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BNC: 313 COCA: 405

expect verb THINK

B1 [ T ] to think or believe something will happen, or someone will arrive预料,预计;期待

We are expecting a lot of applicants for the job.我们预计会有很多人来应聘这份工作。
[ + (that) ] I expect (that) you'll find it somewhere in your bedroom.我想你会在你卧室里找到它。
I expect (that) he'd have left anyway.我估计无论怎么说他都已经离开了。
[ + to infinitive ] He didn't expect to see me.他没有料到会碰见我。
The financial performance of the business is fully expected (= almost certain) to improve.确信公司的财务状况会大有改观。
We were half expecting you not to come back.我们一直以为你多半不会回来了。
(only) to be expected

normal and what usually happens在预料之中;并不意外

All parents of small children get tired. It's to be expected.所有带小孩的父母都会非常累,这是可以想见的。

More examples

I don't expect we'll have any more trouble from him.

Gosh, I didn't expect to see you here!

I'd expected to put weight on when I gave up smoking, but I didn't.

Our department expects to make five new appointments this year alone.

This is your captain speaking. We expect to be landing at London Heathrow in an hour's time.

expect verb DEMAND

B2 [ T ] to think that someone should behave in a particular way or do a particular thing要求;期望

I expect punctuality from my students.我要求我的学生守时。
[ + to infinitive ] Borrowers are expected to (= should) return books on time.借阅者应该按时归还图书。

More examples

We expect these practices to cease forthwith.

Some people expect instant gratification.

You shouldn't expect others to do your work for you.

It annoys me that she just expects us to help.

The governors and the education authority expect all pupils to attend school assembly.

expect verb BE PREGNANT

be expecting (a baby)

B2 to be pregnant怀孕;有孕在身

She shouldn't be lifting those boxes if she's expecting.如果有孕在身,她就不该搬这些箱子。
Kate and Dom are expecting a baby.凯特和多姆就要有孩子了。
BNC: 313 COCA: 405


ADVERB | VERB + EXPECT | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBconfidently充滿信心地期待She confidently expects to win.她充滿信心地期待着獲勝。fully全心期待My parents fully expect us to get married.我父母滿心指望我們結婚。rightly理所當然地期待They rightly expect to be obeyed.他們理所當然地期待別人服從。not necessarily不一定期待I do not necessarily expect an easy answer to this question.對於這個問題我並不指望一定要有一個簡單的答案。not really並非真正期待I didn't really expect them to come.我並非真的指望他們會來。half有些期待I was half expecting to see Jim at the concert.我有些期待能在音樂會上見到吉姆。initially, originally起初期待honestly真的認為Did you honestly expect me to believe that?你真的認為我會相信那個嗎?seriously認真地指望You can't seriously expect me to sympathize with you.你不會是真的指望我同情你吧。VERB + EXPECTbe fair to, be natural to, be reasonable to, can, can realistically, can reasonably公平地期待;自然地期待;合理地預期;能指望;能實際地指望;能合理地期待We can expect to see an improvement in the weather over the next few days.預計未來幾天天氣將轉好。be unfair to, be unrealistic to, be unreasonable to, can hardly不公平地預期;不實際地指望;不合理地期待;幾乎不能指望It would be unreasonable to expect them to do all that work for free.期待他們不要報酬完成所有那些工作是不合情理的。You can hardly expect to learn a foreign language in a few months.不要指望能在幾個月內學會一門外語。be foolish to愚蠢地期盼It would be foolish to expect this at his age.他都這把年紀了,對此還抱有期待就太愚蠢了。be naive天真地期待Was she really naive enough to expect that he had changed?她真的那麼天真,居然期待他已經有所改變?would, would normally期盼;正常情況下期盼I would expect the factory to be working again as normal by next week.我期盼着工廠到下週就能恢復正常運營。be entitled to, have a right to有權期待You are entitled to expect certain minimum standards of hygiene.你有權期待獲得最低衞生標準。PREPOSITIONfrom從⋯那裏期望We expect good results from our employees.我們期待員工績效良好。PHRASESas expected正如所料As expected, they lost the election.不出所料,他們輸掉了選舉。(only) to be expected預期 ( 只會 ) 發生The wine list is excellent, as is to be expected from such a high-class restaurant.這份葡萄酒單製作精良,和這樣高檔的餐廳相稱。This kind of tantrum is to be expected from a two-year-old.一個兩歲的孩子這樣發脾氣是可以預料到的。be widely expected被普遍期待The economy is widely expected to pick up in the first half of next year.人們普遍期待明年上半年經濟會好轉。expect a lot, too much, etc. of sb對某人期待很高、過高等I think my parents always expected too much of me.我認為父母總是對我期待過高。when you least expect sth在你最沒料到⋯的時候An accident can happen anywhere, at any time, just when you least expect it.事故隨時隨地都會發生,就在最意想不到的時候。
BNC: 313 COCA: 405
expect verb
expect (expect sth to happen) demand (what is expected of you) suppose (I expect so.) to be expected predictable1


