you.雇主會為你扣稅。calculate計稅increase, put up, raise增稅;加稅cut, keep down, lower, reduce減稅;降稅abolish, repeal廢除稅;撤銷稅eliminate取消稅overpay多繳稅款claim back, reclaim (BrE) 要求退稅offset sth against, set sth off against, write sth off against (all BrE) 以⋯抵消稅款Claims for expenses can be set off against tax.費用報銷可以抵消稅款。avoid, escape避稅;逃稅evade偷稅She was charged with conspiracy to evade taxes.她被控共謀偷稅。TAX + VERBgo up, increase, rise稅上漲;稅增加;稅提高Taxes look set to rise again.稅看來又要漲了。come/go down, fall稅下降;稅降低be chargeable, be payable稅款應徵收;稅款應繳the amount on which capital gains tax is payable應納稅的資本利得數額TAX + NOUNpayer (usually taxpayer) 納稅人a higher-rate tax payer按較高稅率納稅的人preparer (NAmE) 報稅員authority/authorities, man (usually taxman) (informal) , office稅務當局;稅務部門
She owes the taxman £10 000.她欠稅務部門 1 萬英鎊。law, legislation, measures, package, policy, reform, structure, system稅法;稅收立法;稅收措施;一攬子稅收措施;稅收政策;稅制改革;稅收結構;稅收制度season (NAmE) 稅季April is tax season.四月是報稅時節。year (BrE) 納稅年度The tax year begins in April.納稅年度從四月開始。cut, reduction減稅hike, increase增稅band, bracket, code, rate, threshold稅級;稅法;稅率;稅收起徵點Her salary puts her in the highest tax bracket.她的薪水適用最高稅級。dollars, money, receipts, revenue, yield稅款;稅單;稅收collection徵收稅款assessment, form, return納稅評估;納稅申報表You have to fill in your tax return by tomorrow.你必須在明天之前填寫好納稅申報表。advantage, allowance, benefit, break, concession, credit, exemption, incentive, perks, rebate, refund, relief, saving納稅利益;稅收優惠;稅收收益;稅收減免;稅收減讓;稅收抵免;免稅;稅收激勵;退稅;稅負減免;節稅There are tax advantages to working freelance.自由職業者享受納稅優惠。You will only receive tax relief on the first $30 000.你只有第一筆 3 萬美元享受稅收減免。deduction稅收扣除affairs, arrangements (both BrE) 稅務;稅收安排His tax affairs are under investigation by the police.警方正在調查他稅務方面的問題。records稅務記錄preparation (especially BrE) 稅收籌劃avoidance避稅loophole稅收漏洞Her accountant was good at exploiting tax loopholes.她的會計善於鑽稅收漏洞。shelter避稅手段dodge, evasion, fraud逃稅;偷稅;騙稅He gave the Porsche to his mother as a tax dodge.他把那輛保時捷給了母親以逃稅。dodger逃稅者exile (especially BrE) 稅收流亡者She is living as a tax exile in Monaco.她住在摩納哥以避稅。haven避稅港The island is a popular tax haven for the very rich.這個島是巨富青睞的避稅天堂。assessor, collector, consultant, inspector (BrE) 估稅員;收稅員;稅務顧問;稅務稽查員bill, charge, payment徵稅單;稅金;納稅arrears (BrE) 拖欠稅款He was ordered to pay £2 million in tax arrears.他被令繳納 200 萬英鎊的拖欠稅款。liability納稅義務an increase in tax liability on company cars公司汽車納稅義務的增加burden稅負He was criticized for putting a new tax burden on the poor.他被批給窮人增加了一項新稅負。base稅基By broadening the tax base (= making more people pay tax) the chancellor could raise more revenues.財政大臣通過擴大稅基可增加稅收。PREPOSITIONafter tax, before tax稅後;稅前Profits after tax were $562 000.稅後利潤是 56.2 萬美元。in tax用於納稅Collectively, smokers pay over £15 000 a day in tax.煙民每天繳稅總計超過 1.5 萬英鎊。tax on對⋯徵的稅to introduce a 60% tax on alcohol對酒精類飲品開徵 60% 的稅PHRASESfor tax purposes出於稅收目的He is non-resident for tax purposes.他不是當地居民,這是為了避稅。the rules for deciding on someone's residence status for UK tax purposes以英國稅收為目的確定某人居民身分的規則the rate of tax稅率an increase in the basic rate of tax基本稅率的提高inspector of taxes (BrE) 稅務稽查員


ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBheavily, highly徵收重稅Many self-employed people are heavily taxed.許多個體經營者被課以重稅。goods which are most highly taxed課稅最重的商品lightly徵收低稅PREPOSITIONaccording to根據⋯徵稅Drinks would be taxed according to their alcoholic strength.飲料將按酒精度課稅。at以⋯稅率徵稅Many goods were taxed at 17.5%.許多商品按 17.5% 的稅率課稅。on對⋯徵稅You will be taxed on all your income.你的所有收入都要納稅。
TOEFL BNC: 545 COCA: 509


tax ♦︎ duty ♦︎ customs ♦︎ tariff ♦︎ ratesThese are all words for money that you have to pay to the government. 这些词均表示税款。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配(a) tax / (a) duty / a tariff / rates on sthto pay an amount of money in tax / duty / customs / ratesto pay tax / duty / customs / a tariff / ratesto collect taxes / duties / ratesto increase / raise / reduce taxes / duty / tariffs / ratesto cut taxes / duties / ratesto impose a tax / duty / a tariffto levy a tax / duty / ratesto put a tax / duty on sth tax [countable, uncountable] money that you have to pay to the government so that it can pay for public services 税;税款The government had to raise taxes to pay for the war.政府不得不增加税收以支付战争款项。The middle classes are demanding tax cuts.中产阶级要求减税。There's no tax on cigarettes in some countries.有些国家不对香烟征税。The business makes £750 000 after tax.那家公司税后赚了75万英镑。People pay tax according to their income and businesses pay tax according to their profits. Tax is also often paid on goods and services. 个人根据其收入缴税,公司根据其利润缴税,国家亦常对商品和服务征税income / sales / road / property tax所得税;销售税;公路税;财产税 tax


[transitive] Any interest payments are taxed as part of your income.任何利息所得被视为收入,要征税。His declared aim was to tax the rich.他宣布他的目的是向富人征税。
duty [countable, uncountable] a tax that you pay on things that you buy, especially those that you bring into a country (消费)税;(尤指进口货物交纳的)关税The company has to pay customs duties on all imports.公司必须为所有进口商品缴纳关税。Duty on wine and beer has been increased.已提高了葡萄酒税和啤酒税。 Duty-free goods are goods that you can bring into a country without paying tax on them. * duty-free goods指免关税商品duty-free cigarettes免税香烟 customs [plural] tax that is paid when goods are brought in from other countries 关税;进口税You must pay customs on all imports of alcohol.你必须为所有进口的酒缴纳关税。Imports from non-EU countries are subject to customs duty of 20 per cent.从非欧盟国家进口的商品须缴纳20%的关税。 Customs can also mean the government department that checks goods brought into a country and collects taxes on these goods; or the place at a port or airport where your bags are checked as you come into a country. * customs亦表示“海关部门”或港口、机场的“海关查验处”Customs have seized a large quantity of smuggled heroin.海关查获了大量走私的海洛因。We had to go through customs before we could leave the airport.我们在离开机场前必须要通过海关。 tariff ˈtærɪf [countable] a tax that is paid on goods coming into or going out of a country, often in order to protect industry from cheap imports 关税(常为保护国内工业免受廉价进口商品冲击而对出入境的货品征收的一种税)A general tariff was imposed on foreign imports.国外进口货物当时按普通税率征税。 rates [plural](in Britain) a tax paid by businesses to a local authority for land and buildings that they use, and in the past also paid by anyone who owned a house (英国地方政府征收的)商业房地产税;(旧指)房产税Business rates are very high in the city centre.市中心的商业房产税很高。 see also rate rate 2
TOEFL BNC: 545 COCA: 509

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