 See also the entries for hope verb and wait 另见hope动词词条和wait条expect ♦︎ think ♦︎ anticipate ♦︎ await ♦︎ look forward to sth ♦︎ look for sth ♦︎ look ahead ♦︎ watch for sb/sth ♦︎ bargain for/on sthThese words all mean to believe that sth will happen or to wait for it to happen. 这些词均表示预计、期待。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to expect / think / anticipate that...It is expected / thought / anticipated that...to anticipate / look forward to / bargain on doing sthto expect / anticipate / await / look forward to / look for resultsto expect / anticipate / await / look forward to a replyto expect / anticipate / await / look forward to the arrival of sb / sthto await / look for / watch for signs of sthto expect / anticipate / watch for troubleto eagerly anticipate / await / look forward to / look for / watch for sthto confidently expect / anticipate / await / look forward to sthto anxiously expect / await / watch for sth expect [transitive] to believe that sth will happen or that sb will do sth; to be waiting for sb/sth to arrive, as this has been arranged 预期;预计;期待You can't expect to learn a foreign language in a few months.不要指望在几个月内就能学会一门外语。I looked back, half expecting to see someone following me.我回过头去,料想以为会看到有人跟着我。It is expected that the report will suggest some major reforms.预计这份报告将提出一些重大的改革举措。Don't expect sympathy from me!休想得到我的同情!Are you expecting visitors?你在等客人吗?I'm expecting an important call.我在等一个重要电话。 see also to be expected predictable 1 think (thought, thought) [transitive] to expect that sth will happen or that sb will do sth 料想;预料;预期I never thought (that) I'd see her again.我从未料想还会见到她。The job took longer than we thought.这个工作用的时间比我们料想的要长。You'd think she'd have been grateful for my help (= but she wasn't).你还指望她会对我的帮助感恩戴德呢。Who would have thought (= I didn't expect) to find you here?谁想得到会在这里找到你呢? Think is only used to mean 'expect' when your expectations prove to be false. * think只有在期待的事情落空时才可用于此义It is thought that the report will suggest some major reforms. It is usually followed by a 'that' clause (even if the word 'that' is missed out), and cannot take a noun phrase as object. * think通常后接that从句(有时that会省略),但是不能后接名词短语作宾语Don't think sympathy from me. anticipate [transitive] (rather formal) to believe that sth will happen or that sb will do sth; to think with pleasure and excitement about sth that is going to happen 预期;预计;期盼We don't anticipate any major problems.我们预料不会出现什么大问题。They anticipate moving to bigger premises by the end of the year.他们预计年底前能迁入较大的经营场所。We anticipate that sales will rise next year.我们预计明年的销售量会增加。The band today announced details of their widely anticipated third album.乐队今天发布了他们广受期待的第三张专辑的详情。NOTE 辨析 Expect or anticipate? Expect is used in both formal and informal speech and writing, including everyday conversation. Anticipate is mostly used in slightly more formal spoken or written contexts, especially in business or official statements. * expect用于正式和非正式的口语和书面语中,包括日常对话。anticipate大多用于稍正式一些的口语或书面语,尤用于商务或官方声明中。 await əˈweɪt [transitive] (formal) to wait for sb/sth, especially sth that you expect to happen or arrive 等待;期待He is in custody awaiting trial.他正被拘留候审。Her latest novel is eagerly awaited.人们迫切期待着她的新小说面世。 see also wait wait verb ˌlookˈ forward to sth

phrasal verb

(often used in the progressive tenses 常用于进行时) to be thinking with pleasure or excitement about sth that is going to happen, because you expect to enjoy it (高兴地)期待,期盼We're really looking forward to seeing you again.我们非常盼望再见到你。Customers can look forward to a 5% cut in their bills.顾客有望将账单金额减少5%。It will give her something to look forward to.这会让她有个盼头。The progressive tense I'm looking forward to... is often used to talk about sth that you expect to enjoy. The present tense I/We look forward to... is often used as a polite formula at the end of formal or business communication. 进行时态的I'm looking forward to sth常表示期盼让人高兴的事发生,一般现在时的I/We look forward to sth常用作正式或商务信函结尾时的礼貌用语I look forward to hearing from you (= please reply).敬盼回复。We look forward to working with you again in the future.期盼今后有机会再次与您合作。Do not use expect at the end of a letter. 信函结尾时不要用expectI expect your reply. OPP dread fear
ˈlook for sth

phrasal verb

(rather formal) to hope for sth; to expect sth to happen 期望;期待;盼望We are a peaceful people and we are not looking for revenge.我们是向往和平的民族,不愿实施报复。We shall be looking for an improvement in your work this term.我们期待你这学期的功课有进步。
ˌlook aˈhead

phrasal verb

to think about what is going to happen in the future 展望未来;设想将来They have to learn to look ahead to the possible consequences of their actions.他们得学会预见自己行为可能会产生的后果。Looking ahead, nuclear power may have the best growth prospects.展望未来,核能也许拥有最好的发展前景。
ˈwatch for sb/sth

phrasal verb

to look and wait for sb/sth to appear or for sth to happen 观察等待(某人出现或某事发生)Watch for the early signs of stress.留心压力出现的早期迹象。The cat was on the wall watching for birds.那只猫在墙上伺机捉鸟儿。
ˈbargain for sth ˈbargain on sth

phrasal verb

(usually used in negative sentences 通常用于否定句) (rather informal) to expect sth to happen and be prepared for it 预料到;料想到;对⋯有心理准备He obviously hadn't bargained on finding you there already.很明显,他根本没料到你会早已到那儿了。When he agreed to answer a few questions, he got more than he bargained for.他同意回答几个问题,不料却招来了一堆难以招架的问题。
BNC: 313 COCA: 405
Not likely to happen: unlikely, doubtful, remote...
To delay action, wait or hesitate: delay, wait, hesitate...

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